Tony rounded the parking deck area, gunfire was all around him, the sound of terrifying screams filled his senses as he rounded the last crate, "What the hell is this place?", he asked himself as he noted hte many wooden crates between the parked cars.

" DiNozzo, do you have our target located?" Gibbs gruff voice echoed in his ears.

" Boss what I have are screams and a no visual. Give me a second, okay, not seeing too much from this position." he crawled along the cold concrete, he knew if if he raised his head it would definitely catch a bullet.

" I need a sitrep DiNozzo!" Gibbs called out as he unloaded his gun towards the oncoming rapid rounds.

" He is the most impatient man I have ever worked for." Tony mumbled to himself as he sought a safe area to hide behind so he could get a better look at the parking area.

" Heard that DiNozzo." Gibbs growled.

" Sorry boss. I have something though." he made a quick movement with gun drawn catching a glimpse of the girl as he did his fast visual take on the surrounding area.

" Boss I have visual!" Tony whispered into his earwig, continuous gunfire keeping him pinned in position now, across the parking area from his target. " Well Tony, this isn't looking so good, what would Bond do?" he whispered to himself as he pondered the predicament.

" Well, do I have to ask for more DiNozzo or do I need to take you out to dinner first?" Gibbs voice was irate, his sarcasm in high gear and his temper on edge, but given the fact that the woman being held hostage was a diplomat's daughter and was about to be killed, it was actually expected.

" She seems to be tethered to something boss, possibly a bomb." He took a quick glance from around the crate he was hidden behind to get a better look and saw the timer," Yeah, it's a bomb. Where the hell is Ziva?" he asked nervously, his voice cracking with fear, Gibbs could hear the sudden desperation, the uncertainty, in his SFA's voice.

The twenty-one year old young lady was looking very frightened, she was crying hysterically and he couldn't blame her right now, she was about to be blown off the face of the earth, literally. Tony was hoping for the calvary to ride in but in reality he knew that he was probably on his own this time.

"Ziva is under fire, she won't be comingTony." he looked around, he was too far from his second to be of any assistance, Tony was on his own. " McGee, I need you to assist DiNozzo, got me?"

Tim sat at his desk at the office, he had been listening in to the team's communications and his fingers were doing a rapid search for the bomb that Tony was sending him an image of, but unfortunately he wasn't the bomb squad and he was having a difficult time getting information. " Can't find it in our data base boss, Tony." his voice was filled with emotion, his partner was in the direct line of fire if the bomb exploded.

" Well, that is not what I wanted to hear McBombsquad." He glanced over to the timer, he could barely see the numbers from his hidden position but if what he saw was correct, he had less than a minute to figure out what it was he was going to have to do to save the beautiful woman, and right now he definitely wasn't feeling too much like James Bond.

"Gibbs, cover my ass!" Tony screamed into his earwig, he had to save her somehow, it was not going to be an easy task, but hell, his life had never been easy.

"Dammit DiNozzo!" he raised his glock and started shooting in the direction of the offending gunfire, his only thought at the moment was how, if his second survived, he was going to kick his ass.

Tony ran across the parking area, full speed, hoping for an assist from Tim, praying for a miracle. His body slid into a space between the girl and the bomb, her face marred with bruises and tears.

" Hi, my name is Tony. I need to see what I need to do to get us out of here alive." his eyes immediately went to the number of seconds left on the timer, less than forty. "Damn!" he muttered to himself.

"You need to get out of here. I am going to die, but you don't have to mister." her sweet voice penetrated his heart, he had to save her, them.

" Hell, my boss is going to kill me so either way I am going to die might as well let me do what I can here." his hands were already busy opening the timer box, surveying the wires so that Tim could get a visual too.

" McGee, I really need your assist." he called out into his mic nervously, beads of sweat forming on his brow.

At that moment McGee's screen decided to give him what he so desperately needed, "Tony, I have it. The red wire is connected to the main timer, do not cut it, the white wire is connected to the main battery, don't cut it either."

Tim's voice could be heard in his earpiece, his options dwindling fast, " Twenty-two seconds McTimesrunningout." Tony's voice echoed through the mic, he sounded really scared to Tim's ears.

"Cut the black wire Tony!" McGee answered quickly, wanting Tony to get the hell away from the bomb with the girl.

" You sure Timmy?" He wanted to be sure, a mistake would kill them both.

" Yeah, but cut it as close to the main box entrance as possible, sometimes there are booby traps." He continued, waiting for Tony's voice, seconds passed then suddenly he heard a sound he had not expected.

The sound of the explosion caused his ears to ring, and he immediately threw off his ear piece, the bomb had exploded.

I know, I have too many stories in process but I had to get it out of my brain. It will be two chapters only. Tomorrow, I promise the ending.