Gibbs entered the bullpen, Abby and McGee stood looking at the plasma screen, Vance standing on the balcony looking down.

Gibbs glanced upwards towards the director, he was safe, then he headed over to his team. "What do you have McGee?"

" Miranda Blanchard, she was a sophomore but it was her first year at St Mary's College. She was the daughter of Anna Blanchard, no father was listed on the birth certificate boss." Tim clicked the picture on the plasma screen and Colonel Blanchard's face appeared on the screen, " Blanchard has been using an alias. Need I say more, he wasn't a diplomat. He sells used cars at the corner of Oak and Palms."

A picture of salesman of the Month appeared next, the smiling face of the salesman was that of the man who had declared ,with all the paperwork in order, that he was a diplomat whose daughter had been taken by a drug cartel from Mexico.

Tim continued, "The Pakistani was a citizen of Mardan. He moved here to Washington twenty years ago, he was/is an illegal, never became a citizen. His real name is Gilzai Zarrani He stole the identity of Colonel Blanchard when he had only been here in the United States for a year and has lived in the suburbs of Washington DC with his Pakistani wife, Marta, for the past ten years."

Vance had joined the group, also interested in what McGee was saying. The Naval Yard had been cleared, there had been no bombs. Vance had felt that the plan might have been foiled when all the men had died at the abandoned parking garage and the attached building. At least he hoped that was case.

As the team continued to review the information Abby jumped in with what she had found in the evidence.

" Just as Tony indicated, Miranda, or should I say the pretend Miranda, was not a match to the Colonel or any other person in our data base so I ran her blood through the International database, bingo, I got a hit. Her name is Aglaya Slavina a citizen of Saint Petersburg,Russia. She was working for her Government's intelligence agency, the GRU, and she is not twenty-one but a whopping thirty-three, guess they found the tree of life over there." she joked though nobody was in a joking mind set. " Okay, anyways, she left Russia three weeks ago and obtained a Visa to enter our country on a trade type agreement with our government. I believe the name of the program is Operation Intelligence Gathering or IGU."

"You mean our Government made arrangements for her to come here on a training mission, a sort of trade with Russia? We'll give you some of our secrets if you will give us some of yours. " Vance asked, not aware that their government did such a thing.

" Not exactly but close. It is a new program, actually very new. Like in the last month new, anyways she was part of the transition team. Her role was to get the program up and running, making the decisions on which secrets would be okay for her country to share in return for cooperation in certain tactical maneuvers that the GRU was involved in, but then she disappeared after a dispute with the individuals over the program." Abby finished.

" So Ms Slovina was not in any danger in that garage, she was using us, obtaining Intel on our division, seeing how we work together. It was never about a bomb but about gathering information on us." Gibbs interjected, everybody staring at him in shock, he usually didn't speak that much during these type of show and tells.

" I'm not for sure, but we need to find Ms Slovina, I need some answers."Vance replied.

" We need so;me answers, lets get to work, we have a lot of digging to do." Gibbs ordered as he rounded his desk and pulled his cell phone out, he needed to call Ziva, he needed her assist. Ducky, Palmer and security could keep watch over Tony.

Georgetown Memorial Hospital

Tony was sleeping again, Ducky and Palmer at his side playing chess with a board that the nurse had procured for them. They seemed oblivious to the two man security detail outside of Tony's room. They knew they were there but so far, all had been fine.

" Check." Palmer called out excitedly.

" Ahh, Jimmy, you are getting better and better at playing this game. But I hate to disappoint, Check mate." Ducky made his move on the board, as a stunned Palmer looked on, " When will you learn? I am the master." he laughed as he stood to check on his charge.

He walked over and took a look at his friend, a light beaded sweat had formed on his brow, an indication of the fever he had developed earlier in the day. He glanced at his watch and wondered why he hadn't seen a nurse in the past two hours. Though he did understand about the nursing shortage and the understaffed units he was concerned that it was way past time for Anthony's antibiotics. He would go to the desk and check on the medication as Palmer continued to sit in shock starring at the game board.

Ziva had been there earlier but after a call from Gibbs she had left quickly, there must have been some new information that required the team, minus one.

' I would expect that Gibbs or Timothy would have come to relieve Ziva, they must be busy.' Ducky thought to himself as he checked his watch, it was getting rather late and they had not eaten.

Ducky was about to make his way out the door when a nurse entered, she was of the beautiful foreign variety, tall and beautiful. Her accent was definitely Russian and her blonde curls could also indicate that she had some German heritage too.

" My dear girl, I was about to come looking for you. I do believe that our patient is running a fever again. I believe it is past time for his antibiotic." Ducky informed the nurse who seemed to be just starring at the man in the bed.

It took her a few seconds but she turned to answer, " I will take care of him right away."

She smiled at the elderly man then walked over and looked at the man in the bed, noting the strained lines on the man's face, his restlessness evident and deep inside she felt bad that she had been the cause of his pain. This man, whose name was Anthony DiNozzo, an Italian, was the man who had saved her life, saved her from men who would have killed her to get their terrorist plan activated. Together they would have been nothing more than collateral damage.

" Mr DiNozzo will need an assessment done, I'm sure you would not mind that he has his privacy." She stated in her thick accent as she pulled out a syringe filled with an amber liquid, she kept it out of the men's line of sight.

" We do need to get some dinner, Mr Palmer and I will be back in a just a few." Ducky grabbed his coat and hat then exited the room followed by Palmer, noting the security detail that was still standing guard at the door.

" We will need an escort." Ducky announced as he slipped his jacket on, Palmer doing the same. The request was expected since they were all still under protective detail.

The older agent waved them forward and they all left for dinner, leaving one security guard at the door.


Ziva entered the bulllpen and chucked her coat to the back of the cubicle, she had been called to assist Gibbs in the hunt for the two missing individuals, Blanchard, and Miranda, who were not what they appeared to be. She would need a sitrep.

As she looked around for Gibbs and McGee, their cubicles empty, she was drawn to the plasma screen, a familiar face met her, the nurse who had been taking care of Tony before she left, the nurse who had greeted her as she took the call from Gibbs. " Oh my goodness, I need to tell Gibbs." she ripped the phone from its holder and hit the green button on the speed dial and waited for the rings, grabbing her coat as she headed back to the stairwell, she had to get back to the hospital.

Georgetown Memorial Hospital

Tony's eyes opened but he felt drugged, off. He was about to call out for assistance when he saw her, Miranda.

"You!" His voice was slurred, his eyes blurred.

"Shh, I am not here to hurt you, I wanted to thank you for saving my life. We would have both died if you had not been so brave." she pulled over a chair and sat down, then took hold of his hand. " I am putting my life at risk being here but I needed to see you, to let you know that I am very appreciative of your bravery."

" You drugged me." he attempted to speak, but the drug was pulling him under.

" Yes Anthony, I drugged you but it was so we could have this moment. It will wear off in a few hours." she gave him a smile, it was sincere, she was being sincere.

"Never been called brave before." he slurred again, a kind of goofy smile crossed his face and he was feeling the need to apologize, after a few seconds he managed to speak a little bit clearer, "Don't do well with drugs." he shrugged, feeling that she would not hurt him, but he was wanting to know her involvement with the men in the garage, but the drug would not allow him to ask.

"Were you?" He was only able to manage a few words before she placed her fingers on his lips and leaned over, placing a very deep kiss to his mouth. He did not fight her, it was nice.

When she pulled away he could feel some sort of connection, an emotional pull that he had never felt towards a woman.

" They will not be bothering you again Anthony. They are taken care of for good." she smiled and stood, she knew her time was short with her hero.

" No more boom." he almost giggled, he was feeling very giddy all of a sudden. The kiss had been nice in addition to the drug that was making him feel loopy, and his fevered eyes glistened under the dim fluorescent lights.

Aglaya smiled down and turned to leave, almost reluctant to let loose of the man's hand. She started for the door and as almost a second thought she turned, " If ever you need a friend please call my government Anthony, I would love to have that first date." she smiled, then disappeared.

Tony wanted to stay awake, he needed to talk to Gibbs but whatever she had given him pulled him under and he slept.

Well, DiNozzo is my hero and my James Bond, he always gets the girl. Another chapter tomorrow.