Author's Notes: Written for the February 18th Prompt of the Day on Hogwarts Online II – "Reality continues to ruin my life" (Bill Watterson).

Also for Prompt #001 of 100_women on Livejournal – "Beginnings".

This serves as something of a sequel to Tell Her I Love Her, but it should stand fine on its own. Enjoy!


It had taken Hermione and Ginny a long time to get a few minutes alone. It seemed as though every time the two girls had a chance for a few moments of privacy, someone would interrupt, Ginny would be called away to help her mother in the kitchen, Hermione would be called away for secret conferences with Harry and Ron, or Molly's shouting at her sons would simply make it impossible for them to share a moment.

It made the development of a romance rather difficult.

Every passing day – every passing hour – that Ginny wasn't allowed to spend with Hermione grated on her. They had been close friends for so long, and only now that Ginny had finally gotten up the courage to tell Hermione how she felt, when something beyond a friendship was finally beginning between them, did Ginny realize how little time they were actually given together.

At long last, after what seemed like years – though it was really only slightly over a week – of constantly being so close to having privacy and then having it snatched away from them, the girls snuck into Hermione's bedroom while the men – and Molly – were distracted. Ginny closed and locked the door, then turned to Hermione.

Hermione smiled nervously, and Ginny felt a swell of delight. She approached the other girl and slowly put her arms around her, leaning in. They had not kissed yet – not even been given a chance for that – and Ginny was convinced that this would be perfect. She had waited so long for this.

Hermione's lips were just a fraction of an inch from Ginny's, and she could hear her breath coming a little faster, see her eyelids fluttering as they got closer and closer. Ginny's heart pounded and she closed her eyes, anticipating the kiss that would come. She could feel the warmth radiating from Hermione's skin, the–

There was a crash from downstairs, the sound of Ron swearing, and Molly shouting, "Ginevra Weasley, you get down here this instant!"

Ginny swore as well and pulled back from Hermione, sighing.

"Reality," she said, bitterness and mirth mixed in her voice, "continues to ruin my life."