Cold and Broken

This story should be read listening to Wainwrights Halleluiah

Chapter 1: His POV

She was crying and he was comforting her. It seemed so simple, so right he couldn't tear away. She'd been told what to so many times, raised so coldly so formally, it seemed just right that he should just be silent. He was good at being silent. Like her parents had pressed her to being the best, his had pressed being seen and not heard. So he sat with her while she cried. He said only four words that night excluding "Hello" and "Good Bye".

"What's wrong" "It's okay"


"I'm here"


He was nice to stay with her all night, but as soon as he left she went upstairs and grabbed a razor. She wanted to feel something that didn't confuse or terrify her. As soon as she pressed the tip of the razor to her skin she stopped and thought what he would think of her if he knew what she was about to do. He look at her with those eyes filled with disappointment and say she shouldn't. So instead she got a pair of scissors pulled her hair into a ponytail and cut it off. She assessed the damage tossed her hair in the trash, tears rolling down her cheeks. She wasn't crying the racking, painful, heart destroying sobs she had been crying earlier, just silent, soft tears gently rolling down her face. She surveyed her neat and tidy room and screamed. She threw the books and papers on her desk on the ground, followed by her desk. Fuck it, fuck it, fuck it all. All the order, all the structure none of it fucking mattered. All the managing things did nothing, she controlled nothing. She threw her dresser on the ground. And then she went to bed.


First thing in the morning he went over to her house to see her. When she opened the door she wore only a robe and underwear. And her hair was so short.

"Hi" he said.

"Hey" she replied." Come on in".

"What's with your hair" he tentatively asked as he walked into her house.

"It doesn't fucking matter anyway"


She gave him a killer look and said "You know why"

"Tell me"


"Okay, I'm here though"

She pulled him into a searing kiss. It was glorious and he melted into it and she melted into him.

When she pulled away she whispered "I know".

Then she shoved him out of her house and slammed the door in his faced.

Still stunned at what just happened he just went back to his car, got in, turned on the radio and sat there for half an hour before driving away.