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This is hell, I thought walking up to my new school. Everyone here was dressed in pastels and Khakis. Ew.

I took a deep breath and strode into the halls filled with preppy teens, who glared at me. Trying to make me fell ashamed or something. Like hell that was going to happen. I walked in with my usual outfit, my tattered black grim-reaper shirt that hung off the shoulder with black skinny jeans and my favorite combat boots. The people avoided me like I was the plague, and in a way I was grateful.

The bell sounded signaling every able body to make their way to their designated room. I walked into my class as the teacher started her lecture, she stopped briefly before she spoke, " Miss Madison, glad you could join us. Take your seat." What? I stood there for a second before voicing anything. "um…my councilor told me that you knew i was joining your class." I heard the class grumbling with some 'great, more freaks' , 'just what we need another vampire', 'wonder what she is doing in the daylight.' Some girls laughed and the guys smiled while trying to suppress their laughs as well. The teacher's eyebrow lifted into a 'really?' look as she looked to her roll sheet, " Nyx Branwen?" I confirmed with a yes as she made a small note on the sheet.

She quickly pointed me to a seat and began her spiel again, not wanting to wait anymore time. No more than two minutes into the lesson a girl clad in black crept into the room. I should say she tried to. "Raven, how wondrous it is to see that you can find the time to come to my class." She said, sarcasm thick in voice. Raven smiled cheekily at the teacher and took a seat near me. "since you seem to be so cheery why don't you show our new student around. I'm sure you have much in common." We glanced at each other and I smiled, a small one. "Don't worry. I don't bite," I joked. She smiled back before the teacher started in, yet again, drawling on about inscribed angles.

Raven and I quickly ducked out of the bustling halls after class and into the safe shade outside. "That is the history wing," Raven stated motioning to a building across the courtyard. After we roamed through the buildings we came to a sports field with bleachers upon either side. "this-"

"Is where the soccer snobs reign?" I finished for her. She smiled and laughed as we found a shady spot near the bleachers. "It's nice meeting you," I said after taking a bite of my sandwich, " I thought for a bit there that I would be stuck in a sea of preppy people. You wouldn't believe how great this is." She smiled as she started to unwrap her lunch, "Yeah, I'm the only one here who has a fashion sense of my own. Well, I was the only one." I returned her smile. For the rest of lunch we talked and chatted like we had known each other for our whole lives. Raven told me everything. From interests to groups to avoid and what teachers to look out for. She also mentioned some good spots; the cemetery and some abandoned buildings on the outskirts of town. I made a mental not to myself: Check out some buildings in my spare time. "That sounds so cool!" I sighed, thinking of a darkened cemetery bathed in the dim moonlight. Beautiful.

"Nyx?" Raven's voice snapped me out of my 'night'dream.


"I was asking why you moved to such a boring place like this," She said with a small laugh.

Oh. "My dad got a job over here. This was the closest to his work. So far nothing really happens here, this place is Dullsville. No offense."

Raven laughed, "No, that's what I call it too! I'm glad to finally have a friend like me at school." I smiled, friends, already. "Yeah, me too."

My first day quickly ended and with that my need to stay in the building.

"Hey Raven," I called to her, making my way through the crowd. "You wanna hang out tonight? I have Interview with a Vampire on DVD, some party mix candy and soda." She was about to say something, paused, then spoke. "I can't," she pouted. I chuckled, "homework?"

"no. I'm meeting-…. With a close friend tonight."

"oh." My energy took a complete nosedive. I put on a smile, "who ever the person is they better appreciate the awesome company." I winked as her pale skin revealed a small pale blush. Raven and I waved our byes as we went our separate ways. This will be another boring night alone.

But, thanks to Raven, I might just have something to do.

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