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It has been about a month since Raven has stopped attending school and, man, how I miss her. Everyone is as snitty and horrid as always, I found myself feeling sad for even being here. Even though Raven and I see each other every few days it will never be like it used to.

How I wish I could join the love of my life in the underworld as she did. I could spend eternity in the moonlight, every second with him until we crawled back into our coffin for the day. It sounded perfect. And who knows, maybe I would take a liking to super rare steaks. Even more than I like them now.

My lab partner elbowed me several times before I looked up from my doodles just in time to see a irritated teacher. "Miss Branwen, tell me the slope of these two lines. That is, if you were paying any attention."

The teacher stared me down as I briefly looked at the graph behind him. "Their slopes are negative three fifths and two. Their equations are y= -3/5x+2 and y=2x-7."

The teacher scowled as he returned to board silent. Giving me a small smile of triumph.

The final bell rang, closeting my notebook of doodles with it for the trek home. A skip in my step as I went to get ready from night fall.


As night descended upon Dullsville I grew more excited. I pulled my bike up to the front door marveling at the house's beauty. Raven and Alex had invited me in to hang for tonight and I am glad to. Even now they are the best friends a ghoul could ask for.

I carefully set my bike down and knocked on the large wood door. A creepy man with white hair answered the door, his accent was thick as he spoke. " good evening."

"Hi, I am here to see Raven and Alex.." I replied, giving him a nervous smile. He smiled back at me.

"ah yes, Miss Nyx. They have been talking much about you lately." Creepy guy opened the door for me and lead me into what looked like a drawing room. "They should be down shortly. Would you like anything while you wait?"

"oh, no thank you. I can eat when I get back." I said with a smile before he left.

I roamed around the room, examining it. It was so creepy... And perfect. Then I felt it, so much jealously towards Raven. She had received it all. She was a vampire, she had an eternity with her love and she had the dream house of almost every goth girl.

Raven had everything she could ever want. And in a way, I was really happy for her.

I decided to look though some dusty tomes when I herd a pair of familiar voices in the other room. I quietly made my way to the doorway, honing in on their words. You could make out their two voices clearly now.

"what does he mean 'soon'? Does he know how vague that is?" Raven whined. I could hear her drink something and could only guess it was one thing.

"Are you really worried about when? We should be more concerned about Jagger turning her." Alexander was pacing near her, obviously brooding over this. "Does she even know? You and I both know that he doesn't really do much with permission." Anger laced his voice as he continued to pace the floor.

My heart leapt into my throat. Jagger wanted to change me? No, he didn't want to, he is going to. They just said it. I couldn't even contain a smile from ghosting onto my lips. He wanted the same thing I did... Or I hoped. I zones back in when I heard Raven speak again.

"I know, we should talk to them first before assuming. After all, I haven't seen Jagger like this before. Even in his clubs."


I hurried back to my place on the couch, beaming from the news I had just over heard. Was Jagger going to ask? Was he afraid I would turn him down? ...was he even going to ask?

Footsteps interrupted my thoughts and back to me. Alexander and Raven smiled as they entered the room, "hey Nyx, miss us?"

"Did I ever! School is boring as ever and Trevor never learns." I said the last part in a grumble and raven patted my back.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help you with that problem." We both smiled and laughed. They went and sat in the love seat, across from where I resided, and snuggled close to each other. I felt way out of place. Talk about third wheel syndrome.

" so Nyx, you and Jagger have any plans?" Alexander asked in a slightly stern voice.

I nodded a positive to him, "Jagger and I will be out all weekend together." I beamed happily again as I thought of spending the weekend with him and sharing a coffin.

Yet, not everyone was happy. Raven and Alexander shared the same concerned look. "Nyx, do you know where?"

"hmm... I think we would just be staying at the crypt. Though, I can't say for sure."

Raven looked at me funny, "he wouldn't tell you?"

I shook my head in response, "no, he said it was a surprise." you could feel the room tense as I said that, no one dared to say a word. Until my phone rang.

"hey," I heard Jagger's silky voice on the other end, "where are you?"

"I'm with Alex and Raven's place. They were kind enough to invite me over." I smiled at the two mentioned as they clearly listened in on our conversation.

"alright, I just wanted to make sure you were safe. Your parents were saying that you went out alone and I was- ...wondering."

I smiled into the phone. "Jagger, we're you worried about me?" There was a silence over then phone a I waited for a response, "were you?"

"There is anything that could happen. I'm just glad it didn't." he stated quickly, unwilling to say he was worried.

"I am sorry to worry you."

"I love you, your allowed to worry me as much as you like. I will pick you up at eight?"

I laughed before saying yes and told Jagger not to say things like that or I might just hold him to it. With that the call ended and I was happy to have gotten it.

"so that was...?" oh! I almost forgot they were here. I visibly reddened as I explained. My happiness was up a good twenty-five percent and I couldn't hide it. Alexander kept the same face the entire time we were hanging out.

Soon it came time to go home, and I wished to truly to stay with my nocturnal friends. Before I walked out into the night I pulled a page from my sketchbook and handed it to them. "I thought you would like this, since you can't take pictures anymore."

Alexander finally cracked a smile as he looked over the drawing, "this is out ceremony." I nodded as the both examined it. Raven smiling like a mad woman.

With that I ran out the door and back home, remembering the smiling faces of my friends.

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