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'I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride!' Cheers erupted as Sam pulled Emily to him and kissed her.

I stood with the rest of the bridesmaids, clapping as they started the procession back down the aisle. The heels Emily had pouted us into wearing slid a bit on the grass. Grimacing, I prepared myself for the fall.

Brady caught me just in time, his smile playful, 'I got ya.' I blushed and turned away, it had been three months already but I still had butterflies every time he touched me.

'I won't let you fall.' Brady promised as he took hold of my arm and led us down the aisle. His amber eyes turned to me, a mature note to them, 'I won't ever let you fall.'

I caught my breath as I looked at his loving eyes. He was as serious as ever. I nod, unable to trust my voice.

'Congrats!' Brady smiled at Sam and Emily who stood to the side for the receiving line. Sam chuckled and Emily, who hadn't stopped smiling all day, smiled even bigger.

I walked up and took Emily's hand, 'Congratulations Emily, I'm very happy for you. For both of you.' I looked to Sam, 'I hope you have a very long, happy life.'

'Thank you Bella.' Sam nodded, pulling Emily to him and resting his head atop hers, 'I feel like the luckiest man alive.' I smiled and continued into the reception, Brady following close behind.

Brady smirked and pulled me to him, causing me to trip and fall into him. I rolled my eyes, knowing that was on purpose.

'Sam is wrong, ya know.' Brady said, wrapping his arm around my waist so that I couldn't escape.

I rose a brow, smiling slightly as I rested my hand against his chest, 'Oh?'

'Yes, see, I am the luckiest man alive.' Without waiting for me to respond, he leaned down and placed a chaste kiss to my lips. He pulled back, smiling like he had gotten the best present a man could ask for.

The color again filled my face, but my eyes locked boldly with his. My fingers gently brushed against his jaw, my eyes memorized every part of his face, 'I love you.'

'I love you too.' He whispered, kissing my forehead.

'Hey! No PDA!' Embry called, walking in with the rest of the Pack.

Brady pulled me too him, my back pressed against his chest as his arms wrapped protectively around me, 'Dude, it's a wedding.' He replied, setting his head atop mine.

'Dude, no PDA. Just because we get the whole Imprint wolf thing doesn't mean anyone else will understand why a thirteen year old and a nineteen year old are getting frisky. You know, in some states that's illegal.' Embry crossed his arms, proud of his logic.

'Shut up, Embry.' Jacob slapped Embry on the head, making him stumble forward, 'Brady is a gentleman and, besides, he knows I'd kill him if he stepped over the line.' Brady tensed a bit, not sure if the Beta was completely serious or not.

Jared gripped Embry's shoulder, smirking, 'What about Leah and Collin?' He nodded towards the corner where Leah and Collin were snuggled close together, enjoying the others presence, 'Now there is a major age difference!'

'Enough guys. Let them be.' Emily quipped as Sam and her walked past. Sam gave them the look and they simmered down.

'I'm not nineteen till September.' I defended weakly.

'Which remind me, what do we want to do for your birthday?' Brady asked, dropping his head to my shoulder and looking to me.

I shrugged, looking towards a table and studying its center piece trying to dodge the question.

The nice part about hanging out in Forks was that Brady looked eighteen and, since he went to school on the reservation, no one thought he was younger than me. If anything, everyone thought I was dating someone almost too old for me. But when we were around the Pack, it was as if the cradle-robbing jokes never ceased.

'Bella?' The concern in Brady's voice broke me from my trance. Thankfully, the Pack's stomachs got the best of them and they were already heading towards the food.

'Yes?' I turned back, faking a smile that he instantly saw through.

'Bella?' Brady carefully turned me to him, 'You alright?'

I bit down on my lower lip and nodded, 'Y-yes…I just…I don't like when they bring up the age was a problem with Edward too…' I looked away, feeling terrible for bringing up the past.

'Would you like to go for a walk?' Brady asked knowing exactly what I needed. He took my hand and started towards the door.

Once we got outside I turned to him, 'I…I'm sorry for bringing him up…' I bit on my lower lip, 'I just…I feel bad how everything happened…I don't like hurting people I care about.' The Cullens had left to join Edward in Australia, leaving me with a promise that they would come back some day.

Brady nodded and drew me to him as we walked. I let my eyes wander over the forest. It was amazing to think just how many things had gone wrong in between the tall trees yet I still kept coming back looking for peace in it every time.

'Brady?' I asked, my eyes lingering on a woodpecker.

'Yes?' He said, waiting patiently for me to speak.

'D-do…do you think we will ever get married?' The color instantly warmed my face as we continued to walk.

'Yes, but I think my Mom wants me to graduate High School first.' He replied playfully, giving his soft smile.

I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. We continued on in silence as we walked the circumference of the tent.

'Can I ask you something?' Brady said after a while, I nodded.

'Have you…have you thought about what you are going to do now that you've graduated?' Brady asked carefully, not wanting to upset me.

I sighed, moving closer to his side as the wind picked up, 'I'm thinking about taking some English classes online. Just, hangout here and such. Maybe get my degree in English.'

'Oh?' Brady smiled, obviously happy at the news.

I nodded, 'Yes, I think I might want to be a writer or maybe a teacher.'

'I think you would do great at teaching.' Brady complimented as he led us back towards the reception, 'You know, the rez is always looking for good English teachers.' I blushed and nodded, he had taken the words right out of my mouth.

'There they are!' Jacob called, 'Over here!' He motioned us towards our table. We tried to stay away from the main floor as Sam and Emily shared their first dance.

Brady pulled the chair out and helped me into it before he took his own seat.

'I knew I taught him well.' His mother replied, Brady rolled his eyes before he reached for my hand. Charlie shifted a bit uncomfortably, involuntarily clearing his throat. I reached out and took his hand, he looked to me appreciative.

To Charlie, no one would be good enough for his little princess. Somehow though, Brady had won his respect and approval. Charlie had even admitted that Brady was as close as a young man could get to being good enough for his little girl. Now that was something.

'The bride and groom would now like to invite any other couples in love to join them on the floor.' The leader of the string-band said over the mic.

Brady stood and offered me his hand with his innocent smile, 'May I have this dance?'

I blushed but took his hand, 'Only if your feet can handle it.'

'They can.' Brady replied. We made our way to the floor and slowly started to sway back and forth like two junior high kids.

'Everyone is staring.' My eyes slipped around the room, watching as the gossip spread.

Brady shrugged, 'Let them talk. Who cares?' I looked up to him, empowered by the strength he had in his individuality.

'You never answered my question.' Brady continued, 'What do you want to do for your birthday?'

I bit on my lower lip, 'I want to go to the bookstore and a movie in Port Angeles.' I replied, looking up to him, 'And not have any cradle-robbing jokes.'

Brady smiled, 'I can make that happen.' I couldn't help but smile in return. The music slowed down a bit more and Brady pulled me closer, 'I'd do anything to make you happy.'

'I know.' I whispered back, listening to his steady heartbeat, 'I love you.'

'I love you too, Bella.' Brady whispered back, nuzzling his head into my hair, 'Our future is bright.'

I smiled, looking to our table where Charlie sat with Jacob and Mrs. Fuller. My thoughts turned to the Cullens, who had been my second family for so long. One day, they would come back.

Brady would never make me choose who was to be in my family. To him, wolf, human, and vampire where my family and that made me know he was the one.

'Yes.' I whispered watching my turquoise heart as it caught the light. Closing my eyes, I rested in his presence, 'Our future is very bright indeed.'