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I must be dreaming… I thought, trying to rationalize the situation as panic threatened to overpower my mind. No- I must be having a NIGHTMARE… Oh God help me please… Johnny looked extremely furious. He walked over to the woman off to my left, grabbing one of the knives belonging to the hanging assortment weapon as he went. Maybe he's some crazy person who is copying Johnny! Yeah! That sounds more reasonable… Although, as I thought this, something small inside of me told me this probably wasn't the case.

The crazy maniac pointed the knife in woman's face, to which she tried to pull away from, before he proceeded to speak. "Do you know what you did to end up down here?" he asked the woman in a threateningly low voice, glaring at her with a twisted smile sitting upon his face.

The woman had tears streaming down her face. "Please! I don't want to die; I'm too popular! Why are you doing this to me?!"

"How typical…" Johnny replied, a look of antipathy forming on his face while his head lowered darkly and tightly clenched fists began to shake in anger. "You find it so easy to disdain others that don't fit to your standards of what call 'acceptable'. But you don't know what you toy with!" Johnny suddenly turned to her and pointed the knife in her face. "You thought it was funny to call me a freak and mock me! WELL HOW ABOUT THIS?! IS THIS FUNNY?!"* Johnny swung the knife down upon the woman's head, a crunching noise seeming to resonate through the room as the blade embedded itself in her skull; I could tell that noise would haunt me for the rest of my life, or what was left of it. I felt myself turn pail and quickly looked away before I caught sight of the bloodshed. However, I could not shield my ears or nose from what came to them, and I felt my stomach flip over.

"And YOU!" I heard him scream, making me cringe from the volume of his voice. "YOU CALLED ME WACKY! I HATE THAT WORD!" I felt something sharp poke my stomach rather hard, catching my attention. I looked down and found that Johnny's bloodied knife had poked me, and my eyes widened in horror at this. Oh God, no…

"Wha-!" I began in shock, but I was cut off.

"Of COURSE; you don't remember! PEOPLE LIKE YOU DON'T REMEMBER PEOPLE LIKE ME! IS THAT IT?!" Johnny had a crazy look on his face as he prodded my stomach rather hard with his knife again, nicking my skin and causing blood to slowly well up.

"N-no! No! That's not it! I-I remember! But it wasn't me! I swear!" It felt as if my heart were about to burst from my chest from beating so rapidly. This situation was getting even worse than it needed to be.


"No! I promise! It wasn't me! It was that guy!" I yelled back desperately, hoping for some slim chance that he would somehow believe me. I was scared out of my wits as I stared in terror at his angry maniacal face.

"NO, YOU LIE!" he screamed again, and was about to slash his knife along my body, when the doorbell rang – or rather, it screeched. Johnny paused with an annoyed yet curious look on his face. "I'll be back to disembowel you…" he said darkly, pointing the knife at me before walking over to the door, setting his knife down and turning off the light as he went.

Seeing this, I let out a puff of shuddering breath I hadn't known I'd been holding. I felt my body shaking in fear from the prospect of dying in this horror house. I HAVE to get the hell out of here! NOW! I thought urgently, scanning the room for anything that could help me. My eyes caught sight of the blades hanging near me on the wall, and for a brief moment the idea of cutting my own hands off invaded my brain. What the hell?! NO! That'd be TORTURE! Which I'm trying to avoid! And pointless since it'd take too long…! I continued to search the room with my frantic probing eyes until I noticed a crowbar sitting not too far from my foot. I felt nervous sweat begin to cover my forehead as I tried to stretch my foot as far as it would go toward the crowbar. After a few seconds, I found that my foot came short about less than an inch. My eyes widened in alarm at seeing this unfortunate developement. "Shit!" I hissed in frustration and dismay, my voice growing in pitch as I continued, "Shit, shit, shit! Fuck! This can't be happening! This cannot be real!" I paused to think for a moment, breathing hard as my heart rate began to skyrocket from terror. Realizing this, I tried to calm myself down. This must be a dream! Yes! I must be having another one of those nightmares! I squeezed my eyes shut, clenched my teeth in determination, and shook my head, hoping to pull myself from the terror-filled nightmare. "Come on!" I yelled at myself. "None of this is real! I'll open my eyes and prove it to you, brain!" Suddenly, the sound of enraged screaming mixed with desperate wails drifted down from somewhere above the room I was in, startling me into jerking and snapping my eyes open. To my dismay, I found that I was still in the gore-covered basement. No! I thought in distress, my pulse once again racing as panic threatened to overcome me.

I tipped my head back and let out a distressed scream. "WHYYYY?!" I cried out to nothing in particular as the feeling of hopelessness pushed tears from my eyes. I then let my head drop forward and let it lull there before I spoke again. "Why…?" I asked nothing in particular, the fury no longer present in my voice, as I stared at the floor. "What did I do to be unlucky enough to end up down here…?"

"Ah, such a common subject of question to be asked by the monsters who end up down here…"**A voice suddenly spoke from the shadows, dripping with venom and having an underlying tone that sent chills up my spine along with the feeling of trepidation.

My head shot up at the sound and I stared ahead into the uninviting darkness where I thought I heard the voice come from, fear gripping me as I wondered what I might see. For a moment, I was unable to see any sort of shape through the darkness that resembled a human, but then I was blinded by the sudden filling of light in the room. I cringed at the sudden change to a brighter room and shut my eyes against it. I blinked my eyes a few times to get used to the light, and when I opened them up enough to see, I recoiled in fright at the sudden appearance of Johnny, who now stood before me with a dark vindictive look haunting his face. My heart had nearly burst out of my chest from the shocking fear that had coursed through me, and now it was pounding so loudly that it echoed through my head. I watched Johnny apprehensively, dreading his reason for coming back down to the room I occupied. He's here to 'disembowel' me, my mind reminded me.

Johnny glared at me and I shrank back with fear plainly evident in my stature. His next words stung me a little. "Your kind disgusts me," Johnny growled, walking over to a lever on the side of the wall as he continued, "Your ugly innards continue to rot as you fill your day up with making those you deem lesser than you feel even more pain. You think they're too weak to retaliate." His face became contorted with an obvious lunacy. "Well GUESS WHAT?! The TABLES HAVE TURNED!" I flinched at his loud voice, which he saw, and a wicked smile grew on his face as his hand took hold of the lever on the wall. For a moment, our eyes locked, and as I saw what was held in his, my bones chilled to the very depths.

Before I even had time to register that he'd pulled the lever, I was overwhelmed by the sensation of white hot pokers being stuck into my back, causing me to tense up and my muscles to contract. Upon impulse, my head tipped back and from my lungs exploded an earsplitting screech. No thoughts could make it past the sheering wall of pain that overwhelmed my senses at the moment as I hung there, helpless to whatever Johnny felt like torturing me with.

After what seemed like agony-filled hours, I finally found the torture device had disappeared. My head dropped forward and I began panting heavily, trying to catch the breath that had left my body as sweat dripped from my forehead. I was vaguely aware that Johnny had been standing by the lever watching my agonizing pain with glee, and in a split second I wondered how on earth anyone could be so heartless.

Despite my head spinning, I watched Johnny as he walked over to the door and opened it. "I'll be back whenever I feel like doing that to you again," Johnny said before he moved through the doorway and shut the door rather loudly.

Biting my lip to keep myself quiet, I listened to his receding footsteps fade as he walked down what I guessed could be a hallway. When I was sure he was out of earshot and I could no longer hear him, I let out a sob as tears began to roll from my eyes and drop to the stain-covered ground in little sounds of plink. My body shook from the sobs that erupted from me, and I wondered how long I'd be stuck deep down in the depths of Johnny's house, suffering.

Within a few minutes, the noise I'd been making had calmed somewhat into mere whimpering. I hung on the wall, softly crying while reality began rearing its ugly head at me – I was going to die down here, and there wasn't much I could do about it.

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