A/N: Paraphrased the quote. If you've seen This Means War, you must ship FDR/Tuck or you are blind. Seriously.

"You've seen it! You've seen it in Bangladesh!"

Picture this: They're kissing each other, and it's fast and it's furious and neither one of them want to stop. It's the kind of spark you would only get with a single person, if you're lucky, and it's one neither has shared with a woman. It's chaste and awkward, but it feels just as exciting as a first kiss would.

FDR's always been the more dominant half so he's the one tugging at Tuck's shirt, urging him - begging him - with his harsh fingers to take it off. Tuck responds enthusiastically, sliding out of it so FDR can trace the lines of his tattoos.

It's the heat, it's the wine, they tell themselves. They'll both regret it in the morning, everyone always experiments with their best friends, they're both drunk off their asses. Excuses they'll never get to say except to themselves because they know they aren't drunk, and they won't regret it the next day. It's sickening, almost, feeling this overwhelming lust for your best mate, and wanting to mark every inch of his body with your tongue.

They should stop, they keep whispering to each other through pants and heavy breaths, but neither one are doing anything to justify their demands. They keep going and going, roaming their hands through trouser fabric, and their lips on necks.

Tuck hears the clink of his friend's belt buckle come loose and he knows they aren't going to stop.


Tuck wakes up second. His disheveled head rises above the silky sheets and through his blurred line of vision, he sees FDR pulling on a shirt over his Calvin Klein boxers. FDR notices the other man's gaze on him and looks back with a secret smile.

They would always have Bangladesh.