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Serena: You're forgetting something, Cat.

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Chapter 9: Revealing My True Nature

"Oh, now is not the time to disappear!" Rin shouts, sheathing his sword. I tug on his arm.

"C'mon! We need to get back to the others!" I say, and he nods, scowling.

"Yeah. I hope they're okay."


We head back, and I gasp at what I see once we've entered the room. Shiemi's tree wall is gone, and she's collapsed on the floor. Shima and Koneko look shaken, while Suguro looks plain-out terrified. He's breathing heavily and trembling, and as he looks up at me and Rin, his eyes are wide.

"You guys all right?" Rin asks worriedly.

"Wh-what?" Suguro gets out. "But, the other one...?"

"Um," Rin says brilliantly, laughing nervously. "'Rena and I killed it."

Suguro's jaw drops.

"You guys killed one, too?" Rin continues. "That's" he says, trying for a grin. Suguro stands up and decks Rin.

"Rin!" I gasp.

"What is with you?! You totally suck!" Suguro yells, but we all look up as the door opens. Yukio and Neuhaus walk in.

"What?!" Rin yells. "But he's an ene- AAAAAHHH!" He's cut off by Mephisto dropping down from the ceiling, right on top of Rin.

"What the fuck, Mephisto?" I say bluntly, starting to get a small clue as to what's going on here. Mephisto winks at me.

"The intensive study camp in itself was the Exwire exam!" he announces excitedly. "You didn't think I would actually let a couple of mid-level demons in here, did you?"

I drop my head in my hands, groaning. And here I thought we might actually be in danger.


"A surprise test..." Rin says glumly, shaking his head. "They completely fooled us!"

Shima scratches the back of his head, saying, "We shoulda known."

"I hope I pass," Koneko says worriedly, and Suguro rolls his eyes.

"Well, it's a little too late to worry about that now!" he says. Koneko's hands fly to his head in a panic.

"Bon and Shima will be fine, but I could barely even stand up!" he exclaims, and I sigh.

"I hardly did anything," I say miserably. "I hate being injured. Makes me feel weak... What?" I say when I notice everyone staring at me in disbelief.

"Are you kidding me?!" Suguro shouts, his eyes wide. "You went with the dumbass here to draw off the ghouls, and came back in one piece!"

I shrug, my cheeks flushing.

"You saying that you're weak is just bullshit," Rin cuts in. "When we were running from the ghouls, you didn't stop once!"

I frown at him. "All I did was turn the power on. You're the one who defended me!"

"You guys'll be fine," Ice Queen interrupts, frowning and waving us off. "Okumura-sensei told us to work together. An Exwire needs to cooperate, which means I totally failed."

Suguro scoffs. "You're better than some, though!" he says, glaring pointedly at Yamada and Takara. "Those guys didn't do anything! What do you have to say for yourselves?!"

Yamada doesn't even look up from his PSP. "Yes! I got the Lepidosaur's claw!" he says happily.

Takara and his puppet glare at Suguro in return. "Shut up, you punk!" his puppet 'yells' at him. "We don't have anything to say to you!"

I snicker and nudge Rin, trying not to bust out laughing at Suguro's resulting expression.

"I'm pretty sure his head's about to explode!" I say, and he nods distractedly. He stares, wide-eyed, at Takara, then says, "You're a freaking awesome ventriloquist!"

I roll my eyes, yawning, and before I know it, I'm asleep.


I wake up just before dawn to a terrible sinking feeling in my chest. I look around wildly, trying to gague my surroundings. The feeling is so terrible, it doesn't even go away at the familiar sight of the infirmiry. Quietly slipping out of bed, I grab my katana.

As I pad down the halls, all that meets my ears is a deafening silence. I scan the shadows, a flame in my paon illuminating the way. My sensitive hearing suddenly picks up the sounds of a battle up on the roof, so that's where I head.

What meets my eyes once I'm there makes me growl in anger and unsheathe my katana. My ears and teeth lengthen, black leathery wings sprout from my back, and flames resembling horns adorn my head. My eyes, normally steely grey, gleam silver. Rin, who's locked in a heated battle with Neuhaus as Yukio helplessly stands by, doesn't even notice me.

"What the fuck, Neuhaus?!" I shout, hoping to distract him, and it works. His attention is immediately riveted on my.

"And here's our lovely princess, come to join the fight!" he says, and a Naberius appears out of nowhere and attacks me.

"What are you after, asshole?!" I yell at him, dodging the demon's attack and slicing it cleanly in half. It promptly disentegrates, and I rush at Neuhaus. He tosses a grenade at me, and it releases what must be holy water, since it burns like acid on my skin.

"I thought you wanted me!" Rin shouts. He starts to come at Neuhaus, but the exorcist blocks his attack.

"Oh, I do!" he replies. "But now I want your pretty little princess, too. Maybe after I kill you, she'll entertain me. You see, you were originally my only target. But then Serena-dono came along, and I find it much more pleasurable to watch her suffer."

Pure rage sparks within me. Taking a huge risk, I hurl my sword at Neuhaus. It catches him on the arm, and blood immediately pours from the wound. Neuhaus turns back to me, snarling.

"So, our little princess plans to go down fighting," he comments, and I lock eyes with Yukio.

"Damn straight, I do, mother fucker!" I shout, making a finger gun with my hand. Then I leap straight up in the air, spreading my wings wide. Yukio immediately gets the message and tosses me one of his guns. While Neuhaus is preoccupied with me, Rin attacks him.

I land gracefully on the ground and send a bullet into the concrete between Neuhaus's feet.

"Don't move," I snarl at him. Rin steps in and kicks me my sword, pressing his Kurikara into Neuhaus's throat. I sheathe my sword, then toss Yukio his gun.

"Who are you?" Rin demands.

"A survivior of the Blue Night."

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