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A/N: Months ago, on the KHInsider Forums, and thread popped up about Vanitas. It said that in the Birth By Sleep novels that Vanitas' backstory had been written. There was a link to a summary of the content found the chapter (that link being: /s/7075624/1/DARK_MEMORY_The_Truth_of_Vanitas_Behind_the_G-%20ame). I was intrigued by Vanitas after reading the summary. My emotions were mixed. Vanitas is such a cruel, evil bastard; but what the novel revealed made me feel bad for him, Vanitas, who is shown as someone who only wanted to be his own person. I wanted to write his story, and so I did.

I started writing this in July 2011 and finished in December 2011. On KHInsider, I posted it was I completed each chapter. Because this is somewhat old and not my main focus anymore, I'm not going to fix any grammar mistakes that are in here (there aren't many, anyways). There are 7 Parts, and none are too long.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Part 1: Birth

I was surrounded by those creatures of darkness Master Xehanort summoned. There was no hope. I was too weak, too scared. And so, in my fright, I tried to plead with him, "Please don't do this Master, I'm not strong enough!"

He looked down upon me from the ledge he stood on. "No," he said, "it is because you are trying to hold it in. Let the dark impulses awaken in the pit of your heart. Release them, here and now; Sharpen your fear into rage!" More creatures jumped from the ground as he spoke, "You must! If you do not let the stone in you run its course, it will wipe you from the face of the world! Make no mistakes!" The monsters walked closer. "Do it, embrace the darkness. Produce for your master, the χ-blade! "

Doing nothing to defend myself, I screamed as one of the monsters leaped at me. The others attacked me too, and in moments, I was unconscious.

Unaware of what he was going to do, I heard Master start to speak to me. "Really, you'd rather die than submit to the power? Ventus, you neophyte." I felt myself get thrown onto my back. "If I must, I will extract the darkness from within you myself." I heard the shift of metal. I couldn't see, but I knew what was coming next.

A beam of energy hit my chest. My eyes opened and I gasped. I couldn't believe my Master was doing this to me. I saw a sphere of energy float above me and then move away. I was scared, I needed to get away. I had to do something! "Sharpen your fear into rage!" I remembered Master say. And so, that's what I did.

Darkness swirled around my body like a giant cocoon. I could feel myself coming together. My new self. I was no longer Ventus, but a piece of him. I'm not as important. I will let Xehanort use me as he wishes for I have no purpose then that.

The darkness dissipated and I floated to the ground. I looked down at my old self, and only stared. I didn't know whether to pity him or envy him. I looked at Master Xehanort, who looked back with a smile.

"Empty creature from Ventus riven, to you, the name Vanitas shall be given."

With no emotion, no care, empty, I said, "Yes, Master."

For a moment, Master stared down at Ventus. "It seems he's a failure." He pointed his Keyblade below Ventus' neck, and then slid it downward, cutting his shirt off. Ventus' bare chest had a single wound where the attack from Xehanort hit him. It was bleeding slightly, so he was still alive.

"Soon, he will pass," Master said. "We will bring him to a place where he can die peacefully." He pulled out a folded up white cloth, and wrapped Ventus' in it. A corridor of darkness appeared as he flung Ventus over his shoulder. "Come," he said to me. I followed him through.

We walked out onto a small elevated area of land. In front of us was a bridge which led out to a small island. Behind was a door which led into a small shack.

Master wasted no time, and started across the bridge. I was going to follow, but instead I decided to look around. It was night, and the moon was high in the air, no one would be here. So, I jumped from the bridge and onto the beach. Passing by the water, I noticed my reflection.

A mask covered my face, hiding me. I understood that the memories I have aren't mine, but Ventus', yet I still imagined that I appeared to be him. I took off the mask.

I retreated in disgust. There was no face, just darkness. The only noticeable details were golden eyes. Just like those creatures Master had summoned earlier.

Onto the ground I fell, scared. I was NOTHING! I was EMPTY! I wanted to be something MORE! But I wasn't. There was no purpose, no meaning. I'm a tool, only sentient. Only existing to help the blueprints come together.

I couldn't accept this.

I was falling, somewhere. At the bottom, I could see something dark. It was beckoning to me, so I followed. I reached the darkness, and stood on it. It was a platform, circular, and it the middle of nothing. I walked to the edge and looked down the cliff. There was only endless abyss.

The ground below me rattled, and I jumped back just in time. A large piece of the floor broke away, leaving about two-thirds of it left. Within moments, another piece fell off. And then another. I could feel it all, as if it was my own heart.

It was my heart that was breaking away. With no purpose, my heart had no foundation, no will. It was destroying itself, and dying. 'Why live for nothing?' it was telling itself.

"No!" I screamed, "I don't want to fade! I don't want to die!" My fear only accelerated the process. Faster, my heart broke. A matter of moments later, I was cornered onto a single tiny platform, only big enough for my feet.

Everything stopped, and a small light floated from above. It felt so warm, so welcoming. "Where am I?" it asked.

"Who's there?" Ventus asked… He was there too, somewhere.

"I'm a brand new heart."

"But this is- Why are you in my heart?" My heart was his. No, Ventus was not here with me, no, I was there with him.

"The light brought me. I saw it shining in the distance and followed it here." This new heart saw Ventus' light, and never saw me. This new heart could never see me.

"Yeah, that was my light. But my heart is fractured. And now, the little I have left is slipping away." I could see them both now. Ventus stood on a platform too, but one that glowed light. And, for the most part, it was still intact. He was in pain, but not as a close as I was to death. If only… he knew.

"Then you should join your heart with mine," the new heart offered. It was a beautiful offering, and I wanted, needed, it more. I reached, and yelped, but I couldn't reach far enough.

"Huh?" I watched Ventus' heart heal. Slowly, and surely, he became part of the whole.

"Now, our hearts have touched. Nothing else will slip away." I started to fear I'd never get another chance, unlike Ventus. The small piece of ground below me started to crack. "And one day, you'll be strong enough to win back the part that already did." Strong enough to take me.

"Right. Thanks." Right! Thanks! That's it! Given the gift of life and all you do is say 'Thanks'!

"It's time to wake up now." They're leaving. No, this can't be it for me. I cannot fade away! Not to be replaced by this person who had it all and lost it! I won't allow it! I reached, and reached for the light, but couldn't grab it. The ground crumbled away below me and I fell…

And then the Light finally took notice of me. It extended toward me, meeting me half way. It spoke, "All we need to do is…."

Ventus and I spoke together, "Open the door."

Below Ventus, the Light was replaced by a picture of himself. And not only did it show him, but it represented him. The colors and beauty, true light- pure light.

Below me, the platform came back, but instead of only darkness, it too had a picture. The first thing I saw was a face. It was a boy, with black hair and gold eyes. I stepped away to view the picture's whole, and realized who it was. He wore the same clothes as me, because he was me.

I touched my face, feeling the warmth that flesh brings. No, I wasn't complete, wasn't even close, but I was half-empty now.

Back on the beach, I lifted my hand into the air. Darkness took shape in my hand, and formed something the shape of a Key. With a small glimmer of light, the darkness solidified. A Keyblade.

I stood up, and looked to Master Xehanort on the small island. He wasn't aware of what had happened to me, but he was paying attention to something else. Ventus, who was laid out on a bent tree branch, had summoned his Keyblade, pointing it upward. A beam of light shot upward, leaving sparkles in the sky.

I walked to the bridge, and climbed on top of it. Master turned to me, smiling. "It seems, nothing failed after all."

Master said he will train Ventus and I. Ventus' light must grow, and must darkness has to grow stronger. His strive for knowledge and wisdom is what brought him to this. It's all the worlds, he says. Darkness and Light used to be equals, not enemies. If the past world is mimicked by our hearts, we can merge together, and bring it all back, Ventus and I.

Ventus is scared though, of me, and Master. Master tells him not to be, that we are all doing this for the same reason. Nonetheless, Ventus can't believe him. Ventus feels betrayed.

Good, let him be.