chapter 1

As I was walking home from school one afternoon. I had recalled some strange events that happened earlier in the week. For example I was chased by a Houndoom while walking in the woods. As I ran, I tripped and got pwnd in the face by a rock. It might sound funny but it hurt like hell! As I was waiting to get mutilated by a dog from hell, a sillhouette appeared from nowhere and attacked the vicious creature. I tried to thank them but the figure was gone.

I'm Seth by the way. I'm fourteen and about 5'10". I live in Hoenn a rather peaceful place scince Team Aqua and Team Magma finally left.

I was a block from my house when it felt like I was being followed. I turned around quickly just to get the frightened flapping of a Taillow's wings. Still something didn't feel right.

I walked up to my front door and pushed the door open to find my mother cooking supper.

"You're home early."

"Half day today remember," I replied "last day of school?"

"Ha Ha very funny," she said sarcastically.

I truged up the stairs to my room to play video games. Time flew by as I blasted away mutant zombies with a 9MM pistol. I heard my mother call to say supper is ready. I turned the system off and turned off the TV. As I walked down stairs my Shinx ran up to greet me.

"Hey Shinx, hows my favorite electric buddy doing?"

"Shinx!Shinx!" he replied.

"Seth! Hurry up, your supper is getting cold!"called my mother.

"Alright," I replied.

I ate supper and walked back up to my room. I opend the door and something felt a bit "off". I ignored it and got on my computer to find my friend Mack IMed me.

"Whats up?"


"Dude I was wondering. What do you think about Gardevoir?"

I thought a bit then replied,"Only one of the hottest Pokemon ever!"


"Man, its gettin late I'm going to bed. Talk to you tomorrow."

I logged of and I went to bed.


The next minute I was walking through a misty forest. Kinda creepy actually, with all of the eerieness. It seemed to go on and on with no end.

Just then a voice in my head quietly said, I'm glad I can finally meet you, Seth.

I woke up startled because I knew I didn,t dream that voice. I looked around my room. Finding nothing I got up, but just as I did a figure stood up. Startled,I grabbed my tranquilizer gun from under my bed and pulled the trigger. There was a soft thump as the dart hit the figure. It wobbled a little then fell backward with a crash. I jumped up and ran to the body and pulled out the dart. I turned on the light and my heart skipped a few beats as I seen the body. I grabbed my phone and called Mack. The phone rang a few time before it was answered.


"Mack you got to get over here now,"I said in an urgent tone.

"Whats up,"he asked sleepily.

"I think I just tranqued a Gardevoir!"

"Dude why the hell did you do that?"

"Hey, don't point fingers at me, SHES the one that came into MY room!"

"Whatever, is she breathing?"he asked concerned.

"I'll check." I checked "SHIT shes not, what do I do?"


"Aw, come on what the FUCK. CPR on a pokemon that will never work this is bull shit."

"Dude shes gonna die."


"OK,OK,OK. I'll be right over."

I hung up the phone and looked at Gardevoir. " *sigh* I at least have to try to save you." I said to myself. I walked over to her and kneeled beside her. I put my ear to her chest to listen for a heartbeat. Discovering her heart was starting to beat slower from the lack of oxygen I had to swallow my pride and 'nut-up'. I tilted her head back opened her mouth and began giving mouth-to-mouth CPR. Every few breaths I'd listen for breathing. I continued the process until she grabbed my head and KISSED ME! I'm not saying a peck on the cheek, I mean a full one on the mouth! I was shocked until a voice in my head said You don't know how long I waited for this.


Again the voice chimmed Its called telepathy.

"Wait so it was you who were in my head while I was sleeping?"

Yes so?

"Well where I come from that is what we call a VIOLATION OF PRIVACY!"

Where I come from its a form of communication.

"Hmm...touche',"I admited"but, why did you kiss me?"

Its a little complicated, I'll have to show you what I mean. She started to put her hand on my forehead but I grabbed my tranquillizer gun, loaded another dart, and aimed it at her.

"No funny business?"

Promise. She said as she touched my forehead.

Everything went hazey after that. All I could see was darkness then it got really bright. When the light subsided I was in a grassy meadow surrounded by a dark green forest. I was confused about where I was. "Hello?" I called out. I listened but there was no answer. I called again,"Hel."*SCREAM*. I was interupted by a high pithced scream coming from the woods. Immediately I ran into the woods. Every step it took the screams got louder and louder. I kept following until I came to a clearing. It seemed to be where the screams were coming from. I watched a Ralts run though the vegitation. It looked frightened. I walked over to it but I was stopped by a force. I couldn't get to it. I started pounding on the invisible wall. I looked around to see what the poor Ralts was running from.


I turned to see an enraged Weevile charge out of the woods grabbed the Ralts and threw it against a tree.

"NOOO!" I cried out. Whatever I said or did they couldn't hear me. Just as I thought the Ralts was going to die, a voice from out of nowhere yelled,"HEY WEEVILE, WHY DON'T YOU PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!"

I turned to see a boy carrying a spear. He couldn't be any older than 10, there was no way he could take on that Weevile.

I was surprized to see that it accepted his challenge. The Weevile charged at him with full speed, but the kid pole vaulted over it and struck it in the back. The Poke'mon howled with pain and reacted with a slash to the boy's arm. He cried out and fell to the ground. I knew he wouldn't last long. Weevile smirked and went back to torturing the Ralts. He was about to deal the final blow when the boy bolted and stopped the attack with his already damaged arm he didn't even wince, even though he had four very large gashes in his arm.

"Don't touch her!" he shouted as he punched it in the jaw. While Weevile was dazed the boy scooped up the Ralts in his arm and grabbed his spear. I was stunned a human fighting a Poke'mon and the human was winning! He turned to Weevile who was still in a daze, ran at him. Weevile snapped to his senses and doged him and countered by slashing wildly. The boys face was streaked with red while he made damn sure that the nearly unconcious Ralts was untouched. Weevile continued slashing relentlessly. Though the boy fended off most of the attacks, his clothes were rapidly deteriorating from the furious slashing. Weevile grew tired and stopped the rain of attacks. Assurting his dominance the Weevile turned around and started to walk away before freezing dead in his tracks. It took me awhile to notice, but the boy had thrusted the spear strait through Weevile's body. A shiver ran through its body and fell to the ground...dead. The boy stood up, Ralts held in his arms. He took a few steps forward and fell to his knees.

"Sorry I couldn't get you to a center."said the boy before he collapsed from blood loss. Hmph. This is the first time I seen his face it looks a little familier. OH MY GOD THAT BOY WAS ...ME!