chapter 9

You know what they say to most people who almost die? They always say 'don't go into the light'. Well, I found myself in that very same position. I was in a dark tunnel trying to find out what was at the other end. I walked and walked trying to find that bright light. When I did find it, I was overwelmed with joy and happiness. I ran as fast as I could towards the light, hoping to discover what was on the other every step I took, the bright exit always seemed to move away.

"Stop moving!" I yelled. I regreted yelling because the light transformed into a figure. The figure didn't appear to be human. It actually looked like a large Ponyta, with a smashed-in face and a large ring on its back. But for some reason, I wasn't afraid.

It walked towards me and said, "Be calm, my son." That voice, I remember that voice. I remember that voice from my childhood.

"D-D-Dad?" I asked. The bright figure nodded.

"You are not done living your life just yet" he said. And with that, everything faded from view. I opened my eyes and I was in an unfamilier room. I looked around finding plants, two chairs, and monitors beside my bed. It took me awhile to put the pieces together until a nurse with purple hair and dark green eyes walked into the room.

"Oh hey, you're awake." she said.

"Where am I?" I asked rubbing my head.

"You're in the hospital. When the paramedics brought you in, you have already lost alot of blood. Might I ask, how did you get that gash on your chest?" I thought back, remembering the shower incident.

" I uh, fell out of a tree." I lied.

" Well you must have taken quite a spill then. You've been out for a week."

" A week! I gotta get back home and check on my pokemon and Kip!" I said getting up out of bed.

"Whoa now!" she said stopping me. " You can't leave yet, and whose Kip?"

" He's my son-gyeeah-I mean uh, my brother's son?" She looked at me with a confused look.

"Okay then, I'll tell the doctor you're awake." She walked out of the room, and I let out a sigh of relief. I returned to the bed and took in the scenery. Within a minute the doctor walked in.

"Hello there." he said looking at a clipboard.

"Uh, hi" He put the clipboard down and pulled out his stethoscope.

"Okay now take deep breaths." he said putting it to my chest. I did as instructed while he listened to my breathing. He moved the stethoscope around my chest each time I took a breath. "Well you check out just fine. Just give me five minutes to get you outa here." He put his stehtoscope away and walked out of the room.

"I wonder how everyone is doing at home." I said to myself. I got up and started to pace back and forth. Thinking of what kind of trouble they might have gotten into. The doc came in and told me I could leave. I asked him if the stay was going to cost me. He chuckled and told me I had a 'special medical plan'. When he exited the purple haired nurse returned and handed me a glowing white stone. "Whats this?"

"A stone, obviously." she smirked.

"Well what do I do with it?" I asked.

"You'll know when you're ready." she winked and walked out the door. She left me with a stone and a stupid look on my face. I shifted my gaze towards the stone. It was long and thin like a knfe, but it wasn't wide like the blade. It had more of a needle shape. The door opened and the nurse poked her head in.

"Doc says you can leave now, I'm Carmen by the way." she added, then left. I got up and stuffed the stone into my poket and walked out the door into a hallway. Even though I'm 14, hospitals gave me the creeps.

When I exited the facility I ran into the nearby forest. When I got far enough in I took off my shirt and bundled it up. I concentraited on my back and my wings sprung up. Imedieatly I thrusted them down and I was off. I love flying it was alot better than walking. The way the wind felt on my face, and the view. It was awile before I noticed the bandage on my chest. Thats odd, I thought to myself, I thought they would've stitched that. It took awhile to reach my house, but I eventually got there. I landed in the backyard, on the trampoline. I hopped off the trampoline and put my shirt on as I walked inside.

"Hello?" I called into the house. I scanned the kitchen and livingroom for any signs of life. Finding nothing i went back to the kitchen and found a note on the refrigerator door. I picked it up and read it.

Gone out to town with Luxio and Kip. I'll be back around 5-ish.


I glanced at the clock, it read 3:47. "Might as well take a nap before they come back." I said to myself. I walked up the stairs and opened the door to my room. I walked in and saw Gardevoir naked on the bed.

Oh I thought that you were never going to show up. her voice echoed in my head. Something didn't feel right so I took a step back. I jumped when the door slammed shut. I turned to find Lopunny dripping lady juices all over the floor.

"Uh, can you please move to the left alittle?" I asked her. She shook her head, then tackled me onto the bed. "Agh, get off me!" I pushed her off and made a break for the door. I had my hand on the knob when I froze. I couldn't move!

Why are you struggling Seth? This is your welcome home present. said Gardevoir turning me to face her. She slowly approached me and grabbed my junk. I want your cock.

"And I don't want to give it to you." I replied. Her expresion turned dark. Any hope of getting out alive vanished. She through me onto the bed. Lopunny held my arms down. I tried to shock her but nothing happend, in fact non of my powers were working. "What did you do to me?" I yelled at Gardevoir.

Mental block, now isn't that just clever? she said ripping off my pants. I guess I can do whatever I want. she reached into my boxers and pulled out my dick. I shut my eyes and clenched my teeth, I felt a sudden burst of energy then nothing.