Gather around one and all if you wish to hear my Heroic tale of how I, Beowulf, defeated the one called Grendel. As soon as I caught wind of this monster's evil doings, I knew the task of destroying him was for me. After arriving at the shores of Danes, My fourteen warriors and I joined with Hrothgar who was eager to let us assist him and his people. During the evening feast in the great hall, I explained my plan to destroy Grendel without a weapon. I would match this evil demon with strength alone and let the gods' will be done. The king's insight on my divine blood only eased his conscious and left his dreams untouched as my men and I retired in the great hall.

That night I waited for Grendel to partake in his nightly ritual of terrorizing the great hall. My mind raced as the eerie silence only reminded me of what we were about to face. No sooner had I laid my head down, the monster slithered his way in. I eagerly waited for him to strike me, contemplating how he would go about it. Just then, I hear the terrifying sounds of teeth-crushing bones, the potent smell of flesh and blood filled my nostrils and sent waves of nauseous threw me. I said a silent prayer for the warrior, but I remained where I was to keep the element of surprise.

He approached, preparing to devour me like so many before me. As soon as he placed his filthy hand on me I sat up and turned, facing him now as he was in my grasped. His thoughts and emotions played across his face. His expressions displayed pure terror as he felt my iron grip, which snapped his figures like twigs. He knew that I was no ordinary human, but one with Devine strength and power. Grendel's agonizing cries for help and attempts of escape were all in vain. The struggle raged on, my men taking jabs at him but did no good. The monster's enchantment prevented their weapons from touching or harming him. Grendel's arm had given way, tearing right off of his body. Only then, when I knew he wouldn't make it before sunrise, did I let him escape. He spent the last of his miserable hours crawling back to his den where he would return to the hell in which he came.

His reign of terror has finally come to an end. I felt it right to symbolize his absence by hanging his arm that he had lost under the ceiling. Many warriors had come near and far to see this glorious truth with their own eyes. I sent my regards to all that had lost their lives to this fiend, hoping they could now rest in peace knowing he would never terrorize anyone again. Everyone rejoiced now that Grendel was dead and peace restored along with the joy in people's hearts.