Yes, I should be working on DoFSL, but I hit a bump partway through the next chapter, and when you stare at the screen for two days trying to get over that bump with no success, it's time to take a break. And this story was also in my mind at the time so…I'll juggle the two at the moment because I know how to get over the bump now! Ha!
Yes, this is your typical "reincarnation story", I just hope it will be interesting. Characters will probably be OOC, because well, they're new people now! Story will get more interesting later.
Warning: Teen angst ahead.

Peace. Oblivion. Beautiful darkness and unclear images mixed with the incoherent sounds of the world, blurred into one mass of the night. One sound though, began to clarify, slowly becoming louder and louder, until he thought he could understand it…

Neep, neep, neep!

He wished he hadn't.

Thomas Aelfguard reached up and slapped the snooze button on his alarm clock. Argh! Why did morning have to come so early! He rolled over, about to go back to sleep when he remembered -unfortunately- that he had to meet Frank and Cameron early today.

"No…" he grumbled, slowly pulling himself out of the warm comfort of his bed. He wished it was the weekend, but no, he still had half a week to go.

Staggering into the kitchen, he observed his breakfast options. He finally settled on the old pizza in the refrigerator and a Pepsi. No one ever woke before he did, so he had always had first dibs on food. Wiping his mouth to remove the remaining bits of sauce, he felt the stubble on his face rising yet again. Oh, let it, he thought irritably, I'm too tired to do anything about it right now!

Sweeping his long reddish-brown hair out of his face once, he grabbed his car keys and hurried out the door, nearly forgetting to lock it.

At first, the old jeep refused to start, but with a bit of coaxing, Thomas managed to get it going. Backing into the garbage cans, he sped off toward town.


"What a way to wake up!" Toby Bender exclaimed aloud. He had fallen from his bed yet again, his back on the floor while his short legs still stuck in the air. Lying there, he pondered the use of getting up, in comparison to the nice thought of going back to bed.

But what if something exciting happens today! he thought suddenly. He tossed that through his mind a moment, part of him arguing that his inner clock disliked being awakened before nine, and the other complaining that nothing ever happened in bed. Well, not to him anyway. He finally scrambled to his feet, for who was he to deny himself another adventure in a day of Life?

Bounding down the stairs, Toby stole a look at the outdoors. The sun was low, but rising steadily into a cloudless sky. It was going to be a good day. Probably a good thing he got up then. He stole into the kitchen quietly, so not to wake his family, and poured himself a bowl of cereal. Had to keep his strength up, afterall.

He woke up earlier than he had to, which he found to be a nuisance. But he had no choice, he couldn't drive yet, legally anyway, and the school bus never came to this part of the neighborhood. He sighed. Thus, he was forced to take a bicycle to school with Rheas, which was an exhausting situation. (He conveniently forgot that he merely sat on the back of the bike, leaving Rheas to do all the pedaling.)

Stuffing a sandwich into one of his many pockets, he strolled casually out of his house and sat in the driveway, watching his lengthened shadow slowly creep closer. He waited for his 'ride', and waited, and waited…

"C'mon Rheas! I've got to take a shower!" Cameron Madison shouted at the bathroom door. He sighed in exasperation and leaned his large, muscular self against it, glancing at his watch. "Hurry up! I'm gonna be late! At least let me brush my teeth!" Nothing. Turning, Cameron pounded his fist on the door. "Right now Twerp or I'm gonna come in there and break your scrawny neck!"

He stood there, waiting for a response -any response- ranging anywhere from "okay!" to "fuck off!" He received nothing.

"Rheas?" he called softly. He leaned forward and pressed his ear to the wood, trying to hear anything in the silence from within. At first, nothing, and then he could hear, just barely, the sound of a plastic cap being removed, and then pills, many pills, being poured out.

"Fuck!" he cried, jumping away from the door. With a short start, he flung himself against the door, sending thunder through the entire house.

"What are you doing!?" he heard his mother scream from the bottom of the stairs.

"Rheas is trying to kill himself again!" he shouted, crashing against the door a second time. This time, it gave, swinging open with a heavy crack! Cameron paused, almost afraid to look.

His brother knelt on the linoleum floor, his back to the door. The sudden crash caught his attention and he turned his head, looking Cameron in the eyes. His pale face was blank, emotionless, and in one slender hand he held a bottle of pills, the other the lone pills themselves, ready to be swallowed.

The brothers merely stared at each other for a moment; Cameron caught within the gaze of his brother's eyes. He found that strange, since he couldn't even see Rheas' eyes under the long brown hair that draped over his face in dishevelment.

Cameron suddenly snapped back to reality. "You……idiot!" he snarled, grabbing hold of his brother's shirt collar and throwing him out the door, causing the fifteen-year-old to roll across the hall and spill the pills everywhere.

Dropping to his knees, Cameron began gathering the pills and dumping them on the counter, he'd sort them later. He glared at his younger sibling angrily; this was pointless! And Rheas knew it! Yet, Cameron looked away as his eyes filled with pity. Pity for the brother who wasn't there, who gazed at things unknown with his unfocussed golden eyes.

The only sounds were the pills being dropped onto the counter and their mother running up the stairs.

Toby knew school would start soon, and he was still in the driveway. His family members had already gone, with his assurance that he would get to class on time. He knew that was impossible now, unless a drivers' license suddenly appeared in his hand and a car rolled into the driveway. Yeah, right.

He was confused, yet delightfully surprised when a car pulled over on the road. He walked over as the window rolled down and peered in. He could see red hair and freckles…

"Tina!" he exclaimed happily, "am I glad to see you!"

"Shouldn't you be at school by now?" she asked, leaning over the seat to see him better.

"Yeah, but Rheas never showed up…"

She smiled and shook her head. "Get in."

"Gee, thanks!" Toby grinned as the car rushed down the street.

"He's late." Frank Firgan huffed in annoyance.

"No big deal. Things come up." Thomas replied calmly, depositing his cigarette in a dirty ashtray.

"Hmph!" Frank wasn't very tall, but well built and muscular. He had graduated last year, and now hung around in wait for Thomas to catch up. It wouldn't be a long wait, as Thom was a senior, and it was already spring. "What could possibly get Cameron to skip coming here?"

"I'll give you a hint. He's skinny, got asthma, and--"

"Rheas." Frank sighed in exasperation.

"Very good."

"I thought they weren't that close?"

"They're not, but as of late Cameron decided he'd keep a better eye on the kid."

"Why's that?" the shorter man questioned, snuffing out his own cigarette.

"Didn't you know? Last month he tried to drown himself in the bathtub. Almost worked too." Thomas paused to shift his feet a bit. "How'd you like to give your brother mouth-to-mouth?"

Frank shivered visibly.

"The kid tried something else before that," Thom continued, "but Cam wouldn't talk about it."

"I keep saying it," Frank stated loudly, "that boy needs some serious help."

"He's in therapy now, has been for some time. But that's proved to be about as useful as sunscreen in Antarctica. I imagine he'll soon be shipped off to some center and strapped to a bed."

Frank shook his head then decided a change of subject was in order. "How are things between you and Laura going?"

"Better. She's not stalking me anymore. Though that's probably because she's pissed at me."

"What'd you do this time?"

"I told her she needed to grow up."

"That's it?"

"Well, I was in a bad mood so insert a 'fuck' and 'bitch' in there somewhere."

"So undoubtedly her brother is pissed at you as well?"

"Gary? I hope not. The last thing I need is for her to form some alliance against me. Fuckin' Star Wars man…"

"That would be interesting." Frank smirked. The thought of Thom running around with a plastic light saber and Laura with rolls on the side of her head was pretty amusing. "You'd better get to school, unless you want to be late." Frank waved, walking back into the warehouse.

"Shit…" Thomas muttered, hurrying back to his car.

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