Hey, I know I haven't updated in like a year, not really but still. Anyways I'll try updating and writing more to this story and I'll make Jayce more like Eli...And thanks to those who have read this and sorry that I haven't updated in forever!

Here's the first lines of Chapter 10!

"What did you get mommy?" Fang asked as Jason sat the bag of food and the bag of Fang's clothes down on the table.

"Dinner and some clothes for you." I said as he smiles, and says "Thank you." Fang wasn't one for saying thanks a lot sense he knows that Aaron, well his dad wasn't around much he never asked for things. Though the funny thing is he always ends up getting something every time we went to the store weather it was food, toys, or clothes.

Next time I'll finish Chapter 10 (This is Chapter the last Chapter is Chapter 9 but I put it as 10)