here are drabbles/oneshots/freeverses for the NGF's Prompts, oh, Prompts thread and I Dare You! thread, and 150 Beautiful and Colorful Prompts thread and the rest of those threads and yeah.

main prompt; connection

side prompts; torn - reaching out - alone

quote: "If no one in the entire world cared about you, did you really exist at all?" - Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

pairing; jameslouis

soft skin, calloused palms and a pair of fags

you're completely different,
he's dark hair and sultry gazes
makes all the witches' panties

with a smirk
with a dirtylittlesecret
only you know
{ aren't you so goddamn special? }
and you
oh, you
blonde hair and shoves into brick walls,
gets words whispered in his ear in the hall
with such vindictiveness
you start to believe it, too }


but in this harsh little thing
{ they call it reality }
you're the exact same
but he's hid{what sex he loves}ing
and you're hid{who you love}ing


but he hurts you,
and you hate this
hate that you love him
and that he's tearing you apart
and every time you try to reach out
one soft skinned hand of a fag {or so they say} to a
calloused palm of another
it comes back all alone
but with FREAK
scribbled across it
denying the strong connection between you
and s e v e r i n g it


all these girls
would jump at the chance to
fuck him
but no one really
cares about him
he's i n v i s i b l e
inexistant, oui?
except when someone needs
a punching bag


{ darling, louis, you always knew James Potter would be the death of you }