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A quick word about future chapters - This fic is M rated for a reason, sex and violence will follow, including mentions of sex with violence. We all know what Ocella's like and Eric is ruled by him, he is not as controlled as he is now, please do not read on if this is not to your taste.




Fangtasia could get a little tedious when I made Pam take a night off. I sat at my table 'enthralling the vermin' but boring myself. A month after the Great Revelation I had to accept that nights in my bar might not keep me fully entertained. I was sure there would be nights ahead full of drama and chaos, but this wasn't one of them.

Fortunately I had a long life, full of memories to keep me occupied. I needed to choose one. My brain whirred past a million images, I was reminded of one of those first moving-picture machines.

I was distracted by a girl dancing a little way from me, she had turned her back to me for a moment. She had a lot of hair, thick and dark, tumbling down her half-naked back. Another girl, from a long time ago wondered into my mind, I grinned at the pleasant memory.

I was pulled from my reverie by a collective gasp from the humans. I realised I was staring, fangs beginning to show at this girl who was facing me now. Dancing closer, she was excited because she thought she had my attention.

She was nothing like the girl from my memories, black paint on her eyes and lips, the hair wasn't right, tiny black clothes clinging to her too-skinny body and she was young. Too fucking young! Who had let her in here? We'd only just been raided and fined because one of us, who should have known better, had been seen feeding from the slut he was banging in the car park. Now we were letting jail-bait like this in here. Even if this was a human bar, we'd still be in trouble for this baby blood-bag.

I sent a text to the front door security. Under-age. Get her out. Now.

I never had to worry about this when Pam was here.

One of the idiots, who was supposed to be checking identification at the front door, came into the bar and looked around. Confused he looked to me for guidance, I had to nod at the dancing girl to let him know who needed to go.

Of course, as I nodded at her, she moved closer to me, like a young bitch in heat. Dream on, little one.

The girl looked confused as she was led away. There were tears, she was getting hysterical. Why did human females do this? Always tears!

I missed Pam.

I realised my bouncer was getting fangy at the pleading girl. I sent a text to him as he got her out to our service corridor.

Do not feed. Tell her to come back when she's 21.

I knew he would obey me, she would be safe for tonight at least.

Why did I have to be the morals of every vamp around? Oh, yes, I was Sheriff and now we had come out of the coffin, we had to act like good guys. Some of us were better at acting than others.


Now where was I? Just in case any other human thought I was making eye contact, I kept the phone in my hand and stared at it, then I let my mind get back to my memories.

My Beth and her handfuls of beautiful hair.


My maker had finally let me go. I had been distraught. I couldn't imagine existing without him but at the same time, I was desperate to get away from him. Ocella told me this wasn't a permanent arrangement, he would call me back to him whenever he wanted to, but right now my maker wanted time alone. Well, he wanted time alone with a boy he had found in Paris, he was thinking of turning him. I was miserably jealous and yet relieved.

If I was lucky the boy would survive and I would be free, at least until Ocella got bored again. Many of Ocella's 'creations' didn't last, he sometimes drained them too far, before they had chance to live forever, or he decided he didn't like them once they were made and gave them their final death's quickly. I was fortunate that I 'lived' after he killed me and pleased him once I was Vampire.

I left Paris moving North, I practised flying when I could. The freedom was exhilarating. I decided to avoid Scandinavia, too many memories. I kept moving, utilising all the skills I had been taught by my maker in the past couple of hundred years. Maybe it was closer to three hundred years now, human time did not particularly interest me.

I could feed without killing, most of the time, and keeping a low profile was easier if I didn't leave a trail of bodies behind me. I fed from victims who forgot I existed. I often fucked whores who didn't care if some freak bit them, so long as he could pay well. There was always fighting between humans, wars and skirmishes offered lots of blood. Men moving from one fight to another, drinking around camp fires and wondering off alone. Easy prey.

I found that learning languages from various countries came easily to me. I wasn't sure if this was a Vampire gift or something I would have been good at if I had been human. An hour or so just listening to various conversations and I could work out what they were saying and how to speak too. I enjoyed perfecting accents.

After a few months of wondering, I decided I wanted to try and stay in one place, I made a nest for myself in the Ural Mountains. I knew I couldn't keep moving for an eternity, the world was changing, becoming more densely populated. Maybe I didn't need to keep moving but I did need companionship. I wanted companionship. There were half a dozen villages within easy flying distance, the humans in them became my income, my food source and my entertainment. I continued to work as a trader, bartering was something I became good at, I didn't even need to glamour some of the humans. Primarily I sold furs, catching bears was easy, quite fun really. I became known in taverns, always able to buy a drink for a drunk and help them walk home. I had women, a varied selection of lonely women who's husbands were away or dead in the fighting.

It was Ocella's fault that I first heard of Beth. I was following an old plan of his. Apart from my pallor and temperature, I seemed to be the perfect picture of health, but in general humans at that time were not that healthy. Ocella decided we needed an ailment occasionally. Following this theory, one night I limped into a tavern that I was becoming well known in, paid for a beer that I wouldn't drink and a beer for the drunk at the bar, then complained of my pain. Just as a human would. I was proud of my acting.

The drunk I didn't know too well, but the serving girl I knew intimately and both of them said that "Elizabeth" was good at curing old war wounds and I should visit her. The name sounded strange spoken in Russian, Elizabeth was the closest word that I knew.

When I spoke to him alone, the drunk became more graphic, he promised that just looking at this girl would cure my knee, although I would have to expect other parts of me to begin to ache.

I was interested.

I asked about this Elizabeth again the following evening, a different village but still they knew her. Depending on who I spoke to Elizabeth was either a witch or a mid-wife or a healer. She was revered and the cause of concern at the same time. To some she was a lucky charm, having survived an illness that killed many. To others she was a jinx, her mother and her new husband had recently died of the same sickness. This apparently happened on the same day that she got well.

A reputed beauty, she now lived alone in the woods. She was my closest neighbour, I had managed to miss her because she lived in the triangle of my two most visited villages and my nest.

I decided to visit her the next evening...


I risked not feeding as soon as I woke because I wanted to see this girl, I supposed I was getting bored of my limited social circles and wanted a little entertainment. I flew high above the general area and found her tiny house, it was hidden amongst the trees but had a vegetable garden laid out in neat rows alongside. I landed in the woods and walked up to her homestead, practising limping again.

I called "Hello!" as I neared the house, I didn't want to scare the girl, I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. She appeared through the trees, carrying two logs of wood under one arm and an axe in the other. She hesitated when she saw me, so I had a perfect opportunity to see her properly. She was tiny, many people are compared to me, but she was maybe just a little more than five feet tall and slender, but her arms were wirey and strong. I could see a little of her dark hair but it was hidden, tied back under a modest cap. Her face and forearms were pale, creamy white, but she had pretty roses in her cheeks, I assumed from the of exertions carrying her load. Dark swooping eyebrows framed her face and from this distance her eyes were grey and green, and cautious. Caution was quite understandable as a stranger approached her home.

I was pleased to discover the stories were right. She was a beauty.

I stayed back, hands outspread to show my innocence. "You are Elizabeth? My name is Eric. I'm here because I was told you could help me. I have a knee injury." I took a couple of steps forward.

"You don't seem too injured?" She said, for such a little human her voice was low and husky.

Damn! I realised I had just taken two ordinary strides with no limp. Maybe I wasn't such an actor after all. "I was in pain when I set off from the village... the ache seems to have been relieved by my walk to you." I answered with a dazzling smile and hoped.

"Well, I'm glad I could help." She didn't sound entirely convinced, but she smiled back.

I left in a hurry. I felt foolish, which was something only my maker had made me feel since I was vampire. I heard his voice, loud and clear, in my head. "You didn't fuck her, Eric? You've been hunting for a pretty girl for so long. Go back and fuck her, Eric. Drain her. Break her body. Use her. Make her yours."

I was furious with myself. After being a Vampire for so long, when I lost my temper, I still acted as if I was human. I stormed off through the woodland that surrounded her home, staying on foot even though flying would be faster. The mocking voice of my maker still in my head.


After my daytime death, I convinced myself to try again. I couldn't let the imagined voice of my maker destroy the possibility that this beautiful human was mine to enjoy, not destroy. I was very sure she would be enjoyable.

For this visit I decided to feed before I visited the prize I aimed for. It should help me concentrate, I hadn't taken the time to get to know a human for long time, I was clearly out of practice.

The confused labourer was the reason that I had more colour than usual as I approached. Of course, he wasn't confused before I glamoured him, but he had no idea what hit him when I fed. His blood was tasty and fresh from working in the fields all day, heated from the sun. When I released him, I was still drawn back to my temptation in the woods. His taste was good, I wanted better.

Maybe it was a habit of hers to chop wood for her fire late in the evening, but when I saw Elizabeth again she was still carrying that axe. The chance of her chopping my head off was quite small, but I kept my distance and gave her space.

She nodded her head a little and wished me "Good evening."

I enjoyed that she was polite. I nodded back and greeted her in the same way. I gestured towards her axe. "May I help?"

"Thank you, but I can chop my own firewood."

"I am sure you can, but where I am from, I would be shamed to watch you labour, when I could help. Please do not shame me."

"And where are you from?" She asked, twisting the subject a little.

I almost lied automatically, but I didn't really need to, so I told the truth. "Northern Europe. Do you know of Scandinavia?"

"Not really," she admitted, then she offered a little information. "My father was from Paris?"

"Paris is much further south from my home, but I know the city very well." I said, then realised I sounded as if I was boasting, so I altered my tone a little. "If your father is French, then you are not really from here either? You certainly don't look like the people around here." I took the opportunity to let myself concentrate on her face for a long moment.

People around here were generally brown haired, with a tan complexion. She was different, with her blacker hair and much fairer skin. Here people were stocky, rather than slender. Elizabeth stood out almost as much as I did, with my white skin, long blond hair and towering height.

I saw her flush under my gaze, for a moment she was looking at me as much as I was looking at her, then that point in time was over.

She looked down. "I've never travelled." She admitted with a shrug.

I was still holding out my hand for the axe, finally, she handed it to me and told me what she needed. "Just a few sticks to start a fire, and a log to keep it going for a while. Thank you."

She stayed close by, holding up her dim light, that I didn't need to see by.

"It seems late to be preparing a fire?"

"It is. I was late home today, but I like a fire to sit by at night." She gave her explanation as I collected the chopped wood and carried it back to the front of her small home. A small ring of stones showed where she would need the wood, I set the load down and she set about lighting her fire.

It was the smallest house I had ever seen, 'hut' might have been a better word. Many homes these days, were built to house large families and their livestock just like the home I grew up in. Having animals inside was becoming less common in larger villages and towns, but houses were still built by their owners with extended families in mind.

The size of this house certainly showed the size of the girl's family. The walls were wattle and daub like most these days, but it was unfinished at the front. There was no door in the doorway so I could see the heath stone inside, and a few cooking items hung from the walls. Behind the little kitchen area, was a partition, not a full wall, I assumed she slept in the hidden space. Glancing along the building the sleeping space didn't seem large either, it was tapered but I could see a small window, it had a rough shutter that would give her air and a little light.

It crossed my mind that maybe I could enter a home with no door without an invitation, but I doubted it.

I concentrated on the girl again, I wanted to prolong our conversation. "You never visited France with your Father?"

She looked a little embarrassed and concentrated on her wooden sticks. "No, I didn't really know my father, he left when I was young. He went to find us a home in France, not Paris, but somewhere nice, comfortable... he never returned. Of course people say he never intended to come back, but my mother always believed he would have returned to us, if he could." I could hear the hurt in her voice. Did she hurt more thinking her father was dead, or thinking that he had deserted her mother?

This wasn't quite I how wanted this conversation to go, stirring up sad memories for her. I avoided the subject, "I only lived in Paris for a short while, I don't think it's a good place to live."

"Really?" She sat back as her little fire caught light and looked up at me, she seemed to want to hear more, so I sat and continued.

I told her about Paris and a few other places in Europe, then moved on to talk about Moscow, which was a relatively new city then. Ocella had shown me places that amazed me, but he hadn't enjoyed them with me. My Maker had seen everything there was to see, there was no excitement him him, which dulled my fascination. This girl was thrilled to hear what I had to say, I admit I enjoyed entertaining her. She asked a few questions and exclaimed occasionally. She was a wonderful audience, however I had talked for too long, I saw her yawn a little and her pretty eyes widened in embarrassment. "I'm so sorry."

I was happy to watch the blood rush to her cheeks but I concentrated and managed to reply. "I am keeping you up late tonight. Please, accept my apologies. I will let you get your rest."

"But I so enjoyed listening to you."

It was impossible not to smile at her enthusiasm, fortunately my fangs stayed hidden. "Maybe I could talk to you some other time, I will need to pass here again."

"Really? That would be nice." I received another smile and left her alone before I lost my resolve and tasted her right then.

I decided to walk back to my nest as there were hours left before dawn, as I strolled in the moonlight, I tried to recall the last time I had spoken so much. There was one time I remembered in particular, I recalled telling my eldest son about my first battle, he was a rapt audience too.


Stubbornly, I had chosen to spend my days in a small cave in the mountains, in preference to sleeping underground as my maker taught me. I had to fly or hover to the cave mouth, which was high and impossible for a human to reach, I couldn't even scent bears up here, just birds, who didn't bother me. The cave went back far enough that no light would ever reach my sleeping place. I didn't need luxury or comfort but I slept on an expensive bearskin and had another to cover me during the day.

After my talk with Elizabeth I sat at the mouth of the cave surveying what I was beginning to think of as my area. Lights were dim in the two villages I could see, but the light from Elizabeth's fire was hidden.

My maker's voice was in my head again. I felt I was being ridiculed for not feeding from the girl, and for not fucking her yet. Were they his thoughts or mine? My mind was made up, I wanted the girl to want me.

The voice in my head worried me. Was Ocella about to call me back to him? I longed to be back with him, but I wanted to be away from him too. I tried not to think of him, he would know if he was on my mind and I wanted to prove, to him and myself, that I could be happy without him.

I was leading a strange life for a vampire but I suppose I was content. I was sure there was more to this existence, but I didn't know what. A human was probably not the solution, but a girl like my new interest in the woods would certainly make the time pass pleasantly.


Over the following week I passed Elizabeth's little home three times in the early evening, each time she was sitting by her fire. She seemed to be working with a pestle and mortar but I didn't pry. Twice I called out greetings from the pathway below her enclosure, but I didn't get closer, until the third night, when I stopped for a couple of minutes to pass the time of day, or night.

I had told her I was lodging close by, and trading in the local villages and towns, but I didn't mention where I was actually staying. I explained my regular visits by saying I preferred the walk through the woods to the direct route between two of the closer villages. She looked a little bemused at the thought but didn't comment. I didn't know her well enough to decide if she realised I was passing by to see her or if she just thought I was a rather strange, stranger.

The next time I walked past her home, there was no sign of life. I could smell nothing to give me cause for concern, only a feint scent of her that could have been earlier that day. There were no sounds, no heartbeat. It was fully dark, where was she? I found I was concerned and considering searching further, when I heard movement behind me.

Walking towards me on the slim pathway was Elizabeth. She was carrying a lantern, with a tallow candle that gave off very little light. I could see easily but could she? Could she see me, just standing here, looking up at her home?

She didn't seem concerned and actually waved to me.

"Good evening," I said, as she got closer. "You are out late this evening."

"Yes, busy day." She stopped in front of me and caught her breath. I assumed she'd been rushing on her walk through the dark, even so she had a broad smile.

"And a good day, I assume?"

"Yes! I brought twins today. One of the girls in the village, we had no idea there were two babies, but there were. Both are healthy and screaming!" When she was this excited, it was difficult not to smile with her, but then she paused, maybe she realised she was talking to a stranger, a male stranger and she quietened.

She was wearing a simple, dark dress, just like most women wore, it came down to her ankles and tied around her waist, beneath was a white dress of a softer material, showing at the collar and sleeves. She also she had a shawl around her shoulders, it was high summer here but it was often cooler in the evenings. As I watched her pull her shawl tighter, I offered to chop her firewood again, she seemed a little unsure but I pressed, "Your day seems to have been more interesting that mine. If I chopped wood for you, could you tell me more?"

I gestured up to her home, she acquiesced and we walked back to her little house together. She collected the old axe from inside her house, I noted there was still no front door, then she walked with me to her wood pile again.

I was very aware how attractive I was to women, even before I became a vampire I had a great deal of female attention. Elizabeth had looked at me a little longer than she should once or twice, and as I was about to take part in manual labour, I took off my over shirt, laying it over an uncut tree trunk before I began. My under shirt still covered my upper arms, but it was quite open at the neck and along my shoulders. I loosened the tie at my hair, just a little, to let a few blond strands fall and I put on a show for the girl. Afterall, she had been a widow for six months.

I worked at what seemed to be human speed, maybe slower. She certainly watched me, she held the light for me, which I suppose was an excuse. I acted as if I didn't notice her gaze.

"You must be very proud." I was carrying the chopped wood back to the front of her home. She looked up at me, at little surprised. "The twins? They are very rare?"

She looked embarrassed but recalled the conversation we were having earlier and carried on. "Yes. Very rare. I have never seen grown-up twins, I hope I shall in a few years!"

"Do you often help birthing babies?"

She nodded. "My mother used to help mothers before she passed away. I helped her and learnt a lot. People around here think I'm lucky! I haven't lost a child or a mother since this winter."

"Really?" I didn't know a great deal about giving birth, but I knew all too well that it wasn't often successful. I lost my human wife soon after she gave birth to our last child. I shouldn't think about that now.

Elizabeth prepared the fire and continued, "I know it won't be this way forever, not all of them will live, but I must be doing something right." She smiled into the little flames and seemed proud of her accomplishments.

With a little encouragement, she talked easily about curing illnesses and midwifery. It seemed her mother and her husband had taught her a great deal and how to deal with many situations. For a girl of her age she certainly seemed confident and competent.

I tried to ask that politely, "Forgive me, but you seem quite young for that?" Usually only women who already had children were midwives.

"I'm the only person around here who can help." She admitted. Maybe she decided it was time to change the subject but after a while she asked, "Do you have children?"

It was time for me to lie. That was something I didn't enjoy.

As a human I was brutally honest, but as a vampire I was often forced to avoid the truth. Ocella taught me well, he kept his stories as plausible as possible and close to the truth. I understood we couldn't glamour everyone, but keeping our secret was imperative, and lies were inevitable.

The story I intended to tell Elizabeth had worked before, there were some elements of truth to it. "I never had children." I began, as if I didn't want to tell the story. "Although I was married, twice."

She looked a little surprised at that news but stayed quiet.

"My first wife and I grew up together, we lived in the same village and were allowed to marry. We were young and knew we had lots of time for children so when she didn't fall pregnant, we weren't worried." I paused for effect again. "She died, an illness that killed many."

"I'm so sorry," Elizabeth whispered.

I nodded and continued. "For a while I didn't consider marrying again, but a friend of mine was killed. His wife was agreeable and we were both ready to settle again, so we married. She had lost two children from her previous husband, one had lived a few months and she was desperate for more children. She never became pregnant by me, although we certainly enjoyed trying." I took a quick look to my side, Elizabeth was looking down at her hands after that comment. A slight flush to her cheek, I thought. I decided not to become more graphic.

"After more than a year, my wife was frantic, still no children. We were no longer happy and... " I shook my head, assuming my audience would understand that this imaginary marriage had failed, then I shrugged. "I took an opportunity to leave, to fight. I suggested to my wife that I didn't have to return to her, she could assume I was killed in the fighting and start again."

Elizabeth was clearly shocked. "You left your home so she could marry again?"

I nodded, and hoped I looked disappointed.

"You left your family?"

"My parents had passed, I had brother and sisters but they had their own families. I looked upon everything as an adventure and travelled South."

I think Elizabeth realised I was trying to make the best of my situation so she smiled. "South from your Northern home."

"Yes, first through Europe, then here. I do not have a family, but I live an interesting life..." I glanced up at her and was pleased to see her looking at me.

"But, clearly, you miss your home." She asked, I nodded, trying for sympathy again. "You're a Northern man at heart."

"Apparently so, but I have seen places I would have never dreamed of and met many people. I am not always alone." I let the conversation tail off, as we both watched her little fire.

My lies were meant to encourage her sympathy, to convince her I was as lonely as she seemed to be and let her know that when we together, as I soon expected us to be, she wouldn't be left with a child.

I saw her pull the shawl tighter and asked, "How do you live up here? It cannot be possible for you in the winter."

"No, it isn't. My mother and father built this little place, they lived here during the summer and she started the herb garden. When my father left, we stayed here during the summer and with my mother's sister in the village during the winter." She continued to talk about the herb garden, which would have meant more to me if I had needed her potions to survive.

As she was talking I remembered a group of people that Ocella used to loath. It amused me that he would not approve of this girl. Elizabeth saw me smile and looked questioningly at me. I had to grin and explain, "So you're a clever, little witch?"

I had seen terror before. She froze, I realised that I couldn't have scared her more if I had bared my fangs. She gasped then managed to take enough of a breath to speak. "Sir, I'm no witch! I just help people." I held up my hands to try to stop her panic, but she continued, "I am not evil, Sir. Please don't use that word. Don't say that about me."

"I didn't mean to frighten you. I know you are not a witch…"

"You can't even say that word. Please." She whispered, looking out at the night surrounding us as if she expected to see a mob coming for her.

"I won't."

"Sir, if you are here to investigate me then, I swear, I'm no witch. It's just herbs, and... and knowing what to do, nothing more." She was so frightened, I considered glamouring her to calm her down again, but I kept talking and after a while I seemed to believe me and settled down a little.

She called me 'Sir' yet again, so I said, with a smile, "You used to call me Eric," and was relieved when she smiled back.

"How did your mother learn everything?" I asked, trying to distract her from my blunder.

"From her mother and my aunt, the knowledge was passed along. Peter came to my mother to learn too." Peter was her late husband, she had mentioned him very little in our previous conversations. Now she hesitated, then carried on, "He lost his family to illness. He heard about my mother too late, but he came from the city to meet her. She taught him… and she eventually allowed us to marry."


"Peter was young, no fortune, no prospects but he was very clever. He learnt quickly, they both worked together well. My mother was happy for us to be married once she knew him. They saved a lot of lives before they were taken." Her voice wavered a little, I wondered if I should press this subject.

"They both died this winter?" I asked and she just nodded. "So you are alone up here, there is nowhere else for you?"

"My mother's sister and her husband have been very kind. I stayed with them until the weather improved. Their home has a lot of sad memories for me and they have three children, so it's busier than I am used to. My uncle allowed me to live up here this summer, I will have to return to the village when the weather changes."

I supposed her Uncle was the head of her family now, he would make the decisions about where she would live and work, I assumed he'd arrange a second marriage for her too. Whether she would have a say in that matter depended upon him.

Personally I realised how lucky I was to find her, very few girls her age lived alone. I had the opportunity to be with her this summer, there was no rush. I was sure the first time with her would be worth waiting for.

I returned our conversation to easier matters until she seemed too sleepy to talk. It was time for me to leave, but I made a mistake. To help her stand, I offered her my hand rather than my clothed arm.

"You're so cold!"

This had happened before. I was used to humans stepping back in fright, not because they thought I was a monster, but because they thought I was sick. Sickness was a greater killer than monsters these days. I waited for Beth to react in the same way, but she did not.

"Eric, are you well?" Her voice was full of concern. I was so surprised at her reaction that I stood still as she reached up to touch my forehead.

"I am well."

She ignored my words, scowling in thought as she touched my cheek.

I needed to say something. "People have said similar things before, I do not know why. Maybe I'm cooler because I'm from further North?"

She looked a little sceptical, hardly surprising considering my excuse. I could tell that I was saying didn't seem right to her, but body temperatures were not known about then, she couldn't disagree with me. She added, "You're pale too."

"So are you." She had touched my face, so I touched hers. The softest of touches, I brushed the back of my finger against her pale cheek. It was the perfect distraction. Flustered now, she stepped back from me, fortunately not straight onto her fire. Colour flushed to her face, I just managed to keep my fangs under control, my cock, however was a great deal harder to control.

Her eyes were on my face, I could have glamoured her and taken her then but no. She certainly desired me, I wanted her to voice that desire. I left. I believe I left both of us frustrated.


I did not go far. I paced the woods close to her little home, thinking that returning and fucking the girl was a better option than leaving her.

I thought she was sleeping but heard a noise that I didn't expect. A small sigh.

I moved closer to her hut. Listening intently.

An exhaled breath. The movement of her body on a mattress of straw.

Was she doing what I thought she was doing?

Another sound that that most certainly could have been eager fingers in a slick pussy.

I stood listening to her, with my jaw dropped like a fool. Listening to this intimate moment.

Was she thinking of me? Inwardly I cursed that I could not get to her, I had never been invited into her home and this was not the time to go knocking on her non-existent door.

I did the only thing I could. My cock would have to accept my hand as a substitute for her. Not ideal but certainly a release. I was careful to stay quiet. I came just as I heard her gasp reach a climax.

I stayed silent, listening to her move and settle into her sleep. I heard her say just one word. "Comfort."



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