I wanted to try writing something that wasn't Vocaloid for a change, and this is what I ended up with haha! It was supposed to be a one-shot, but with the way it's rolling right now, it'll be a few chapter's long, and it also happens to be boy love themed =w= Nothing explicit or anything! The highest rating that I'm allowing is T.

Disclaimer: I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn, nor any of the characters. Rights go to Akira Amano. I do, however, own Shaarusu and myself of course haha! And the book title; i made it myself =w=

From Fiction to Real Life

by Shaariin13


[Do you have someone you like? Someone whom you want to be with so much it hurts like a physical blow in your chest? Well, I do. But I can't have her. Why, you ask? Simple: she doesn't exist...]

~Yamamoto's PoV~

"Having a hard time, Yamamoto-kun?"

I looked up from the hardbound in front of me to see the kind face of our English teacher, Shaarusu-sensei. My lips stretched to a bright grin. "Ahaha, hardly," I said.

He chuckled good-naturedly. "Really?" he asked. "You're the very first in all my classes to tell me that."

"You're sister's a pretty good writer," I complimented. He smiled at that.

"I'll tell her that," he stated and patted my arm. "Thanks, Yamamoto-kun."

"You're welcome, Sensei," I answered, and he passed on to check on the rest of my classmates.

It was English, last period before lunch. We were reading this book entitled 'Of Bombs and Swords' written by Shaarusu-sensei's twin sister, Shaariin*. It was about a secret agent named Aya Hurricane, her missions and misadventures with her fellow agent: sword-wielding Yamato Keshiro (which is oddly close to my name, Yamamoto Takeshi). Shaarusu-sensei wanted to introduce us to international literature, so he got his sister's book translated to Japanese and started us on that.

I turned my concentration back on the paragraph I was reading. It was near the end of the book, and I was ahead all of my classmates, which surprised me very much. Aya and Keshiro were defeated by a swordsman named Shark, and were now recuperating in a hospital. Aya was more or less fine, while Keshiro was critical.

"Don't you dare leave me, you idiot!" she hissed, grasping Keshiro's uninjured hand. Aya noted it was the only part of her partner's body that seemed to be free of bruises, scratches or bandages. It brought more tears rushing to her eyes, and she fought valiantly to keep them from spilling.

"You promised me, Kesh! You promised you'll always be there for me, holding my hand, helping me through." Her eyesight blurred and tears fell from her eyes in torrents.

I felt my heart squeeze. It was embarrassing to admit, but I fell in love with Aya Hurricane. Sounds pathetic, right? I even got jealous when Keshiro confessed to her one time when they had to separate for their safety. I mean, who wouldn't? She was beautiful: flowing, long silver hair, flashing green eyes and fair, flawless skin (the cover art helped my imagination). It wasn't only because of her looks. Her loyalty to her boss and friends was unwavering, the will to go and prove everyone wrong to judge her admirable, and the fiery temper adding spice to her personality which matched her weapon of choice: explosives.

I guess it was a consolation that she fell in love with a Japanese guy like I am, and the fact that Keshiro, in the cover art, looked eerily like me, with raven-hair and chocolate brown eyes (this book is doing my vocabulary wonders!)

It seemed only a few moments passed since I got out my book when the bell rang, signalling lunch.

"Okay, guys, time for lunch!" Shaarusu-sensei called from in front. "I expect everyone will be finished with at least half of their book by tomorrow, okay?"

"Yes, Sensei," our class collectively answers.

"Good," he smiles. "Happy lunch, everyone."

"Rise!" the class monitor calls out, and we follow. "Bow!"

Shaarusu-sensei inclines his head in acknowledgement then leaves the room, still smiling.

The class then starts with an uproar, with chairs scraping, students talking, and bags rustling as lunchboxes were brought out.

"Yo, Takeshi!" someone called out, and a few moments later, my friends from the baseball team, Toshirou, Jin and Kyou were sitting in front of me

"Hey," I grinned. My bentou was already out, and I was trying to punch in the straw on my milk box.

"Man, I barely understood anything from that story," Toshirou complained when we were eating.

"You meant this?" I asked him, mouth full of sushi and gesturing to my copy of 'Of Bombs and Swords' that I hadn't manage to put back in my bag. He nodded.

"If it's any consolation," Kyou piped in, "I didn't either."

"Me, too; I'm not even in the middle." Jin agreed. "What about you, Takeshi?"

I shrugged. "Almost finished it, actually."

Their jaws dropped, bemused expressions painted on their faces. I laughed.

"What? It's a good read," I reasoned. "Sensei's sister did a good job, considering it was her first work ever published."

They stared at me a great deal more, before- "Who are you and what did you do to our Takeshi?" They were holding their chopsticks like they would their baseball bats, trying to threaten me, but the humor were clear in their eyes. I simply laughed, like I always did.


~Gokudera's PoV~

"Tch, can't this damned taxi go any faster?" I hissed under my breath. I took a deep drag from my cigarette and blew the smoke out the open window. I wanted to be in Namimori already; wanted to find this... Sawada Tsunayoshi and see if he deserves to be the Vongola Decimo.

A few minutes more and the taxi stopped. "Here we are: Namimori Prefecture," the driver announced.

"Finally." I got out of the suffocating vehicle after handing the old man a roll of bills and muttered a faint "Thanks."

I walked around. This place was a far cry from Italy: narrow roads, houses divided by walls and made up mostly of wood. At least it was clean; fresh even, with trees and plants on every property. I think there was even a pond in one of the front yards.

"Well, better start looking for my apartment," I mumbled as I lighted a new cigarette. I had a feeling it would be long day.


"Tch, damned, hard-to-find complex..." I grumbled as I slumped on my couch. I had a hard time locating the apartment complex I had contacted before arriving to Japan, and my jet lag got me tired out. Good thing the stupid apartment's already fully-furnished.

I reached for the cigarette pack in my pocket. Hmm... Only two sticks left. I shrugged. "Meh, I'll save these for tomorrow morning." I didn't want to trudge around in the dark to find a convenience store; maybe I'll pass by one on my way to school.

"Huh, school," I scoffed, staring at the Namimori Middle uniform hanging on my closet door. The memories of my last days in Italy came to my mind...

"Why do I have to attend school, anyways?" I asked the superior who was briefing me.

He sighed, like he was talking to an annoying, redundant five-year old. "Because the Decimo candidate, Tsunayoshi Sawada, attends school."

I shook my head. "Whatever." With that, I turned around in my bed and tried to get some sleep.


~Yamamoto's PoV~

"Good morning, class!" Shaarusu-sensei strode into the classroom early next morning.

"Eh? Shaarusu-sensei, what are you doing here at this hour?" Kyoko, a classmate of mine, asked.

"Oh, well, Minami-sensei had an emergency to attend to," Shaarusu-sensei explained. "It was all quite sudden; she called me last night to ask if I could inform the school she was taking a leave of absence, and if I could take over her History classes for her."

Talk started to break out, almost everyone making guesses why Minami-sensei left in a rush. I said almost, since I wasn't included. I was determined to finish 'Of Bombs and Swords', not because it was school work, but because I wanted to know if Aya would be happy in the end.

The door opened, and everyone around me gasped. That should have gotten my attention, but I was so engrossed in reading I didn't even bother to glance up. I faintly heard a scratching on the board, indicating writing, and I finally looked up, curious why it was suddenly so quiet. My jaw dropped and the book fell from my hands and landed with a soft thud on my desk.

There, in front, stood Aya Hurricane in all her tangible glory. But... it can't be. This person had chin length hair and was wearing the boys' school uniform. This person was a guy.

"Now, class, settle down," Sensei appeased. "We have a new transfer student who was studying overseas from Italy. Gokudera Hayato."

My classmates started murmuring nonsense. But my eyes were transfixed in front. The vision ruffled his fringe to expose his pierced ears and ringed fingers. He shifted slightly, and the sun glinted from the buckles of his two belts, crisscrossing on his slender hips.

His emerald eyes rested briefly to my face, and my heart did a little flutter. Oh, man. I am so screwed.

* yes, that is moi. Shaarusu is actually my genderbend's name (you can call him Ru-kun :DD), and he doubles as my twin brother

Yeah, so, there's a lot that i made up here, and I won't be following the manga faithfully, since I'm going to alter a few things to fit into the story, but it wouldn't be a bother... I just hope this won't end up going into hiatus like my first series =w= Constructive criticism helps me in improving, but any kind of review would be appreciated! Hope you enjoyed :DD