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From Fiction to Real Life

by Shaariin13


~Third Person PoV~

"How're you feeling, Takeshi?"

Said Guardian turned from his warm cocoon of blankets on their California King to the bedroom door where his husband was standing: pianist fingers loosening the constricting tie, the Armani jacket on a hook on the door, feet out of the expensive Tanino Crisci's and free in woolen socks.

"Okaeri, Haya—choo!" Yamamoto rubbed at his nose and sniffed. "Scusa," he mumbled.

"Well… That answered my question," the silverette commented. "Eaten anything yet?"

The bed-ridden man shook his head. "Not really."

"I'll go make dinner, then," Gokudera said after he had changed out of his red collared dress shirt into a faded black wife beater. "Soup sound good?"

A nod was his answer.

He went out of the master bedroom and down to the kitchen, all the while mentally checking if they have enough ingredients for chicken macaroni soup.

He checked the cardboards and decided that some garlic sticks are in order. Nodding to himself, the feared Vongola Tenth Generation Storm Guardian and Right- Hand Man to Vongola Decimo went about to cook dinner for himself and his sick husband.

'Tch, husband my ass; more like charge,' he mentally scoffed as he splashed some olive oil in a baking dish with slices of bread and spices before putting it in the preheated oven.

Half an hour later, he was setting down a tray on their bed and helped a sick Yamamoto up.

"Geez, just last week it was me who had the flu," the silverette commented as he handed a smoking bowl of soup to the raven. "And now you. This just disproved the saying 'Idiots don't get sick' y'know."

"I just hope it's not that MP3-something that's spreading worldwide,*" Yamamoto commented off-handedly. He took a spoonful of the thick soup and sighed happily. He didn't notice his husband staring frozen beside him.

Two months later

"Well, will you look at that? Congratulations, Hayato," Shamal leered at his former student. "Your little Sparrow's one month pregnant. You're a father now."

All Gokudera could do was stare at Yamamoto who was sitting across from him, a sheepish expression on his face. "Well, it seems like I really did get the Uke Flu that time."

*MP3REG36 (commonly known as the 'Uke Flu') – taken from Cerberus Revised'sJunjou Romantica Fanfic "The Uke Flu". Rights belong to Cerberus Revised. The original story is moved to your fanfiction dot com (remove the spaces and replace the dot) under the same title and author. I advise you guys to read that. It is AWESOME with a capital O (OOOOOOHHHHZUUUUUMMMMMMEEEEEE E) and GENIUS with a capital J (JIIIIIIIINNNNYYYUUUUUUUUUSSS SSSSSSS)

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