My vision began to swim as I realised my chances of getting to the surface decreased.

I knew I only had seconds more before I ran out of breath.

Dark patches appeared across my vision, and I knew my time was running out.

I had one last attempt to struggle to the surface, so I forced my arms to pull through the water, forced my legs to kick me as hard as they could up.

Or was that down?
Everything was so dark.
I really needed air, but I couldn't get to the surface.
There was nothing I could do.

My eyes were about to close completely when I felt something take hold of my backpack, taking some weight off my shoulders.

Searching blindly in the water for the source of my rescue, I felt an arm slide around my back, pulling me back to the surface.

I wasn't going to make it in time. There wasn't enough oxygen left in my lungs.

But then we broke the surface of the water, and I let my lungs fill with beautiful, fresh oxygen.

Exhausted, I let Trevor pull me towards the edge of the water, onto dry ground.
"My backpack was too heavy," I said by way of explanation, both to myself and to Trevor and Sean.

Still short of breath and exhausted, I felt my backpack lifted completely off my shoulders, and I turned, dragging myself higher up the rocky ground, collapsing into a coughing, sodden heap.

I felt Trevor to one side of me, and his skin was the warmest thing I had felt in a long time. I automatically moved towards him slightly, hoping that the warmth of his skin could warm mine up – I was beginning to fear I'd gotten hypothermia from the water.

After a few moments, I managed to piece together a few words.
"Thank you."
"So where's that put us now?" Trevor asked, panting almost as hard as I was. I laughed at the fact he could still try to be funny at this point in time.
"Back to one." We both laughed briefly, and looked up to the ceiling.

"Where are we?" Sean asked.

Staring at the ceiling, I watched as the lights danced around. It was an amazing sight; words simply fail to describe the beauty of the moment. Peering over my shoulder to see Trevor's reaction to the sight, I smiled when I realised that he had saved my life in more ways then one, and I would forever be in his debt.

And it didn't even bother me.