Character(s): Bonnie Bennett, Elijah Mikaelson
Warning(s): spoilers for season three.
Note(s): I'm still upset over the lack of any Bonnie in 3x14. She is the reason Esther is free, surely that warrants her an invitation to their ball? This is the confrontation that should have happened at the ball with everybody's favourite Original.

Elijah was making his way to his brothers, to ensure that everything was under control, when he felt it - an undercurrent of power, accompanied by the smell of the woods, cinnamon and a little vanilla. He closed his eyes and took an unnecessary breath in, letting the scent envelop him. Bonnie Bennett.

He turned, hoping to spot her through the crowds in his foyer. Not for the first time that night he wished his mother had not insisted on throwing a ball, but this time it was not because of how much he did not wish to play nice and keep his brothers from attacking the innocents of the town, but because the amount of people in the house made it that much harder to find the witch.

There, his eyes fell on bare caramel shoulders, skin he was sure was as soft as it looked. Elijah had no qualms in admitting that the witch was as beautiful as she was strong, and the gown she wore, a rich green that complimented her eyes, only served to emphasise that. He kept his eyes on her, and let his lips curl upwards when he noticed her stiffen, knowing she had realized she was being watched. He felt her magic reach out as she turned and scanned the crowd.

Bonnie's eyes landed on him, and her jaw tightened. Elijah took two glasses of champagne from a passing waiter and began to make his way over to the girl. He knew she would stay where she stood, this conversation, this confrontation, would have to take place, and she would want to get it over with.

"Miss Bennett," he greeted softly, holding a glass out to her.

She took it, if only not to appear ungracious to the people around them. "Mr. Mikaelson," she acknowledged. Her sharp eyes flashed to his face. "Was there anything you wanted?"

"Are you enjoying yourself?" Bonnie looked at him incredulously, and he smirked.

"I was," she twisted her lips upwards into a mocking smile, "until a minute ago."

He had to incline his head at that. She had delivered the jab with such a sweet tone that anyone would think they were having a friendly conversation, not exchanging barbs. "We must talk, Bonnie."

"There's nothing to say," she raised her eyebrow. "I believe your actions spoke for themselves."

The witch turned to go and before he could stop himself, he held her arm. The jolt he felt had nothing to do with her magic, and her wide eyes told him she had felt it too. He hastily let her go before she would give in to the anger brewing in her eyes and burn him in front of the guests. "I'm not trying to apologise."

"I didn't think you would," she interjected.

"But," he continued as if she had not spoken. "I would like to assure you that my mother is not lying," he tried to convey his sincerity. "We will live in peace, that is all we want. Our family, living together, after all this time."

Bonnie crossed her arms across her chest. "And I'm just supposed to believe that? Believe that the Original vampire family wants nothing more than to play at happy families?"

Her disbelief was warranted. Elijah looked at her, locking his eyes with hers, to try and express the truth of his sentiments. "I give you my word."

She scoffed, and her eyes flashed dangerously. "Your word doesn't mean much anymore." She took a few steps back, having only just become aware, and making him aware too, of just how close they had been standing. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have other places to be." She nodded jerkily once and turned. This time Elijah did not stop her.

The Original vampire watched the witch weed herself through the people, her green dress billowing behind her slightly. He had to make her believe that he spoke the truth. His eyes tracked her movement as she finally came to a halt in front of the doppelganger and the younger Salvatore brother. She tossed a look over her shoulder, and her eyes caught his. The air sizzled between them, and he was only able to tear his gaze away from her after her friends had called her attention.

Elijah needed her to believe him, he discovered, not just because it would be good to have her on their side, but because he could not bear the look in her eyes when she looked at him.