Hey Guys -

I am so sorry I haven't uploaded in so long! I completely forgot I was going on holiday during Easter, and therefore I wouldn't be able to update. But, I WILL be posting a new chapter, hopefully by Friday at the latest, though I'll try to get it out earlier during the week.

I'll try to make the chapter extra long as well, to make up for the lack of uploads.

Thanks SO much for your patience. I love you guys.

-Renesmee27 xoxo

*EDIT* (21.04.2013)

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I won't be able to update for a while, maybe a couple of weeks. I will be updating, just not for a little while. At the moment, I have no intentions of stopping this story. But, I have to deal with some issues that have arisen. Once again, thank you for your amazing patience.

-Renesmee27 xoxo