Chapter 8

"Have a nice day"

"What do you want Katherine?"

Elena was tired, cranky and irritated. She was woken up by Katherine knocking on her bed room door past midnight, decided that she would just saunter in her room and started her mouse and cat routine, riling Elena up.

"Oh my God, you sound just like him." Katherine put the perfume bottle down on Elena's vanity before walking over and plopped down next to her on her bed.

"Does Stefan know you're here?" Elena asked, annoyed.

"Aren't you supposed to worry about whether I met Damon or not? Or have you switched Salvatore again?" Katherine grinned

"What do you want?" Elena huffed, suddenly felt a strong possessiveness washed over her hearing Katherine mentioning Damon.

"Since we're sisters, I came to gush about boys. Isn't that what sisters do?" Katherine cocked her head aside.

"Cut the taunting craps. Why are you here?" Elena's voice hardened. Katherine had the nerves to come back and act like nothing had happened. Her attitude stayed intact, no remorse, no regrets whatsoever.

"Oh my. Getting aggressive are we? I can tell Damon has rubbed off on you a little." Katherine narrowed her eyes. "I made up my mind. I want Damon back."

"He was never yours." Elena tightened her jaws.

Katherine tipped her head back and laughed. Her wicked laughter sent chills down Elena's spine.

"It's always so nice to take something with someone pulling on the other end, Elena." She chuckled once she stopped laughing. "It's fun."

"Do you even listen to yourself? What about Stefan?" Elena fumed.

"You seem to care for Stefan a lot, don't you?" Katherine placed a finger on her pouty lips. "It's alright. We can swap for a change." She winked.

"You're out of your freaking mind!" Elena's eyes widened. "How could you say that? How could you do such thing to Stefan?"

"Again with worrying about Stefan." Katherine pursed her lips. "Does Damon know about your obsession with his brother?"

"Stay away from Damon." The words were out of her mouth before Elena knew it.

Katherine laughed again, harder, more wicked, more vicious.

"Is that a challenge?" Katherine giggled.

"I've seen what you've done to Stefan. I won't let you screw Damon up, too." Elena bit back.

"Oh. I already screwed them both. Hard." Katherine snickered and Elena saw red. She lied to herself, lied to Damon about her real feelings about knowing their affair. She was infuriated, jealous, insecure and sad even, especially since she started being with Damon. The thought of Katherine sleeping with him sickened her. "I had Damon and he was good." Katherine purred, enjoying it when Elena whipped her head up and glared angrily at her. "Or can you tell it yourself by now?"

Elena blinked and Katherine perked up like a shark sensing blood in the water.

"You haven't slept with him?" Katherine's mouth twisted in a thin amusing line.

Elena fought the urge to shout in Katherine's face. It's none of your god damn business.

"Maybe you just don't do it for him." Katherine shook her head, dragged her eyes downwards Elena's body. "I know we look alike, but you're really as bored as a post." She looked up into her eyes again. "No offense." She smiled.

"You don't know anything …"

"At least I know that there was a time when he couldn't get his hands off me." Katherine smirked at the sullen look on her sister's face.

"Get out of my room." Elena grunted.

Katherine smiled, lazily got up from the bed. She paused at Elena's door, turned around and grinned.

"Enjoy your 7 minutes in paradise with Damon, sister. Might not last long."

Elena stared at the closed door, totally awake. She was a mess of conflicting emotion. As much as she didn't want to, Katherine made her second-guess her relationship with Damon. She had never asked him more about his 'thing' with Katherine. The truth was she didn't want to hear it. He seemed uncomfortable talking about it too, so she didn't want to dwell. They were busy bathing in the happy bubble of their new connection together. But now, she lied with a horrible, horrible idea that maybe Damon had a thing for Katherine too. And sex? Actually it was Elena that wanted to take things slow. Everything with Damon came with such force. He was like magnet to her. She couldn't control her emotion or even her own body around him. Everything about him was thrilling, exciting, overwhelming and scaring her at the same time. She had never felt like it any time before. She couldn't resist or control over her feelings towards him. She was willingly to put all of his past, his whoring around (as Caroline had so kindly put it), his mayhem with his brother and Katherine and everything behind for no reasons. She realized she was head over heels with him the moment he kissed her that starry night on the cliff. And it was terrifying and addicting at the same time, the feelings he gave her. He was her drugs. After her father's death, Elena was lost. She felt alone, like she had confessed to Stefan a long time ago. She was then abandoned, unwanted by her mother, her sister. Alone and lack of the things she used to have. Damon made her feel like she had him. And whenever she was with him, she forgot, she forgot about her loss, her emptiness. When she was with him, she became a love-struck fool that was consumed by him and only him, not a trail of trouble in her mind when he was around. And she was scared that he would one day stop wanting her. So she was afraid to give all herself to him. She was afraid he would get up and leave like everyone else she loved in her life when she was already in too deep.

Elena felt uneasy and troubled. And she missed him. She was the one to come up with the idea of them sleeping in their own bedrooms. She knew why, she wouldn't last a minute with her battle of not having sex with him if they shared a room. But she missed him now, needed him, really bad. Before she knew it, her feet had carried her to his door. She stealthily turned the knob, relived to see it was unlocked. She snuck through the open crack and closed it behind her before tip-toing to his bed. He was sleeping soundly, sprawled on his bed half-naked on his side. She lifted the cover up and gentle slid in, nestled herself into the crook of his out-stretched arm and torso.

Damon tensed when her weight shifted the bed.

"Sorry." She turned around and gave up trying to be sneaky. "I didn't want to wake you." She said apologetically, rubbing his arm as he was still stiff and alarmed.

"Elena?" He frowned sleepily before grinning. "If you're thinking what I'm thinking then I won't really mind being waken up…"

He relaxed, curled his arms and took her in closer, nuzzled his nose into her hair and inhaled. His familiar scent wrapped around her along with his strong arms and she clung to him tighter.

"What's wrong?" He frowned again, pulling his face back and gazed at her.

She thought to herself that she would never get used to the tenderness and gentle look in his eyes when he looked at her. It made her knees weak and her heart flutter. She ran her fingers into his messy hair and smoothed them down.

"Nothing. I just missed you." She smiled shyly.

"Not my fault you kicked me out of your room earlier." He relaxed again and turned his face to kiss her wrist.

"You always smell so good." She smiled. His scent was even stronger from his bed, sexier, headier to her.

"I can say the same thing to you, missy." He murmured, dipped his head and nuzzled his nose to her throat.

She giggled when his stubble tickled her and finally relaxed her body.

"Are you sure nothing's wrong?" He looked up at her, brushing her hair from her face.

For some reasons, she didn't want to talk about Katherine with him. She didn't want to talk about her, or Stefan for any of that matter. Right at that moment, she didn't want anyone else to get in between her and Damon. Right at that moment, she wanted to be selfish for once and just forget about everything and everyone.

"Is anything wrong with me wanting to cuddle with my boyfriend to sleep?" She raised an eyebrow but her cheeks were flaming, snaking her arms around his body.

Damon's eyes widened with surprised amusement at her words, unexpected. But then again, she was always full of surprises.

"No. I don't think so." He purred, grazing her leg with his, pulling her body closer to him. She pressed her cheek to his chest and tightened her arms around him.

They lied together for a long while just in silence and each other's comfort. Damon felt a slight déjà vu as he recalled the night he held her for the first time in her bed when she was drunk and asked him to stay. A fleeting smile played on his lips and he pressed them against her forehead. He shifted a little to make sure his arousal didn't press into her. They were having a cute, sweet moment and he didn't want to ruin it. She set the boundaries and she would have to be the one to cross them. He held back the urge to chuckle. Of all the craziest, wildest amount of sex he had had, now he couldn't have it when he wanted it the most with the girl he craved. Life had a way to fuck with him clearly. He eased out of her grip a little and Elena instinctively pulled him back. He smiled in her hair again.

"Oh you're gonna be the death of me." He chuckled softly, kissing her hair.

She mumbled something under her breath, clearly half way asleep already. He could tell she came to him for comfort but he couldn't figure out what was bothering her. He only hoped it was nothing to do with his brother.

"I love you, Damon."

The world stilled, his heart missed a beat. It was a murmur in her sleep, almost inaudible and lost against his chest. But he heard it.

I love you, Damon.

He pulled back and gazed down at her. Her eyes closed and a small crease formed between her brows as her arms slipped off of his body.

"no...Damon…" She whined and murmured some more incomprehensive words.

She was sleep talking! He almost laughed. He felt like laughing. He felt like shaking her to wake her up. He could hear his heart sprung back to life and pounding loudly in his ears. He felt like kissing her and make wild love to her right now. He felt like laughing again.

I love you, Damon.

She was sleep-talking! He let out a short laugh before he held it back again. His whole body was shaking. He felt like he was gonna explode. It was hysterical. Was it the normal way to react when hearing your girlfriend confessed she loved you? He would never know.

He placed urgent kisses on the corner of her lips. She frowned softly, murmured some more but reaching out for him. He took her into his arms again, still grinning like a fool.

"Go away…" Elena murmured when something ticklish kept stroking at her cheek. "Stop it! " She swatted her hand at the offending object and finally opened her eyes, ready to shout.

She was greeted with the bluest pair of eyes and a wide grin of Damon. He was beaming, looking ridiculously handsome in the morning light with his hair sticking in all direction, his torso bare, propping on his elbow next to her.

"Wake up sleep-talking beauty!" He placed a lousy kiss on her forehead before swept the tip of a lock of her hair across her cheek again.

"No. It's Saturday." She tried to look angry and swatted him away but his boyish smile was contagious so she ended up pouting. "Wait… sleep-talking?" She panicked. She knew she sleep-talked. Oh my God, what did she say.

He just kept grinning at her and she blushed. He looked like he was enjoying his own private joke.

"Did I say anything embarrassing?" She closed her eyes and prayed.

"A few… Who's Jeremy?" He quirked a brow at her.

"Childhood friend." She blushed into a deeper tone of red. Holy cow. Why did she talk about Jeremy?

"Uh oh. Are you sure he was just a childhood friend?" Damon narrowed his eyes. "Do I need to be jealous?"

"Keep your hair on, Salvatore. He's married now." She glared at him. What else did she say in her god damn sleep. "What else did I say?"

"But you dreamt about him." Damon pursed his lips dramatically and she couldn't help her smile.

"I practically grew up with him. His house was next door. We went to school together since kindergarten." She rolled her eyes. "He was almost a brother. His mom made the best pies" She looked dreamily for a moment as she recalled the memories. "He moved away after he got married… just a year before my dad …" She trailed off. She remembered. She did dream about home, about a happier time when her life was without loss.

"Hey." Damon's grin dropped as he tipped her chin up and brushed his lips on hers.

"What else did I say?" She glared up at him, using her best pouty look.

"Nothing." His returned grin told her otherwise. She narrowed her eyes at him.

"Get up!" He grinned, ignored her glare, leaned in and placed kisses all over her face.

She broke into a ball of giggles when he poked his fingers into her sides.

"You're in a good mood." She managed to speak between laughter.

"I want to take you to somewhere today. But if you don't get your ass up now, we'll be late!" He said but hovering above her, pressing her into the bed with his weight.

"I'd rather stay in here all day." She pouted, hooking her arms around his neck. She really preferred staying in his room, refusing to face the world out there, especially now that Katherine was wandering in it.

"Elena." He shot her a warning glare.

"What?" She asked innocently. She wanted to kiss him but she didn't want to ick him with morning breath. Damon's eyes darkened as he leaned down to her. Elena swallowed. Screw morning breath. He got close to her lips and she shivered, lost in his blue eyes, overwhelmed by his beauty. Funny how after all this time, he still had this effect on her full swing.

He grinned when he saw lust in her eyes, her breath shortened.

"Get-your-ass-up." And he broke off her hold after planting another kiss on her needing lips.

After having a shower and getting dressed, Elena perched on one of the tool in the kitchen, watching Damon moving around the making breakfast with a smile on her face. Katherine was nowhere in sight. It was still early in the morning and she hoped Katherine stayed MIA until she and Damon got out of the house.

She snickered when Damon placed a kiss on her cheek when he passed by where she sat to get to the sink.

"Someone's really in a good mood today." She teased. "You must have a really good sleep."

"Actually I didn't sleep at all, after you jumped into my bed." He waggled his eye-brows. Typical Damon. Just had to throw the innuendo in there.

"Why?" She was confused. She hoped it was not because she interrupted his sleep.

"To watch you." He bit his lips and that knowing grin was on his face again. It was like he was having an insight joke with himself.

"That's creepy." She quipped.

He just grinned. And she smiled along. His happy mood was contagious or maybe if he was happy, she would be too. She watched him moving gracefully around the kitchen, gathering the ingredients, occasionally flipping things in the pan. His hair damp from the shower, his face clean shaved and flushed at his cheeks, his muscular lean torso contorted under his black fitted T-shirt, his blue eyes bright and a smile tugged on the corner of his rosy lips.

"Don't ogle. You're distracting me." He waggled a finger at her but she could tell he was pleased with her attention.

"Yes Chef!" She grinned. She could get used to this, she could have every mornings like this for as long as she could.

"It smells so good!" Her mouth was watering when the aroma of the food started to fill the air. "I never imagined you cook."

"Why? Does my extraordinary good look give off the vibe?" He made that dance with his brows and she giggled.

He was in front of her in an instant. "Stop giggling. Or I'll take you back to my room."

"And do what?" She felt the heat on her cheeks, her fingers tugging at the hem of his shirt. Gosh he smelled so good, fresh of body wash and something him.

Damon's eyes widened a little that she flirted back and even a little suggestive.

"Oh no." He narrowed his eyes and tapped a finger on her nose. "You need breakfast, it'll be a long drive." And he got back to the stoves after swiftly kissing her on the lips.

"How did you learn to cook?" She smiled again. From bad boy with bad-temper and trashy taste in flings to sweet boyfriend who made her breakfasts. Every day it seemed she learnt a new side of him and she loved all of it. Even his snarky, snappy alter ego if she could call it that.

"When I was little, my mom would keep me next to her in the kitchen while she cooked, so that my father can't beat me." He said without turning around to look at her.

"He beat you a lot?" Her jaw dropped. "Why would he?"

"Stefan cried. Stefan fell off the swing. Stefan dropped his ice-cream. Or I just happened to walk by when he as in a bad mood." He turned around and shot her a smirk, a more familiar look of a smile that didn't reach his eyes. "Things like that."

She didn't know what to do. She just simply got behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"I was a hard-headed and disobey kid. Prefered roaming the neighborhood, exploring my neighbor's backyards than reading books or playing violin. Not like Stefan." He added the last bit. "My father wasn't exactly fond of a wild child, one that he couldn't control. I'm not his favorite, so to speak. Actually I think I'm only my mom's favorite."

"You're my favorite!" She murmured against his back.

He turned around and raised his brow at her. "Of the Salvatore boys?"

"Of all boys." She rolled her eyes and got on her tip-toes to kiss him.

He returned her kiss immediately, moving his lips gently against her before he changed it into something hotter, needier. He ran his hands through her hair and held the back of her neck, tipping her face up to him and placed his other hand on her hip to pull her flushed against his body. His fingers curled around her hair and tugged. She gasped, feeling the tingles roaming her body and the fire in the pit of her stomach crackling. He dipped his tongue into her mouth and languidly explored her, tasted her, inviting yet dominating as always. All too soon, he pulled away and turned to his stove.

"You're good at distraction, Gilbert." He grinned over his shoulder and winked at her.

She bit her lips, feeling giddy inside. He was playful Damon today, but she got that edgy, sexy part of him in the kiss. She didn't know what put him in such good mood. She hoped it stayed.

They finished breakfast a little while later, interrupted because of several spontaneous making out session. Damon went to get his car out of the garage while Elena hopped up the stairs to get her jacket. She almost bumped into a groggy Stefan on the landing.

"Morning Stefan!" She beamed, Damon's sunshine had gotten to her too.

"Hey…" Stefan looked confused and, frankly bad.

She frowned at his pale face, dark circles under his eyes, greasy hair, wrinkly clothes and he smelled like hangover.

"Are you ok?" She frowned.

"Elena …" He looked up to meet her eyes and she saw something strange in his gaze. Something like panic, guilt and confusion all at one. "No. You can't… I just had a really weird dream. And definitely a really bad hangover." He rubbed his face.

"There's orange juice in the fridge. Go have some." She sighed. How long would Stefan go on drinking and looking like a mess over Katherine. Speaking of… did he know about her being here? Elena bit her lips. She checked Katherine's room on her way to get the jacket. She wasn't there.

"Yeah." Stefan looked back at her, still in a really strange way.

"I have to go now." She felt bad looking at him all unkempt and broken like this. She remembered the neat, polite, reserved and gentle version of him when she first moved in. Had Katherine seen what she had done? "You'll be ok?"

"Yeah… I'm fine." Stefan shook his head slightly.

Elena gave him a tight smile, patted his shoulder and started walking down stairs again.

"Elena?" Stefan called after her.

"Yes?" She turned around, waiting.

"Did … were you in my room last night?" He swallowed, looking uncomfortable.

"Last night?" She frowned. "Of course I was." Of course she was in his room last night. She took his laundry for him and called him. Stefan slurred back to her asking her to put it in his room. "You were too drunk to remember right?" She shook her head disapprovingly.

"Yes. I was … really drunk." Stefan looked like he was gonna faint. "Elena…"

"Stefan I really got to go." Elena looked at the text Damon just sent her. "I'll talk to you later ok?"

"Yeah. We'll talk." Stefan swallowed.

"Please promise me you won't drink any more for today." She sighed.


As she leaped out of the door, seeing the blue Camaro and the handsome stud clad in black leather jacket waiting for her with his boyish grin. Stefan, Katherine and all troubles stayed in the house behind her. She grinned back and hopped in the car, reaching over and demanded a kiss.

"Ready?" He asked when she pulled away.

"Step on it!" She buckled her seat belts as he pulled the car into the road.

She didn't need to know where they were going. She believed as long as he took her with him, she'd be good.

Stefan stood on the landing still. She was in his room. It was not one of his dream. He had sex with Elena. Did he force her into it in his drunken mind? She didn't look like she was upset. Was she drunk too? Because clearly she and Damon had something. He wasn't blind. He could see the way they were around each other. He panicked that Elena might fall for Damon and he had asked her not to. But still he could see the attraction, connection or whatever between them. But what was terrifying to him was that part of him was glad it was not a dream. He had found Elena attractive. He had wanted her attention and companion all along. He wanted her off of Damon. He felt waves of guilt washed over him as he thought of Katherine. He made a scene when she told him the truth about her attraction to his brother. Yet he slept with her sister, just after a few weeks that she left. Drunk or not, he had found her sister sexually attractive and even attempted to kiss Elena once. He was no good than Damon or Katherine. Who was he to judge when he was the same?

When Katherine saw Stefan's name flashing on her phone's screen. She fumed with victory.

"Stefan." She purred into the phone.

"Kat." Stefan sounded broken and lost. "Kat, can you come back to the house, please? I need to talk."

"What's wrong, Stefan?" She faked smoothly a sincere concern into her sweet voice.

"Katherine, I was wrong. What happened between you and Damon. It was in the past, I shouldn't have… but when you said you loved him too, I lost it. I …I'm… I want to see you. Can you come back to the house and talk to me please?" Stefan stuttered.

"Of course. I'm coming." She hung up.

She ordered another margarita, spared the bartender another pant-dropping smoldering smile. She needed some celebration, because her plan had started to fall into places.

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