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We decided to wait until morning to properly discuss what I'd seen, and maybe even tell the Guardians. Spyro slept soundlessly next to me for the rest of the night, his head resting on my paws, while Sparx lay sprawled atop his curved horns. I couldn't fall asleep. I didn't want to, if it meant the chance of seeing that face again.

Instead I spent my night watching the fireflies from earlier, dancing around eachother in a way that looked almost rehearsed. It was beautiful, and for a moment it took my mind away from the amalgram of fear and guilty curiosity that held it captive.

When dawn poked itself out of its slumber, and started reaching over the mountains in the distance, Spyro stirred. My eyelids were heavy by that point, but I hadn't given in to fatigue. The purple dragon slowly lifted his head and caught my eye.

"Did you sleep?" he asked me, shaking his head to wake up fully.

"No," I muttered. "I couldn't."

Spyro sighed, and nuzzled my cheek in that familiar and somewhat comforting apprehension he never seemed to run out of. "You can't seem to catch a break, can you?"

I let out a breathy laugh, "I don't seem to, no. So... are we telling the others?"

Spyro looked at the dragons slumbering in the next room, and without saying anything shook his head more violently than before, knocking Sparx off. He managed to get his transparent wings working before he hit the ground, "Hey!"

"Sorry to wake you, but the answer is yes," Spyro turned to me. "We should."

I nodded, but I felt uneasy. The Guardians had been so affected by Ignitus' death. What if this wasn't serious? What if all telling them would do is draw attention to something that didn't need it?

"Spyro, maybe-"

"No, Cynder, we should. Or, at least one of them."

I sighed heavily, and suddenly felt the consequence of going without sleep. After a minute, I nodded. Spyro looked satisfied, and with a nod, he bounded off into the next room to wake up one of the Guardians. I hadn't even taken one step, before the colour left my eyes.

Blackness; again. My heart started pounding against my ribs as I realised what's coming.

"Spyro!" I called, but I didn't feel my mouth move. I tried again, but it didn't even seem like my vocal chords were working.

"Cynder," came that voice, and with it an image materialised. Not the same white face from before, but a forest. "You must go now. The Shadows are moving, and the moons are ticking. Come and find me."

"You?" I found myself saying, and when I did, I felt something in my brain. It was like surprise. I felt the voice's surprise.

"Remember, Cynder, learn quick and never be alone. I await your arrival."

I was then left looking at darkness, for the image and voice had gone. Only my vision didn't return. My brain felt like it was disintegrating with every second, and as I felt my body collapse, I was blurrily aware of Spyro's distant voice calling my name.