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Chapter 1

"Hinamori-sama!" a voice yelled out. Amu stopped and turned around and came face to face with a tiny boy who had big round glasses and a bowl shaped hair.

"What?" The pinkette snapped. She was going to be late for the Guardians meeting!

"Did you hear about the rest of the guardians?" the young boy panicked.

"No why? What happened?" She asked a little too quickly, clearly worried if something bad had happened.

"They left." He whispered quietly. Amu's face fell in to a shocked look. They couldn't have? Could they?

Wasting no more time, Amu ran to the green house where they would usually meet and stopped at glass door, with tears sliding down her pale white face. They did leave.

The greenhouse had yellow 'don't cross' tape across the whole thing and a sign that said, 'do not enter'. 3 days ago the greenhouse was full with laughter and happiness, but now, it's cold and lonely, just like what she felt. Her friends had left her all alone, and she couldn't trust in herself no more. This was bad.

Amu gasped and panted. What a horrible dream, more likely a terrible flashback. She looked over at the side of the room and there lay in a basket, 4 little eggs. One was coloured red and had hearts all over it, the second one was coloured blue and had spades, the third one was green filled with clovers around it and the fourth one was yellow and had diamonds all over it, and they were tightly closed.

Since Amu couldn't trust herself anymore, her charas had been stuck in those eggs for 2 years now, and those two years, Amu was lifeless more than ever. Her mother, father and sister had been worried about her, so they decided to leave her alone so she could have time for herself.

Some of her friends in class had been more distant. She began to skip some classes but studied extra hard at home so she was at the top of the school. She sometimes cut herself, and since everything around her was plain boring, she didn't really find anything fun anymore, until she started learning how to sing, play the guitar, keyboard, piano, violin, flute, harp, bass guitar, drums and etc. She also learned how to dance and act. She was seriously talented.

She had so much time in her hands that she started to learn all those and auditioned for a special school in America. It was a school where talents are found.

The whole avoid the Amu thing became so normal around her friends and family that they started ignoring her. She was filled with sadness when she was alone. Her eyes held no golden sparks anymore and her body was as thinner yet curvy as ever because her mum hardly even knows she exists.

Her life had tumbled down. All because of that day, they all left her.

Amu was really beautiful though. But she hid it underneath those baggy clothes and a hat that makes her look like a boy.

Her face was pretty. She had a heart shaped face with magnificent golden eyes, button nose and pink lips. Her figure had changed so much over the years. Her body had matured into an hourglass figure, and her boobs were a C cup. She had legs that any girl would die for and she had a smile that could match with the sunniest sun.

But she'd rather have it hidden because there was no point of looking pretty if you aren't even happy.


The pinkette jumped up in shock. She was too busy thinking of what had happened in her past life that she didn't even notice it was time to go downstairs and check if she got in the school or not.

Standing up, she walked over to her own bathroom and stripped off her clothes while closing the door, then jumping in to the hot water running down her pale skin.

After she had finished showering, she took her pink towel and wrapped it around herself and then walking to her closet and took out her leopard-like outer-layer shirt, a black shirt underneath that goes down to her upper thighs, a unique red belt and maroon pants. Her shoes is coloured white but with black details. She also wore a brace band on her left wrist and a silver heart necklace as accessories, and putting on a long black trench coat that hid her outfit.

Going downstairs Amu took her pouch and put her eggs in it gently and went to check the mail.

"Mama? Papa? Ami?" She yelled but no one answered, must mean that they're away on a family outing.

The sad girl walked over to the door and noticed 4 different mails. She picked it up and noticed it was all for her? Thanking no one was there, she took off her trench coat and put it on the coat rack and she sat down on the sofa opening each letter before reading it.

Dear Ms Hinamori Amu,

This is from Easter, and we are proud to announce, that you are welcomed to our talented school. You may start whenever you want but please call our number, 0449424753, thank you. (A/N: This is not a real number) You will receive all the information in your email and some more when you arrive here. Again congratulations, from Easter.

She smiled it was put in English, but she had understood it perfectly because she studied the language very hard. So she had a little trust in herself now, knowing that she was good enough to pass such a great school, it made her feel happy. She hasn't smiled since 2 years ago and it actually felt quite good, but soon enough her face turned into an icy cold stare once again.

She started reading the second letter and was shocked.

Dear Ms Hinamori Amu,

This is from Agent Africa and I have seen your video that you had sent to Easter.

Knowing that you have great talent, we had decided to get you our best agent because the school had asked us to. We will send the information to your email and you will meet your new manager tomorrow at your house. Very well done and congratulations Ms Hinamori.

Amu dropped the letter and her mouth was in an 'O' shape. She was going to be busy these past few years.

She picked up the third letter and was even more surprised.

Dear Amu,

Do you remember me? I'm sure you do! LOL! How can my dear Amu forget about her one and only best cousin Kimi Hinamori! I have a big surprise for you tomorrow! I betcha your shaking with excitement right now! Xxx Love you girl!

Uh-oh, If Kimi was there... Nothing ever goes right. Amu sighed, finally reading the last message which sent her to an almost heart attack.

Dear Hinamori Amu,

You have been invited to Kukai Souma, Tadase Hotori, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Nagihiko Fujisaki, Yaya Yuiki, Rima Mashiro and Kairi Sanjo's reunion in a week time. Please dress up as fancy as you can. Thank you very much, from the Guardians and Tsukiyomi. (A/N: Everyone hasn't met Utau yet because I am going to use her for something else.)

Amu glared at the piece of paper in front of her and suddenly ripped it apart. How could they think she would forgive them? They broke her heart. They shouldn't be forgiven at any cost.

She stood up and threw the paper at the bin and bringing the remaining 3 letters up to her room with her trench coat. It would mean she had to pack up for tomorrow then. Plus it's not like her parents would care, and she couldn't be at the party because she was going to America. So she was happy.

When she had reached her room, she plopped down onto the bed and got her laptop out, checking her emails. She had 2 new ones. She clicked it open and noticed it was from Easter and the Agent named Africa-san.

Ms Hinamori Amu,

We are here to inform you that you had probably got the letter and read it, if you haven't please do read it.

First and foremost for school, you will need,

Suitcases – because there are dorms here, which you will be living with your manager and butler on-

School bag – which you can purchase at the school's local shops if you want-

School stuff, i.e. Pencil cases, notebooks and etc.

You will need to bring ALL the instruments you play – It is a strict rule-

A butler – In this school you will need a manager and a butler to be by your side at all times. You will be able to receive the butler when you manager comes tomorrow-

The letter you have received.

A student I.D. - which is with your manager and butler-

A uniform – It is with you manager and butler-

Your manager's, butler's and your number for you to enter your locker/s and the dorm room - It is at the bottom of this email-

A dorm number – Also at the bottom of this email-

Thank you for reading. Please make sure you have all your belongings with you before you enter the school.

Number for your lockers is –

Manager-san: 2674

Butler-san: 3053

Hinamori-san: 1932

The number for you to enter your dorm/apartment is: 4681

Your dorm room number: 18

Please make sure you write this down in a book that you will keep with you at all costs. Thank you for joining Easter.

Amu got her pink and black zebra patterned notebook and wrote down what she needed for school and her number for the lockers, the number to enter the dorm and her dorm room number.

She then went on and clicked at Agent Africa-san's email.

Dear Hinamori Amu,

Your manager/agent shall keep you protected all the time. He will not let you down. I'm sure you have read Easter's email and mail. Now knowing the butler strategy, your butler will be arriving with your manager.

Your manager's name is – Nikaidou Yuu – He is 24 years old.

Your butler is – Yoichi Hyuuga – Same age as you, 16 years old.

Wish you a good luck Hinamori.

Amu sighed once again and stood up getting everything ready for her deportation tomorrow.

I hope you guys enjoyed that~! There will be more, so watch out!