I'm so sorry that this took so long, but I had writer's block! Ugh! It was horrible! Anyways I'm so sorry that it is so short! Please listen to this song while your reading this!

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A week after the welcome task

Haru ni saku hana Natsu hirogaru sora yo
Kokoro no naka ni Kizamarete kirameku
Asa ni furu ame Mado o tozasu hi ni mo
Mune ni afureru Hikari wa kumo no ue

"Amu-chi!" Yaya yelled as she jumped on the pinkette.

The young girl laughed and smiled, "Hey you guys! Let's go before the place closes!"

Everyone jumped up in the air excitedly, not wasting time from riding the rides.

Yorokobi kanashimi subete idaite aruiteru
Watashi no te to kimi no te o tsuyoku tsunagu mono

"Sup my little strawberry." A young man walked over to Amu and held her body tightly against his.

"Ikuto! You pervert! Get off me!" The pinkette struggled as she tried to get off the young man's strong arms.

"No. You're warm and I'm cold." Ikuto snuggled up closer to the young girl who was blushing madly at his actions.

Aki wa mizube ni Fuyu kotsue ni hisomu
sekai no oku no Kagiri nai yasashisa
yoru ga kuru tabi Inori wo sasage you
ashita kuru hi wo Shizuka ni mukae you

"Ikuto-nii-san! Get off Amu!" Tadase whined like a little child, glaring at his cousin.

"Dear, dear it seems like we've got a problem here Tadase... Sorry I don't feel like sharing right now."Ikuto smirked, as Tadase's face turned red from anger, and Amu's turned red from embarrassment.

"Ugh! You piss me off you perverted cat!" Sooner or later, the pinkette's hand came in contact with the blue haired prince's head.

"Amu-koi~..." The good looking boy frowned, hissing at the sore sting.

Watashi wo michibiku tooi tooi yobikoeyo
hohoemu youni utau youni hibiku kaze no oto
yorokobi kanashimi subete idaite aruiteru
watashi no te to kimi no te wo
tsuyoku tsunagu mono...

The singing box stopped playing as Amu's beautiful voice faded. She loved this song so much because her deceased grandmother taught it to her.

Her dear grandmother had passed away 7 years ago because of cancer. Right before the day she died, she taught Amu this peaceful song, and it swayed the youngster's heart.

Miyoko Hinamori was a ballerina in her twenties. She was the most graceful, intelligent and gorgeous ballerina that Amu knew. Her grandmother was a lovely person she was nice, polite and funny. She was the only one that knew Amu for who she is. She didn't know Amu for her outside character she didn't judge her because she gave her a chance.

Miyoko loved listening to Amu's soft yet powerful voice. Every night before Amu sleeps her grandma comes into her room and listens to her voice.

Back then Amu didn't really care what she sounded like and all she cared was about her grandma.

But she was the most hurt when she heard Miyoko passed away. It felt like her heart was being ripped out of her chest. At such a young age, she lost the person that cared and loved her the most. It was truly a heart breaking voice, seeing a little girl with pink shiny hair cry her heart out, in front of the long big white coffin filled with the person she loved.


For a month she stopped talking and became more like her outside character. She was silent and was being treated like she was the queen.

All she wanted was for someone to notice her sadness and look into her golden eyes and hug her like she was wanted once again.

The only other people that made her feel like that was Ikuto, the guardians and her Charas, but now she felt like she was withered away again.


Knock knock!

"Come in." Amu said bluntly, while packing her last bit of clothes away.

Two figure's stepped into her room, one tall one and one not much shorter, "We have to go now." They said in symphony.

The pinkette nodded, putting her singing box in the pouch with her eggs. "Done." Picking up her luggage, she pulled it along the way and locked her door as they made their way to the private jet on the roof.

As they stepped in the luxurious looking jet, Amu quickly gave her luggage to her butler and sat down in the long leather brown couch.

"Yeah, sure just give it to me, no problem." Yoichi sarcastically said, putting the three luggage's on the small cabinet.

"That is why you're my butler ya know." Amu smirked, crossing her long slim legs together.

"Yes hime-sama." The raven haired boy joked.

"Good butler." Nikaidou sat down beside the young girl taking out his booklet showing her the agenda when they reach Japan.

"Seriously? Do I not have any free time this week?" Amu screamed, Nikaidou smiled deviously then nodding.