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Goodwyn stood up, waiting impatiently for Misaki to finish getting ready. The people were already informed of the abrupt marriage, and though a good lot of them had sent in complaints about it, Quentin did nothing. He wanted the formalities to be over as soon as possible; the faster he got to the alter, the faster he could start making new rules. One of the nursemaids emerged from upstairs, bringing news that they were ready to begin the ceremony. Quentin smiled, looking around for his right hand man Keigo, before walking outside to the pope.

Misaki stood in the mirror admiring the beautiful white gown she was wearing. The corset was laced with beautiful pearls and the sequins that went down to the bottom of the dress were intricately sewn; she knew the dress was gorgeous, but she hated wearing dresses, so it only added to her peeves for this day. The nursemaid that had gone downstairs returned and smiled to the princess a sorrowful smile.

"I know, I feel sorry for myself too." They shared a laugh, but it was short-lived as she was walked to the front of the castle doors. The doors were opened, and she saw the villagers (all of them with a mix of emotions) rise to acknowledge her walking down the aisle.

Quentin's eyes were filling with lust each step Misaki took closer to him. His mouth curved into a distasteful smile, and Misaki noticed it. It seems the pope did to; he grimaced a little before he started reading the section from the bible. "Dearly beloved…" The words droned out of both of the wedder's ears as they thought about the next step. Quentin: what to do with all this power?

Misaki: how do I stop him from becoming king?

Goodwyn led the small group of villagers out of the wooded area and into the front of the path to the village. "Remember, from here on out, you have to fight." There were mostly men among the groups, but those women who had no children, were fighting for their freedom too. "The soldiers will be ready to kill, but this is for us, for Princess Misaki!" he roared. They cheered after him, all of them going into their separate groups.

Hei stopped the speeding stallion instantly when he saw the group gathered in front of the castle's entrance. He was sure it was because of the marriage. He got off and led Gohan by hand into the crowd.

The contractor stood out immensely in the throng gathered there, in the sense that his clothes singled him out to any eyes watching the crowd. Soldiers had already caught on, and they didn't care that civilians were in the way; they went straight after Hei, not caring who or what they hit. Hei jumped back onto the horse and started to run through the crowd. He yelled loudly, getting the people's attention to move when he came by. The soldiers still bombarded from the front, pushing people here and there, trying get an open view of the man.

On top of Gohan, Hei could see that he had a long ways to go before he reached Misaki. It wouldn't matter how much noise he made, it would only matter that he stopped them. He whipped the reins harder on Gohan and told him to hurry. A few of the soldiers in their rubber armor had reached him, and Gohan did quick work, trampling them just as fast as they came up to him. He looked up again just as the rings were getting slipped on their fingers. "Come on Gohan!"

"Stop them, they're just villagers!" yelled the man as he fell into the small haystack behind him. The farmer laughed and high fived his son at a job well done before the both of them turned their pitchforks to the remaining soldiers. On another part of the village, closer to the castle, the women were having a harder time keeping up. The soldiers didn't go easy on them, not that they were expecting it, but it was hard to get through the armor. "Why? What has Quentin done for you? Your real king was Naoyasu, and you know deep down he wouldn't have wanted the slaughter of his village by the hands of his own soldiers…" The soldier didn't wait for her to finish before he slashed off her head.

"Does anyone else have anything to say?" Behind him a soldier looked ready to say something but didn't. "Anybody?" A woman stepped up, trying hard not to look at her friend.

"Yes," she said trying to hold back her fear, "what you are doing is wrong." The soldier who had killed her friend pushed her to the ground, stepping on her gut.

"What can you do about it? Our new king will allow us to do whatever the hell we want to do, and I believe that I like it better that way!" He applied more pressure to his foot, squeezing her insides, causing her immense pain. The women watched in horror as their friend got stepped on, shaking in a cluster because they could do nothing. The man behind the soldier, the one who had looked like he wanted to say something, stepped up, his hands clenched by his sides. The women watched with unrevealing eyes as he unsheathed his sword and put it to the back off the man's neck. "What do you think you're doing," he said turning his head slightly back to look at the man.

"They're right."

"What did you say?" he replied with a bit of inflection in his voice.

"I said they are right, and get your foot off of her before I kill you." There were more soldiers behind them, watching, but not moving, still unable to decide who was right. "We shouldn't kill them like they were nothing… we were villagers once to, and I wouldn't want the soldiers to come and kill my family just because the king said so."

"So you dare defy the king…"

"I'm not defying the king!" the man yelled, "he's dead, and I will not approve of what I don't believe in."

"Where was all this hours ago huh?" The man stepped on the woman once more, before he turned to what used to be his brother in arms, sword still at his neck.

"Killing men for a coup I can do, but women, even if they try to fight… I won't stand here and let you kill these women.

"Make me…" but like the one he just killed, the man's head was cut clean off before he had a chance to finish his words.

"Thank you," the woman said to the man. He nodded before turning, re-sheathing his sword, and talking to those who hadn't made there minds known about the situation they were in.

"You guys know where we came from. Just because we have powers does not put us on a higher step than the regular villagers. We have to follow rules to, but when they are immoral, we shouldn't have to do it. I know I'm not the only one here who believes that what we're doing is wrong… so let's go fight, let's go tell our "king" that we won't do this senseless killing anymore."

Misaki flinched as the words "you may kiss the bride" flew out of the pope's mouth. The greedy smile that Quentin had on had caused her to step back when he stepped forward to kiss her. When that wet and very sloppy kiss had finished, he looked to his new people. Their union was complete and it was seen legally and formally by the pope and the people of the village; no one would be able to deny him now. The laugh that emanated from him had frightened the best of the villagers and they waited for his speech.

Quentin opened his mouth to speak when from the crowd he saw Hei riding a black horse with a flowing white mane. Misaki saw him too, glowing bright as she got as close as she could without getting into the crowd. Hei and Gohan both jumped onto the carpet, Misaki running to her knight. "I'm glad the both of you are okay," she said petting Gohan and looking Hei in the eyes. Hei was busy watching the new king, and the king was watching him as well.

"It's over Quentin," said a voice. From the crowd again, stepped up Goodwyn.

"What can you possibly mean Hubert?" he asked eyeing him to stop. Goodwyn smiled and looked to the crowd. Soldiers had found their way into the crowd dispersed within the bodies of the mass. The crowd stood transfixed by the show as if it were truly just a show and not real life. "This king has betrayed you people." Small gasps were heard, others started chatting amongst themselves. "For years now he had been the real mastermind behind the king's neglect." He waited for it to sink in. "It was he who told the king what to do, and how to do it. I don't justify this for all the king's mistakes, because he could have done better, but King Naoyasu was blinded by the loss of his wife and the fear of losing his daughter. I'm sorry…"

"Sorry for what?" a voice from the crowd asked anybody willing to answer.

"For killing the only person capable of giving us a decent living."

Few eyes went wide as they understood. "He killed the Queen!" The shouts went around and the villagers got angry, ignoring the fact that Goodwyn had just revealed to the people that Quentin was behind all the wrongdoings in the kingdom. Quentin watched as the old man tried to speak again, but before Goodwyn was able to speak, Quentin came up from behind and smacked him in the head, hard.

"Goodwyn!" cried Mrs. Jo who ran to him. Goodwyn lay on the floor in his ex-wife's hands.

"I'm sorry… I truly am, to the both of you."

"I know Goodwyn, she forgives you."

"But what about you?" he said, voice becoming a whisper.


"Jo…" His voice thinned out into the wind.

"I'm sorry Goodwyn," cried Jo, "I'm sorry."

"He speaks lies. When has he ever spoken the truth? We must put him in the dungeon." Two soldiers stepped up to the dead man…

"No, we won't accept that." The woman who had been saved by the soldier stepped up, the rest of the soldiers and the group of women following her. "You are no better than him anyways King." The look on Quentin's face told his soldiers all they needed to hear. Almost twenty soldiers ran forward into the crowd, wielding their sword. The rebels and the soldier met halfway on the carpet, brawling within moments.

Queen Misaki looked around at the chaos on the carpet. Faces were getting punched in, swords being taken out to kill brethren in arms, villagers turning their backs on one another; this was the sort of thing she had always wanted to avoid. Her people, she wanted them to live happy and care-free lives… what she got was a battle, possibly to the death.

Quentin saw a sword without an owner and picked it up, turning to face Hei. Hei was already prepared to kill the new king; he had his dagger in his hand just waiting for Quentin to make the first move. Misaki closed her eyes from the madness, the screams, the cursing drowning out into nothingness as she decided what she had to do next.

Everything was the same when she opened her eyes. Hei was still beside to her, still challenging Quentin to come over to him. Quentin accepted the challenge and walked to Hei in slow strides, making it through the crowded path as if they had stepped aside just for him. He stopped in front of the black knight and sneered at him, saying nothing.

They stood at a silent stand-off neither of them saying or doing anything until Hei, glowing blue, lifted a hand toward Quentin's face. Misaki tugged at his shirt and pulled his hand back from the man's face. "No," she said shaking her head. He wasn't entirely sure what she had planned to do, but he complied nonetheless. He brought his hands to his sides; when she pulled the dagger from his hands, she spoke to her husband.

"Stop it. Call them off." The dagger was held in place. She wasn't at all perturbed by the long sword he still carried. "I want them to stop fighting!" The fighting had subsided at the sound of the Queen's shrill voice. All movement ceased as they looked watched her.

"What are you going to do? I'm the king…"

Misaki shook her head. "No, you're not a king; you're just a selfish power hungry advisor. I'm the Queen now, and you know what, I'm taking back my position as the head of my family. I went with the marriage because I thought that was what I was supposed to do, but I have to be a queen and it hasn't even been one day of your reign that my village is already in shambles." She turned to her people. "Stop all this fighting right now, or else." Never before had they seen the queen so mad; the anger in her voice made everyone, rebels and soldiers alike, drop their weapons and listen to what she had to say.

Quentin was outraged. How can they listen to the queen instead of the king? "What do you think you are doing? I'm the king… you listen to me!"

The crowd stayed in their spot, not moving an inch. "Don't you see? They want me to be the Queen, and for me to choose who I rightfully choose." She looked at them and they cheered their approval. "See?"

"I will not stand for this!" The sword went forward in a flash. Hei who had been watching Quentin with a keen eye moved to stop him, but he was already too late. Misaki held out the dagger in front of the sword. Her hand went forward to Quentin's face, punching his right cheek hard.

"Guards, take him to the dungeon now, and all the others who followed under his order when my father was still king…"

The castle front was finally emptied as the villagers all went back to their homes, to repair what damage was done and to find any remaining soldiers that may have run when Quentin was arrested. Misaki sat on her bed, looking out the window aimlessly.

"I guess I'm going to leave now," said Mrs. Jo still saddened by the loss. She walked to give Misaki and Hei hugs.

"Are you sure you're okay?" asked a concerned Misaki.

"I need to get back home to make sure that no one else needs any saving, but I'll be alright." Misaki smiled as the door closed behind the woman.

"Finally… the village is back. I hope I can do as much as my mom did."

"Let's hope that you can do better." Hei stood up straight after leaning on the wall and walked to the window. He looked back at the Queen; she seemed troubled. "You have something you need to say?"

"Well…" she started, "Do you want to rule with me?" She had a big blush on her face, avoiding looking at him at all cost. She didn't see Hei walk over to her and pull her head up to face him.

"I don't do that… ruling over people." He placed a final kiss on her lips before jumping out the window. Misaki ran up after him, but just like the first time, he was already gone… yet unlike last time, she knew she'd see him again.


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