Title: Mockingbird

Rating: T (content, subject matter)

Pairing: Josh/Mindy

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I do not own any characters mentioned or song lyrics used.

Warnings: teenage pregnancy, miscarriage, depression

A/N: So, it's been a while since I went with straight angst and hurt/comfort in a fic. This is a little experimental (and by "a little," I mean "a lot.") Reviews will be GREATLY appreciated.

"Just let me hold you while you're falling apart

Just let me hold you and we'll both fall down"

Ever the Same - Rob Thomas


Over the course of Friday evening, Mindy takes six pregnancy tests. She catches a city bus after school and buys three test kits, three different brands, each from a different drug store. Four lines, two plus signs, and the word "pregnant" digitally displayed twice. It's been five weeks, or thirty-eight days to be precise, since she and Josh had sex.

She has six positive pregnancy tests and four college early acceptance congratulatory packets.

She stays up late searching the internet and reading about teen pregnancies, childbirth, abortion, and adoption. She deletes the cookies and browsing history on her laptop before she goes to bed.

She wakes up the next morning and decides that she will tell Josh that afternoon when he gets off from work. They already have plans to hang out at his house and this can wait until then. She can practice how she is going to tell him that she made a mistake, that she was wrong, that being on the pill was not enough. He will understand, because he is Josh and that's what he does, and he'll blame himself for not stopping and insisting that they wait until they were more prepared. He will comfort her and hold her, he will tell her that he's there for her no matter what she wants to do, what she decides, because he will let her ultimately make the decision. She doesn't want to. She doesn't want to have to choose; she wants Josh to express his feelings and what he wants her to do. She wants them to make this decision together—after all, they did create this situation together.

She prepares a speech on note cards, and, just in case she can't force the words out of her mouth, she also has a note card that simply reads "I'm pregnant" in large letters tucked inside her purse.

She arrives at the Parker-Nichols house at exactly four forty-five, when Josh should be at home. She's not supposed to be there until six but she doesn't think that he'll mind her coming over early once she makes her announcement.

Audrey informs her that Josh is not home yet, he had to run a few errands, but she is welcome to wait. Drake waits until his mother has left the room before he voices his displeasure at her presence. Mindy just rolls her eyes and sighs because she does not have it in her to bicker with him right now.

She asks if he minds if she waits upstairs; he nastily tells her that he does mind. She feels a warm, wet sensation on her thighs, spreading down her legs, in the seconds before he starts to say something insulting when he stops, following her eyes downward and looking horrified. She reaches down, touching her leg, eyes widening when she pulls her hand away and sees blood on her fingers. There is blood running down her legs. So much blood.

She hears Drake yelling for his mom and she starts to tremble as she wonders where Josh is.

Audrey hurries into the living room, annoyed, telling Drake that there is no need for him to yell but she stops short when she notices the panicked look on his face and then she looks at Mindy, still standing in the foyer, staring at her bloody hand. Audrey tells Drake as calmly as she can to call 911 and she says Mindy's name. Mindy blinks several times then looks up at Audrey. The girl says that she was pregnant; she and Audrey both know that she no longer is.

Drake has no idea what the hell is going on because Mindy's bleeding and he's on the phone with 911 and trying to tell them that he doesn't know why she's bleeding but he thinks he heard her say something about being pregnant and all he can tell them when they ask how far along she is, is that he doesn't know, and no, she is not showing. The person on the other end of the phone tells him that help is on the way and instructs him to reassure "the patient" and to have her rest in the most comfortable position until the ambulance arrives.

Audrey asks him to bring her a damp towel so that she can help Mindy get cleaned up. In the matter of a few seconds, she found out in one sentence that she was going to have a grandchild and then she was not. Josh is going to be heartbroken.

The ambulance arrives six minutes after Drake called. There's some confusion because Audrey wants to go to the hospital but there is a little bit of cleaning up that needs to be done and it can't be left and she knows that Drake cannot do it. She doesn't want Mindy to be alone at the hospital so she orders Drake to follow the ambulance and to call Josh and have him meet them at the hospital; she will call Mindy's parents.

Josh gets home twenty minutes after the ambulance leaves, nineteen minutes after his mother has gotten off the phone with Mrs. Crenshaw, three minutes after she has finished cleaning the blood up off the floor and tossed the towel and rags into the trash. Josh is greeted by the overwhelming aroma of bleach.