This fan fiction is all my imagination of what would happen if The Doctor and Sherlock had to 'team up' as such. I put the characters as Eleven and Sherlock but I was limited, only being able to choose two characters for this fic when it will contain quite a lot of other characters that you see in Doctor Who and Sherlock.

A coincidence you should avoid

"I think we're going to need Sherlock for this," John admitted croakily as he looked over the woman's body fragile body. He attempted to swallow the lump in his throat as he stood from his crouched position. He closed his eyes in sorrow as he let go of the bath tub, the only thing that had managed to keep his knees from shaking and making him fall. John had seen many deaths. He has seen deaths that were so brutal, suffocation, stabbed, hung, or deaths of a civilian. They scarred him, every single witnessed death. Whenever he closed his eyes the image of the beaten up bodies would crawl their way into his mind. He's never forgotten a patient; he remembered them all like they were seconds before. But this death. He breathed in deeply, trying to control his emotions. This death was not violent, nor was it a pleasant death either. John shook his head as he trudged towards the door, leaving the crime scene. As soon as the image of the woman was no longer in site, John automatically felt the rush of mystery run through his veins. Everybody was rushing everywhere, men in full blue suits and rubber gloves inspected the wardrobes, taking out anything that could be used as evidence. He saw Lestrade at the other end of the room, from what John could see he was interviewing the victim's husband. John gulped. The husband was the first person to find the woman dead in the bath tub. John continued to walk forward until he was face to face with a non to happy Lestrade. The husband walked away, not saying a word. John thought he was probably just in shock.

"John," he exclaimed with bright eyes, John nodded to him with a faint smile. "We've called Sherlock, said he would come by in a few minutes. Apparently we're all a pile of bumbling idiots," he laughed falsely. John gave him a confused look. "This investigation was meant to be a 'five', according to Sherlock's 'death scale', whatever that means," Lestrade explained with fake quotation marks.

"Yes well," John turned around to look at the door which contained the corpse. "That's definitely an eight at least," he confessed. He turned back to look at Lestrade, "there's no signs of any physical contact and the door was locked. Seems like a suicide to me." Lestrade sighed,

"Let's just wait and see what Sherlock says first, for all we know he could find out the woman's favourite colour just by her position," he joked as he made his way to a pile of papers that were laid across a desk. John didn't say anything at first, he just watched Lestrade flick through the different forms in his hands. John coughed,

"What did the husband say?" John asked as he took a seat on a corner table. Lestrade furrowed his eye brows at something on one of the pages, he shook his head,

"Not much to go on really. Just the fact he found his wife in the bath tub when he got back. Not really a pleasant thing to be welcomed to but…"

"What time was this?" John questioned.

"Forensics are onto that now, but from what we've gathered this looks like a suicide. The doors were all locked, and there's no chance of anyone getting in from the window," he replied as he pointed his head to the window. John got up and walked over. "We're on the fifty eighth floor, there's no chance anybody could have gotten up here," he acknowledged. John opened the window and poked his head outside, even from so high up he could hear the sounds of the busy city which buzzed below. John nodded in agreement as he closed the window again.

"Anderson please keep your face at least thirty eight inches away from mine, it's already distracting to look enough, you don't want me to die of blindness now do you." John smirked as soon as he heard the familiar voice.

"Looks like Sherlock's here then," Lestrade responded as he got up from his chair and threw the pieces of paper back onto the desk.

"Lestrade I need everybody out of this room immediately, you do realise how low the IQ of the room has become," Sherlock ordered as he made his way into the bathroom. John rolled his eyes as he followed him into the crime scene. John heard Lestrade sigh in frustration behind him as he hurried everyone out of the room. As soon as John walked into the room he was already met with a babbling man in a black long coat saying different theories out loud.

"I have eight- no six- different ways, agh, four different ways in which she was murdered," Sherlock informed John. John furrowed his eye brows,

"She was murdered?" John raised the question in curiosity and disbelief. Sherlock flung up from his position and pointed to the bath tap, the letter H fancily written atop, indicating hot water.

"John look at the tap, it hasn't even being touched," he moved back quickly to the tap and inspected it with a tiny magnifying glass which he retrieved from his inner pocket. John opened his eyes in shock and moved forward to look at the tap himself. He was right, it hadn't been touched. There were no smudges or any finger prints to prove otherwise. Sherlock shuffled to his right to get a different view. "She was going out."

"Out?" John repeated in confusion.

"Yes, John, out. Somewhere fancy be the looks over the manicure," he admitted as he lifted the woman's hand for John to see. "She must have had those done three to four hours before she died." He continued to observe, he swiftly moved around the other side of the bath tub. "John pass me your torch," he called out as he waved his hand in his direction. John woke up from his daze and rushed through his coat pocket.

"Where's yours?" He asked as he handed him the torch. Sherlock nodded in thanks as he took it off him and shone it in the woman's left eye.

"Left it with Mrs Hudson," he replied as he inspected the eye, "I'm doing an experiment."

"Remind me to get an 'I apologise cake' for Mrs Hudson…" John muttered under his breath. Sherlock spun around and looked at John with that all so familiar smirk.

"This woman died from drowning, if you look at her eyes they are dull and grey and still a bit dilated. What ever happened to her shocked her, she wasn't expecting it. So is she did commit suicide then why was so shocked in the process, because there was somebody else here." Sherlock explained within seconds as he looked around the room and opened cupboards that were on the walls and looked under the matt on the carpet. John processed this information,

"So where'd the killer go, the door was locked and the window was sealed shut," John asked as he to looked around the room for more clues.

"I don't know. Oh, isn't this getting rather exciting," he admitted with glee.

"Sherlock!" John and Sherlock heard from inside the other room. Sherlock's head snapped up immediately as he marched his way through the door, John soon followed behind.

"Anderson found this in her coat pocket," Lestrade informed him as he handed The Doctor a piece of paper. Sherlock snatched it from his hand, shone it up into the light, to see if there were any hidden messages…Which there wasn't. He looked at the letter sceptically, turning it around and upside down to see anything specific. He turned it back to the normal position.

"What does it say?" John asked as he leaned back against the wall. Sherlock coughed, clearing his throat.

"Be dearest beloved, I'm sorry. I'm truly, truly sorry," Sherlock read off the paper, he turned it back round again. "What that's it?" He pointed out rudely, he handed back to Lestrade.

"I'm sorry Sherlock, but I'm going to have to close this case, just looks like a suicide," Lestrade informed him, knowing Sherlock won't be very happy. Sherlock spun around,

"Wha- What? No. This isn't suicide, look at the signs," he said quickly.

"I'm sorry Sherlock, but this case is closed." Lestrade turned around to his co-workers. "Okay everyone, let's wrap up," Lestrade announced as he walked past Sherlock. He turned around before he left. "Sorry, Sherlock."

"Right, so, where to next sexy?" The Doctor asked his beloved ship as he crawled up from under the controls. "How about Earth nineteen fifties, eh?" He questioned the ship with a smile. The ship hummed underneath him, which sent vibrations through his body, he felt comforted by the feeling. The Doctor's eyes widened as soon as he realised, "Nope, nope, definitely not going there now. Marilyn would kill me." He confessed as he loosened his collar and jumped up from his position.

"And why's that sweetie?" The Doctor jumped a mile; he turned around sonic at the ready. He face softened once he saw who the intruder was. "And hello to you to," River mocked as she looked at the object pointed at her face. The Doctor lowered the sonic a bit embarrassed. The Doctor coughed awkwardly,

"Nobody, nobody…." The Doctor muttered as he tried to change the subject. River placed her hands on her hips on raised her eye brows. The Doctor gulped. 'This woman, why was she so intimidating?' The Doctor thought to himself as he moved around the other side of the TARDIS, trying to avoid eye contact, but River followed him round. He sighed in annoyance, "fine, fine. I suggested going down to Earth, y'know, travelling and all that. But then the TARDIS reminded me…" He finished off in a mumble as he lowered his head to the floor. River put her finger under his chin and lifted his face to see hers. She was smiling that smile.

"Reminded me…" River copied his words as she looked at him with beatific expression. The Doctor awkwardly scratched his head,

"That Marilyn Monroe is there and that I accidentally got engaged to her sort of," he babbled out really quickly in the hope that she wouldn't of heard. Oh, but she did.

"Oh," was her only response. The Doctor's head pulled back a bit; he didn't expect such a vague response. He knows that River will be someone he trusts completely in the future, she even knows his name, but for her not to show any emotion, except from the tiniest hint of sadness was a bit shocking to The Doctor. River looked up at him again, "when are we for you?" She asked in a silvery tone. For that split second the Doctor was too distracted by her hair, it was so fluffy and gorgeous, the Doctor's cheeks reddened once he realised River had asked him a question which he hadn't listened to.

"Urr, I, um…" Were the only words to spill from his mouth, River looked at him confusingly and rolled her eyes.

"Doctor, I asked you where you are in our time lines." She repeated the question again, and then suddenly the colour drained from her skin. "Yo-You do know who I am don't you?" She asked quietly, her muscled had tensed up and she bit into her inner cheek. The Doctor could tell how nervous she was of his answer, it made him feel horrible inside. He tried to push that away so he bopped her on the nose,

"Of course I know you, Mrs Robinson." He admitted with a big grin, he swore he heard her sigh in relief when he turned around. He flipped switches and pressed random buttons as he walked around the TARDIS console. "And as for your question, I've just done America," he admitted as he jumped onto the console chair. River walked around to meet his gaze, on the inside she was quite sad, his not her Doctor. Of course his the Doctor but not her Doctor. But then she thought about it, a younger version of him, she was going to enjoy that. She walked around the console, swaying her hips more than what needed, and she could see the Doctor noticed. His pupils dilated and his fists clenched just that tiny bit, she loved the control she had over him.

"So you don't know me yet?" She pointed out with a mischievous grin. The Doctor gulped,

"Of course I do, you're River Song," he replied, totally confused. River's smile faltered at that ever so slightly. The Doctor saw that slight change and decided to lighten the mood; he jumped up from his seat and was standing literally inches away from her. "So, River Song, where do you want to go?" He asked with a smile.

"Surprise me sweetie." And with that they were off…

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