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"Sherlock, remind me again why I bought this?" John asked sceptically as he placed the shopping bag on the table in the kitchen, lifting the heavy object from the plastic bag and heaving it over toward the living room.

"To pass time," Sherlock simply stated. He noticed John's eye role, "John, I can't do anything if nobody's being killed? And plus, it's an experiment." He quickly stood up and took the steel object from John hands and rushed to the table. The Doctor also sat near the table, waiting impatiently for the object while River, the woman John hadn't really had a chance to talk to, sat on the sofa reading Sherlock's 'Archaeology on planet Earth' book. John thought then would be the best time to get to talk to her.

Before he even sat down next to her he was greeted with a smirk and wink. Women normally didn't respond to him so… Quickly.. He felt quite vulnerable. Nevertheless, he sat down next to her, his hands on his lap and legs outstretched.

"I'm John… Sherlock's… Assistant I suppose you could say," he greeted himself. He saw the woman look annoyed at the fact she had to stop reading the book but she did anyway- placing it on the leg of the sofa and turning to face him. John gulped, she certainly was a very attractive woman but he soon remembered the fact that she was potentially dangerous, and possibly even a threat.

"Doctor River Song," she addressed with a soft smile. "I see you like your books," she acknowledged as she looked around the room. John almost laughed out loud at that,

"No, no. They're not mine, they're Sherlock's," he corrected. "I could never properly get into a book, I can't even write my own…" He stopped. Blog was what he was going to say before he was side-tracked. He remembered the session with his therapist, 'trust issues' she had said. John couldn't believe how quickly he had adjusted with civilian life- but it was all down to Sherlock. If it hadn't been for him he would still have those nightmares. Before he couldn't even write his own blog and now he was writing down every case and murder inquiry him and Sherlock had done. He never realised before just how much Sherlock had helped him.

"John?" John snapped back to reality. River had her hand placed on top of his and she stared at him intently, a worried face looking over him.

"It's.. It's fine. I'm sorry," he apologised as he shook his head and closed his eyes. "It's jus-"

"You were in the war, weren't you?" She recognized. John looked up at her in surprise; it was only Sherlock that had guessed straight away that he was a soldier. Was he letting his guard down? He saw the pain reflected in River's eyes, as if she too had suffered from such loss and devastation, John felt his throat throb and his stomach ache. He wanted so badly to forget the war, to never be reminded of the death that surrounded him.

"I'm sorry, it's just…" The woman breathed out, "I can sort of connect with you.."

John and River were interrupted when Sherlock and the Doctor both started to babble at the same time.

"Look at it go," the Doctor exclaimed as he pointed to the Newton's Cradle move back and forth on the desk. Sherlock saw John confused expression,

"It's a Newton's Cradle, John." Sherlock informed him as he placed his two hands together and leaned down on the desk, his eyes following the ball's movements.

"Yes, I've seen them before back at Lestrade's office," John recognised as he too watched the balls swing from left to right continuously. Sherlock nodded,

"Newton's cradle is a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy. It's constructed from a series of pendulums. Each pendulum is attached to a frame by two strings of equal length angled away from each other." He explained as he pointed to the string that held the two end metal balls. "This string arrangement restricts the pendulums' movements to the same plane. The behaviour of the pendulum follows from the conservation of momentum and energy only in the case of two pedula. Indeed, if there are pendula.. An additional condition for the observed outcome is that a shock wave has to propagate dispersion free through the chain." He finally finished as he looked up at John, noticing the even more confused expression on his face.

River watched the Doctor who was observing Sherlock closely. His palms closed together on the desk as he looked at the man before him easily explain the physics of a Newton's Cradle- something only he has managed to do before. River laughed to herself lightly as she recognised the puzzled look still on John's face.

"So basically it's just moving balls?" John simplified as he moved back onto the sofa. The Doctor looked accusingly at River when he saw the all know smirk that cropped up on her face.

"No, John. Did you not just listen to a word I said?" Sherlock asked almost offended.

"How long can they last for, Doctor?" River asked, making the Doctor's accusing expression falter and return to a soft smile. He scratched his cheek,

"It depends. Depending on the mass of the balls and the built quality of the cradle it could last for as long as somebody's lifetime." He opposed as he looked at River with an intrigued look. He looked back to the Newton Cradle, "But this one," he added as he licked the metal bar on the side. "Will last for… Ten years, eight days and exactly seven minutes." Sherlock furrowed his eye brows and looked at the Doctor with a disturbed look.

"Tell me again why I had to travel three miles for this," John asked in a gruff tone as he grabbed the cup of coffee that was on his desk. He still needed sleep, desperately.

"An experiment." Sherlock simply answered as he jumped up on his chair and continued to watch the balls.

"What experiment?"

"Just an experiment."

John sighed and grumbled something as he gulped down his coffee. It must have been something toward Sherlock because River certainly found it funny.

"Oh, sweetie you have no idea." She accounted as she looked at John with an 'understanding' sort of look.

The Doctor rolled his eyes and bit into his Jammie dodger.

Knock. Knock.

John swung the front door open with a tired expression.

"Oh, Lestrade. I thought you weren't coming till later to pick them up?" John asked concerned when he saw Lestrade and another officer stand on the front step soaking wet from the rain. Then John realised. He knew River and the Doctor were still meant to be in cuffs- which they weren't- and they were meant to be in different rooms –again, which they weren't. And Lestrade wanted to walk upstairs and pick them up? He had to stall.

"We had a call come in earlier, another murder." Lestrade huffed sadly. "So, I'm going to have to take them two back for questioning. Where are they?" John paused for a moment, trying to think of what to say until he heard footsteps behind him tumble down the stairs.

"I'm the Doctor, nice to meet you. Again." "The Doctor introduced himself to Lestrade, holding out his hand for the man. John closed his eyes as he knew he couldn't hide that. He saw Lestrade expression as soon as he saw the Doctor without cuffs.

"Your-" Lestrade started. "You're not wearing any cuffs." He pointed out. The Doctor looked down at his bare hands and then hid them behind his back quickly. Lestrade looked at John, "I said to keep the cuffs on." He huffed. "Where's the other one?"

Just as he spoke Sherlock and River walked down the steps. That time River in cuffs.

"Ah, Lestrade." Sherlock spoke as he skipped the last few steps. He walked up to the door and stood next to the Doctor. "You can't take them."

Lestrade looked at him puzzled,

"Sherlock. They're crime suspects, I can't just let them stay at your house and let them do as they want." He replied, he hated going against Sherlock, he had come to terms with his rudeness and complaints and finally started to realise what an asset to the police force he was.

"Yes, well. They're not guilty. And I have proof."


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