I paused at the entrance to the other office, more than a little startled.

My business partner lay on her green leather sofa, fast asleep. Even with the extra length on the piece of furniture her legs – surprisingly clad in a mini-skirt – still hung over the edge, slight body sinking down among the cushions. Moving to stand over by her head, I contemplated her deep breathing.

This had to be the first time I'd ever seen her sleep without it being due to severe illness, or threat of undying, or even extreme exhaustion. She was remarkably peaceful.

I don't know much about this girl.

But it's not just her – I guess there are some things about my own life that I've kept secret.

I know that she has a brother and – most recently discovered – an aunt.

She's an orphan, who used to live on the streets before being raised by a witch, but for how long I don't know.

I know she has underground connections, a shady past. Again for how long I don't know.

She's Ellanoi. And a fire mage – even.

She once told me that you can't apply human years to Ellanoi, so I know very well she could be four or five times my age but – looking at her now – I can't help thinking she can't be more than a few years younger than me. Especially without her usual scowl. A smile on my face I reach out to brush her hair back.

The next thing I know; I'm staring up at the ceiling, knifepoint to my throat. Maybe I should scratch that last observation…

My right wrist in her left hand, her right knee on my other arm, she's heedless of her miniskirt – the hem not that far from my chin. I rolled my eyes.

If I weren't a gentleman…

The Ellanoi woman leaned over me, pressing the knifepoint slightly, I hesitated swallowing. "Stone?"

"Yes?" I breathed, hoping she'd remove the knife now she was awake enough to recognise me.

Thankfully it disappeared, along with the pressure on my arm as she swiftly stood up and back. Rubbing my throat and sitting up slightly, I waited for an apology.

"Are you done staring?"

I jerked and avoided her gaze as she swaggered to the office door. Partially I was glad she left me alone for a while; I wasn't sure how to proceed from here.

"Stone? You coming or what?"

Shrugging, I got up and followed her; for now I'll just pretend it didn't happen while I recite the things I do know.

WitW: I've realised something;I'm very good at writing drabble, especially fluffy ones. And most of my writing is abstract - either I'm putting in too much description or not enough apparently(according to my beta go-to).

Anyway Silkie is my favourite character for the following reasons; she's street-smart, tough, and not above using her goods for evil(personal gain). Her tongue-in cheek, self-depricating humour. There's also the fact that she's a mystical-type being but doesn't know that much about it so we get to sorta discover her heritage with her.

...I really wanted there to be a third book. Not just the romance aspect, there were things like Stone's background, Silkie's heritage, how things would work out with her knowing more about herself and how to better control/manipulate her powers and thus block him, what about Trace and his secret with his work, and Sattine, etc.