The Doctor bounced up and down excitedly, pointing at the animal in front of him. Amy, who was just behind him, raised an eyebrow. The two were in a forest on Earth, at Amy and Rory's insistence, to go camping. The black and white creature that had gotten the Time Lord so excited was indeed a…"Doctor. Are you seriously getting excited over a BADGER?" Amy scoffed, crossing her arms. The Doctor stopped bouncing, and glared at his companion.

Straightening his bowtie, he turned back to the badger. "Badgers, like bowties, are COOL. And this is an EARTH badger, which makes it a million million times cooler than other badgers!" The badger, seemingly interested with the Doctor and Amy, slowly made its way out of its den. The Doctor grinned, sticking his tongue out at Amy. She only rolled her eyes, as the Doctor edged closer to the badger.

"Doctor, what are you doing?" Amy groaned.

The Time Lord paused, and replied, "I'm going to keep it."

If there had been a wall nearby, Amy would have hit her head against it. Instead, she buried her face in her hands. Lifting her head, she said firmly, "You are not going to keep the badger."

The doctor paused again, turning to face Amy. " Oi, I let you keep Rory didn't I?" he pouted. Amy just sighed, shaking her head. The Doctor finally reached the badger, and he leaned over to pick it up. The animal struggled a bit, as the Doctor patted its head, looking like a seven year old in a sweet shop. Turning in the direction of the TARDIS, he started walking, a slight bounce in his step. The badger growled in his arms. "I'm going to name you Charlie. You like that name? Charlie the Badger." He grinned again.

Amy didn't follow… merely counted the seconds that passed. She got to seven, when…

"Owwwww! Charlie bit me!" The Doctor yelped.

Amy snorted, and still laughing, walked to where the Doctor was standing, holding his injured hand. 'Charlie,' was running into some bushes that lined the path they were on. "C'mon you big space baby, let's get you to Rory…"

A/N I was very very hyper when I was writing this. I had just finished watching Doctor Who confidential, you know, the one with Charlie giving Matt a badger… Hahahaha. A fic feeding off Matt's badger obsession in the video. So, I thought of The Girl in the Fireplace, where Rose is telling Doctor he can't keep the horse, and he retorts, "I let you keep Mickey didn't I?" Anddd, insert a Charlie Bit Me! moment.