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This story is an AU retelling of Naruto with Naruto gaining the power of the Homunculus.

Just a heads up, Naruto will be extremely powerful in this fic, borderline Godlike, so don't expect anyone besides the strongest of the strong to pose any form of challenge to him. Naruto will also be somewhat dark in the future.

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Anyway, hope you enjoy

It was a normal and peaceful dusk in Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves. The birds were chirping, the store owners were closing down shop for the night, the Shinobi were finishing their training for the day and a mob had gathered and were hunting down four year old village pariah Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto Uzumaki, the unknowing container for the Nine-tailed demon fox, also known as the fox brat, demon spawn, Kyuubi and Mr Whisker-face. Naruto was a four year old young boy of small stature, with spiky styled bright blonde hair. He wore an entirely orange outfit with a spiral on the back, a symbol of the long gone Uzumaki clan, an outfit that did little to help him hide from the oncoming mob.

The reason for the mob's ire was due to the Kyuubi, the demon that the child contained. Four years previously on the night of October 10th, the demon fox had attacked the village. After a long and terrible battle the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, had used a forbidden sealing technique to seal the beast away into the newborn Naruto. The Yondaime's final wish was for Naruto to be seen as a hero for the burden he carried. However the villagers, in their fear, had cast the boy aside and saw him as the demon itself.

Unbeknownst to either the mob or the boy, on a nearby rooftop another person stood. The person appeared to be a young boy with short black hair and violet eyes. The boy looked down at Naruto, and a small smile spread over his face and a massive grin appeared in the shadows behind him.

"So I finally found him."

Down on the streets Naruto, was quickly running out of breath, seeing a nearby alleyway, Naruto ran inside hoping to lose the mob, unfortunately for the boy, he had no such luck.

The leader of the mob, a shinobi wearing the standard Chunin attire walked towards the boy.

"Please stop, what did I do to you."

"You killed my family you monster." The leader called out while beginning to make the handsigns for a Jutsu. "Shadow Possession Jutsu"

The Shinobi's shadow extended out to reach Naruto's and when it connected Naruto's pose suddenly changed to match the shinobi in front of him.

"Let's see how you enjoy this monster."

One of the other members of the mob walked forward and placed a kunai into young Naruto's hands.

The mobs leader began to move his arm around imitating a cutting motion across his own body. This action forced Naruto to repeat the same motions causing cuts to appear all over his body. The Young boy screamed out in pain due to all the attacks he was receiving while the mob laughed and jeered.

Soon the young boy had passed out and the mob leader released his Jutsu. Before walking over to the boy and picking up the blood stained kunai.

"Finally, I'm going to finish what the Yondaime started." At this announcement the crowd began to cheer for the Chunin as he moved forward and prepared to stab Naruto...

... Before a Shadow suddenly extended from the wall an impaled the Chunin through his chest killing him.

Seconds later a voice called down the alley way "I can't let you do that."

Turning around the crowd saw a young boy walking towards them.

"Go home kid." A few of the members of the mob said dismissively.

The child just smirked and in the shadows behind him an eye and A giant set of jaws appeared.

"What, What are you."

"I am Pride."

Moments later as the lifeless bodies of the mob lay on the ground Pride walked up to Naruto and placed a hand on his head before disappearing in a flash of light.

Soon after a grey haired ANBU with a dog mask arrived, looking around and seeing all the carnage he picked Naruto up and went to report to the Hokage.

Naruto opened his eyes and looked around, seeing a large sewer with a massive cage in front of him. "Great they threw me in a sewer this time"

Distracted as he was, Naruto didn't notice the large Paw being formed out of red chakra until it was about to squish him.

Closing his eyes and preparing for the end, Naruto was surprised when after a few moments he felt nothing. Slowly opening his eyes again, he saw that multiple tendrils of shadow had wrapped around the paw, immobilising it.

"Dammit, my freedom was so close, who dares to try and stop me."

"That would be, me."

Stepping out of a dark corner of the room Naruto saw a young black haired boy approaching him.

"Who are you."

The boy gave a small smile before speaking in the normal voice of a child. "I'm Pride. Pride the Arrogant, I'm a homunculus."

"A what?"

"A Homunculus, an artificially created human."

Naruto seemed to think over it for a moment, before smiling and responding okay cheerfully, causing Pride to sweat drop.

"What's that, then." Naruto asked pointing to the giant fix within the cage.

"Foolish boy, I am what you human's call the Kyuubi."

"But, what are you doing here, the Yondaime killed you."

"That human fool could never killed me, he instead sealed me here, inside of you."


Pride sighed before answering Naruto's question, "Naruto, wear inside your head okay."

"But then, why are you here?"

"That's what I'd like to know as well."

Pride smiled at that, glad that the conversation was finally to the point that he'd been waiting for.

"I'm here Naruto because I want to make a deal with you."

"What deal?"

"You see Naruto, Homunculus like myself need a certain form of energy to survive, at one time the only way to obtain this form of energy was to consume human souls."

Naruto paled at that.

"However, more presently since the discovery of Chakra, a second way to obtain this energy has emerged, should I consume your Chakra I would be able to obtain the sustenance I need without having to alert everyone of my presence."

"So you want to eat my Chakra?"

"That's partially correct, your Chakra preserves are especially high, myself as well as my siblings would be able to survive indefinitely should you allow us to make our home here."

"So you want to live inside me?"

"That's correct, you would get something out of the deal though, whichever of myself and my siblings are with you at the time we would be able to grant you our abilities. There is a slight catch however, should you except our deal you would lose the ability to use Chakra."

The Fox growled at this realising that if Naruto took the offer then it would never get free. "Brat, don't listen to this fool, you don't need his power, I'll give you mine instead, his is pathetic compared to mine."

Naruto glaring at the cause of his pain and suffering turned around and faced Pride.

"I accept."

A full grin spread across Pride's face at that.

"Excellent, I suppose I should tell you what kind of powers you will be receiving then. If any of us are within you you'll have enhanced speed, Strength and healing abilities, being able to heal from any wound no matter how fatal in a matter of seconds. When I'm within you, you will be able to control Shadows at will. Lust will give you the power to extend your fingers at will to incredible lengths allowing you to use them as lances. Envy will grant you the ability to Shape-Shift allowing you to turn into a perfect replica of anyone or anything. Sloth will enhance your physical capabilities even further. Greed will allow you to harden your body until it is impenetrable. Wrath will give you the Ultimate eye, that will allow you to completely read an opponent's moves, and Gluttony, well Gluttony will allow you to eat more."

"Cool, I'm gunna get all of that?"

At this Pride slightly frowned, "Well not right away, your too young right now to sustain all of us, I could probably bring in two more at the moment, the others will come when your older."

"Do I get to pick which two, I get?"

"Very well, you can pick one and I'll choose the other. Oh and I can tell what you're thinking and no picking Gluttony simply because you'll be able to eat more ramen."

"Damn it."

"So who do you select?"

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Here is the times in which Naruto will get each:

Three from the beginning.

One when entering the Academy

One on Graduation day

One During the one month training during the Chunin Exams.

And the final one after the time-skip.

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Which ever ones are at the begining will have the biggest effects on Naruto's mentality.

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