I regret to inform all readers of Child of Sin that, for a while at least I will be unable to continue it. For roughly the last three weeks I've been trying to finish writing the next chapter and I have been unable to get it up to a length and quality that I am satisfied with, and lack the inspiration to do so properly. Although if I was to spend a large amount of time straight on it I would likely be able to continue, I simply do not have enough spare time at the moment to do so unless I abandon all of my other stories, something that I refuse to do. As such one of two things must occur either:

1. This story will go on hold until I have enough time spare, which would be roughly two months away. And even then there are no guarantees I will be able to get it up to a standard I'm happy with. Or...

2. Someone adopts this story from me.

If anyone wishes to adopt the story from me, PM me saying that you wish to do so and I will send you all of the notes and idea's I have about it, though whether or not you use these is up to you. I will ask that anyone who wishes to adopt the story however please follow these things:

1. No Yaoi

2. If you choose to make it a harem and include Lemons, please don't lose sight of the actual plot. A.K.A Don't just make it a screw-fest.

If anyone does wish to adopt it from me, when It's up, I'll place a link to it on my profile.

Again my apologies and I hope you can all forgive me.