What is it with me? I have already decided I am going to take all their gold after we finish our mission, I should be happy, but there is just something wrong with Meis. I can't decide if it is those stupid glasses he wears on his head, or if it is that pointless cape. I mean, who does he think he is? I see the way he looks at the other girls and then the way he looks at me, I think the only reason Meis took me along is because one of the other girls told him to. I bet it was that Sodina, I can't stand her she is always flirting around Meis, trying to get his attention. I have a good mind to give her a good slap, yeah that would soon sort her out. I am Kyleen damn it and I have all the money, what does Meis see in that hussy anyway?

I have been having dreams where I get to hurt Sodina, but I can never kill her, I always seem to wake up just before I deliver the final blow. And that fool Muza, what is his problem? He never seems to do anything right, he is always asking what to do and were to go. I swear, I am surprised he hasn't asked me to feed him, he is just that hopeless. Why is it that I am so much better than all of them? I don't even know why I travel in their little team, it is not like I couldn't beat all of them up. If it wasn't for them being in such a large group, every monster we come across would kill them easily. But do not get me wrong, it is fun watching them talk in their little group, even though they leave me out of most of their conversations, but I will just put on a smile until the day comes when I get that Sodina alone, yeah I will make it look like an accident; "Oh sorry Sodina, I didn't mean to fling you off that cliff". Yeah that is what I'll do. I heard that Wyna talking to Sodina about me last night, they laughed as they discussed my short green hair. Yeah well at least I am not some farm girl or some fake pirate and yeah, "Put some clothes on", that is what I should have bust into the room and said. Maybe I should cut their hair off as they sleep, yeah and then glue the hair to their faces, then we shall see who will be laughing. I walked in on Wyna the other day when she was in my room, she claimed she was only looking for the little mirror I carry with me, but I don't know, she seemed to have went through a lot of things for just one little mirror. Maybe I should have given her the mirror and put it over her head because it is my money I spent on that mirror, if you want a mirror you go and buy your own. We were in a battle today and I managed to fight of 2 monsters, but guess what happened? Just because Sodina passed Meis the healing potion she got all the thanks and all the credit. A healing potion of all things, try lifting a sword with your pretty little fingers, oh wait we wouldn't want you to sprain your little wrist now would we?

I have been travelling with Meis for 2 months now and not once has he thanked me for doing anything, I even made them all dinner tonight and all I got was "Hey, get me another drink will you?". I slaved away half the night cooking that, but do not think I never got a little pay back on that Wyna who said "I am sorry, but I do not eat owl". I slipped a little powder into her drink so that she will be kept up half the night going to the toilet. I have seen Meis going on dates with the girls, even that Nelsha went out with him, I bet all he wanted to do was look inside that bag of hers to see her little costumes.

Sodina was in my dream again last night and I had the chance to kill her and I did not wake up, but instead I kissed her, so what does this mean.?

The End