Before you read 'The Catamite'

To the readers following this series as I currently post it and to all those who will pass this way in the future, I feel it necessary to make preparations, if you will, for this upcoming story – The Catamite.

Through our many dialogs via your reviews, my responses and our Personal Messages, it is evident that there is a wide range of readers following this story line. Some are more seasoned, others are not. Even so, we all have our histories and there may be some of you out there that have been traumatized and/or have had to battle through a personal challenge.

If you are familiar with what a catamite is, then you can probably guess what is going to happen in this story. I'm sure you can guess who the catamite is going to be and I want you to know that I did not venture lightly down this path.

This episode is short lived and I wrote all events as tactfully as possible. I did not nor would I ever use such events as ploys or gambits – on the contrary, it is the crux for this story and has ramifications for all the main characters.

But please know that above all else - The Catamite is a love story and a story about love. It explores the realms of devotion, courage, and personal growth.

I did a tremendous amount of research in order to write this story and there is also quite a bit of elfin vocabulary, and though it is not my practice to interrupt the reader with comments, I will list these references and translations at the end of each chapter where they occur.

If you feel that you cannot read this story but would like to have closure for 'Eclipse of the Soul', you can find a finished work (titled Eclipse of Two Souls) over at Potions and Snitches. It is a Sevitus version of the story with a fairy book ending where in Harry defeats Voldemort as one would expect.

But I hope that you will stay here and read The Catamite. This story is precious to me and so is its message, which Harry will share with you at the story's end.