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I pushed the plastic card into the key slot as he pressed his lean body to my back. He leaned forward, his tongue sliding along my neck as I tilted to give him more access.

"Fuck, baby. You taste good... I can't wait to have my tongue everywhere."

He whispered the dirty words in my ear as the light turned green and I pushed the door open. Stumbling in, the light from the bathroom cast a soft glow around the room and my eyes fell on the bottle of champagne chilling on the bar.

I dropped my wristlet to the floor and kicked off my heels as I watched him flip the lock on the door. He turned, and leaned against the heavy wood, his eyes sliding up my body. My fingers drifted softly over the swells of my breasts, teasing my nipples into taut peaks. He stalked slowly towards me, pulling the steel gray cotton shirt free from his black tailored pants. As he lifted the shirt I caught a glimpse of tanned flesh and taut abs before it fell again. My tongue wet my lower lip before catching it between my teeth.

Raising my eyes to his face, his smirk captured my attention. His lips, soft and sensual were parted slightly and a shadow of stubble covered his angular jaw. His long, deft fingers worked the buttons of his shirt free as he stepped closer. With the last button free, he let it slip off his broad shoulders and slide to the floor. My breath caught at the sight of his skin. A slight spattering of hair covered his defined chest and my eyes roamed freely, admiring muscular arms, broad shoulders and a lean waist.

My hands slid down my thighs to the hem of my red halter dress. I loved this dress, it hugged all my curves and kept his hands on me all night.

Pulling two glasses from the bar behind me he set them on the low table and reached for the bottle of champagne. As he loosened the cork in the bottle, his eyes watched me. I slid the hem of my skirt up my thighs, revealing the black lace that covered my pussy. I saw his breath hitch and his jaw clench as he attempted to reign in his desire. My fingers tangled in the strings at my hips and I pushed the scrap of fabric to the floor, baring myself to him as he poured.

I leaned back against the cool waist high granite behind me, my dress still bunched at my hips and waited. My fingers trailed a soft pattern up and down my thighs. He placed the two glasses next to me and trapped me with his arms on the counter. His hips pressed between my thighs, spreading my legs further and I could feel his hard length press against me. Lips pressed to my nape, down my throat and to my cleavage, before sliding over the swells that my fingers had just been teasing. The rough, wet sensation forced my head to drop back as I felt my nipples tighten and a moan escaped. While he tugged and teased one relentlessly with his tongue and teeth, his fingers twisted and rolled the other.

"You like my tongue and fingers on you don't you." Whispered words caused my hips to buck against his hard cock and then I felt his lips sucking my breast through the fabric of my dress. My hands grasped the granite tighter as I rocked against him. Fingers, soft and then hard, sliding and then scratching along my sensitive skin, he forces the sensations upon my body.

He pushed my legs further apart as his thumbs found my bare, wet pussy.

"Where else do you want my tongue, baby? Tell me."

His demand caused a visceral reaction and I could feel the moisture pool between my thighs.

"My pussy," I gasped. "I want your tongue on my pussy." I heard the raw desire in my own voice.

He slid his tongue slowly over my nipple one last time, then his teeth tugged roughly on it before he lifted his head chuckling darkly. His thumbs teased along the backs of my thighs and ass, then around to the front, just barely touching my folds

"Your wish... my command."

He slid down my body slowly, nipping and biting over my abdomen pushing the cotton of my dress up as he went down to his knees. His fingers slid over my folds and spread me wide as his shoulders forced my knees further apart blowing cool air over my heated skin. My body tightened in anticipation of his tongue, his lips and his fingers.

"Your pussy is beautiful, baby."

I looked down at him, my chest heaved as I watched as his wet tongue slide between his lips, hovering over me. His forearms pressed tight against my thighs holding me in place as I attempted to get closer. It was torture waiting... Exquisite torture.

"Baby, please."

His eyes lifted to mine as he leaned into me, his tongue, flat, roughly slid from bottom to top as our gazes locked. My eyes fluttered shut at the sensation and a groan escaped me. His tongue swirled around my clit teasing and taunting me before sliding back down and pressing deep inside.

My hands tangled into his hair, pulling him closer and tighter as my hips bucked into him. I panted as his tongue slid up to my clit again and his fingers slid inside, two pressed in and out as he sucked on me. I lost myself in the sensation and felt the familiar burn that only he could elicit. My body throbbed as he ruthlessly teased it, bringing me to the edge and then slowing only to resume again.

I rocked against his tongue, my ass lifting, my hips rolling as my movements became desperate and with one last plunge of his fingers and a flick of his tongue I tipped and thrashed against him. With one hand on my thigh he softly stroked my skin as I rode out the last waves. He slowly lapped between my thighs and our eyes locked as he placed his other hand on the granite beneath me. I lazily smiled down at him as I watched his tongue take one last pass and grasped his hand next to me. As my breathing slowed, I picked up one of the glasses next to me, tipped my head back and quickly downed the champagne as he placed wet kisses up my thighs.

He made his way back up my body, his lips finally inches from mine and a cocky smile on his face.

"Happy anniversary, baby." His lips were on mine, his thickness pressing into me, his tongue mimicking what his cock would be doing to me shortly.

I loved that cocky smile...


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