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My pants were tented there was no doubt about that... Bella really was beautiful when she came and it took everything in me not to explode when she did.

I quickly unhooked the buckle of my belt and removed my pants letting them drop to the floor and kicking them towards the closet. I pushed my boxer briefs down my legs letting them join the discarded pants.

I could still hear movement in the bathroom behind me… her deep calming breaths, the faucet turning on… the glass being placed on the countertop, the soft sound of her feet across the tile floor.

I moved to the edge of the bed, waiting for her, stroking my erection hoping to ease some of the pressure that had built in the bathroom. I closed my eyes and remembered the silkiness of her skin, the feel of her pussy around my fingers. The heat, the wet… her hips thrusting back and forth against me and I could feel myself stiffen even more.

"I thought you were going to fuck me hard, baby. If you keep that up, you're not going to need me at all."

She stepped into the room and my eyes opened despite weighing heavy with desire. I paused midstroke as she slowly approached me. She was completely naked now and her hips swayed seductively as she stepped closer. Pert breasts bounced with each step and her slightly disheveled hair framed her gorgeous face.

Her gaze on me smoldered with heat as her fingers softly traced the swells of her breasts. Up, down and around my eyes followed the path. I could see the darkened buds tighten as she roughly tugged and squeezed her sensitive tits.

I stroked my cock again, watching her tongue slide along her lower lip with my upstroke and her teeth catch it with the down.

"I love watching you touch yourself, but I'd rather have your cock inside me."

Her eyes narrowed as she moved closer standing in front of my open legs. I could see her pussy was still swollen from my attention earlier and fuck, she was glistening. I reached forward and slid my free hand up her thigh to the juncture of her legs and felt a quiver run through her body.

I traced my finger over her pussy, sliding softly through the wetness, completely ignoring her clit teasing only her damp folds.

"Fuck, baby, I love how smooth you are." Her stance widened, her legs pressed against my thighs as I continued to stroke her. Her fingers resumed a pattern around her nipples, then tugged, her head tipping back, lost in the sensations.

Releasing my cock, I ran my fingers up her naked stomach, watching as her muscles clenched in response. Gripping her waist, I pulled her closer and let my tongue take over the path that my fingers were on. I swirled around her belly button and nipped along her waist as her hands buried into my hair, fingers tugging.

I pulled her roughly to the bed beside me, laying her flat and immediately rolling over, one leg pinning her to the bed. My cock hard against her thigh, she gasped at the surprise movement then groaned in response.

I stroked her soft stomach again, brushing my hands along the underside of her breasts, lifting slightly and squeezing. I brought my mouth down to her nipple, roughly licking it to a peak while tugging the other.

I lifted slightly to hover over her "Scoot up, baby... We're going to need the whole bed tonight."

"Oh, God," her epithet hung in the air around us as she moved backwards my body hovering above her, our eyes never parting.

Once settled, my fingers drifted down her body, over her ticklish ribs, down her taut stomach and finally touching the top of her clit. Her hips rocked against me searching for any kind of friction. My pelvis pressed into her leg as I rotated my hips, her clit seeming to throb under my touch. I fanned my fingers softly sliding them over her entire pussy my thumb teasing her entrance.

"I can't wait to be inside you, pounding into you. You're so fucking wet… can you feel how hard my dick is, baby?"

Her pants and moans filled the air as I moved to trap her spread legs underneath me. I straddled her legs and grasped my cock at the base, sliding It up and down her pussy. My gaze on the gorgeous woman trapped beneath me... her dark hair in a mess around her head against the white pillows, her neck arched as I teased her with my dick and I could feel her wet heat coating me.

She tried to raise her hips but my thighs surrounding her and my hand against her pussy held her down.

Her hands fisted the pillows above her head as I teased and taunted her.

"Open for me." I pushed her legs apart kneeling between. I parted her with my fingers and teased her clit with my thumb, spreading her wetness. I felt her legs brace against my thighs waiting for me to push into her. I couldn't wait any longer.

"Fuck, baby." I gripped her behind her thighs pulling her up my legs as I slid into her, inch by inch she stretched for me. Hot, so fucking hot. It was the only sensation I registered as I slipped inside. I was engulfed in her heat as we groaned in unison, I held her prone over my legs reveling in what I could do to her body.

"Edward, please… just fuck me."

My thumbs stroked her hips softly as my grip on her loosened. I slid back out of her, laying her flat on the bed, spreading her legs wider. I needed to be closer, I wanted to feel the slide of her skin against mine, her tits pressing against my chest, her legs wrapped around my waist.

I hovered over her, my hands framing her face as my lips crashed to hers. I pushed my tongue inside her mouth as I slid my cock inside her pussy. She whimpered beneath me as I filled her. God, she was so fucking tight and wet.

My eyes found hers, needing the connection and the reassurance. My hand slid up her arm tangling our fingers as I slid my body over and into hers. I pulled my mouth away, both of us gasping for air.

My thumb slid over her lip, tugging, pressing against her teeth. Her tongue darted out tasting my thumb then sucking it into her mouth as my hips pistoned into her. Her breasts bounced with every push of my cock, her tits sliding against my chest. Our moans filled the room. With each thrust into her I could feel her walls squeeze me like a hot fist.

"Fuck… yes. Squeeze my dick like you did my fingers."

A whimper escaped her at my demand and my hips pressed harder. Her back and neck arched beneath me as I trailed my fingers up her arm grasping her other hand. My body pinned hers to the mattress as we writhed against each other.

With every stroke in, my pelvis pressed against her clit and she gasped for breath. My eyes roved her body, hers were closed, her mouth parted and a flush covered her creamy skin. She was so fucking close I could feel it with every clench of her body around my cock.

With one more rough thrust her fingers dug into my hands, and she tumbled over the peak, her loud moans filling the air. She gasped for breath as she continued to rock under me.

"It's my turn now, baby."

My whisper fell on deaf ears as her glazed eyes closed from the shocks of pleasure running through her body and with each additional thrust her body squeezed me tighter. I felt the familiar coil in my stomach, but not wanting to finish yet. The pressure grew and grew as she pressed into me and my control slipped, thrusts erratic, tipping over and spilling into her. I buried my face into her neck, my teeth softly biting where her shoulder met her nape.

The familiar smell of her favorite lavender lotion suddenly filling my senses, brought me back. Hot and sweaty...she fit perfectly against me. I felt her arms wrap around my shoulders and her legs around my waist, keeping me tight against her when I attempted to lift myself off and roll us to our sides.

"Don't go yet. I love the weight of you on me… I just need a little more."

"You get all of me baby."

I burrowed into her for a moment more before I slidding to my side and she snuck away to the bathroom, returning a few minutes later.

I opened the covers welcoming her back and we settled against each other in our familiar sleeping positions... arms wrapped around and legs tangled together, her head resting on my arm and our naked bodies pressed we whispered our I love you's before only the sound of even breaths filled the room


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