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I felt the weight of him heavy and hard behind me, his fingertips trailing figure eights softly over my hip.

I didn't move.

His hips rotated as his cock pressed into my ass, the length of him sliding between my cheeks, slowly…softly. There was no demand in his movements just a pleasure in the feel of skin against skin.

I tried not to move.

His palm drifted down my belly and pulled my body tighter as his teeth nipped at my neck. His breath tickled my collarbone with every exhale and I shuddered at the soft caresses he placed on my body.

I had to move.

I breathed in deep and rocked my ass against him as his hand trailed lower, teasing the small patch of curls between my legs but not going any lower.

His chest hair tickled my back with every movement he made, and I groaned trying to focus on the feel of him and what he was doing to me instead of wondering where or what he would do next.

Goose bumps covered my skin and my nipples tightened in anticipation as he moved his hands over my heated skin.

His fingers slid lower grasping my thigh, lifting it to rest over his, spreading me wide. I should have been embarassed but I couldn't find an ounce of care. He pulled his hips back, then pressed forward. His cock sliding between my thighs and slipping through the wetness between my legs. I felt every hard inch of him glide over my pussy, teasing.

I arched my neck, tipping him back against the cool cotton of the sheets and slid my arm up tangling my fingers into his thick hair. I lapped at his mouth with my tongue, before sliding it across his lower lip. They parted and his tongue tangled and twirled with mine.

I felt his fingers drift lower teasing and parting my soft folds, sliding and swirling around my clit he teased my sensitive flesh

I pulled back, panting for breath as his cock and fingers continued a slow rhythm against me.

"Are you waking me up?"

"Umm hmmmm... How am I doing?"

"So far so good."

Our teasing was punctuated with a swirl of his hips, the tip of his erection barely pressing at my entrance then slipping over me again and again.

I slid my hand between my legs and his hips rocked against me. My hand drifted over his cock, felling the long thick ridge of him, pressing him tighter, deeper between my folds… angling him to hit just the right spot.

"Fuck, you're so hard."

He tried to stifle a groan.

Rolling us slightly, so I lay across his torso, his mouth lowered to my breast. Roughened fingers lifted and squeezed, then tugged and pulled. I watched as his teeth nipped the swell and then, as his tongue slid roughly over the peak, it tightened and pebbled. His mouth finally covered it and my eyes fluttered shut. He sucked me into his mouth and then all I felt was the suck of his lips, the slide and swirl of his tongue and the soft bites of his teeth. The stubble from his chin burned across my skin, the hot, wet heat of his mouth engulfing my nipple. And as he lifted his mouth from my breast and I felt cool air hitting me and gasped at the warring sensations on my hyper sensitive skin.

He buried his fingers into my hair and angled my head for better access to my chest and I moaned as his tongue slid over my skin. The soft and slow pace was driving me crazy and my body throbbed with want.

"Please, baby... Fuck me please."

I needed him... I needed to feel him, his thick, long length sliding inside me, stretching me... Fucking me. We fit perfectly together and I needed to feel it.

He pulled his hips back, and his fingers joined mine at my entrance. Our fingers tangled together and as he pressed his hips forward, we pushed him inside me together.

My fingers tightened in his hair and my breath caught as I felt him fill me. We moaned simultaneously as his entire length slid inside.

"God, you feel good."

His whisper against my neck forced a shiver through my body. His hand that was tangled in my hair tightened as he brought my mouth to his, plunging his tongue inside. I pulled my hand free of his and grasped the cool cotton sheets surrounding us tightly.

His fingers swirled around my clit as he slowly rocked his hips. I arched my back to feel him deeper as our mouths parted gasping for breath.

"Harder... More," I panted.

My body was assaulted with sensations, the hair on his forearms rubbing against my sensitive thigh, his fingers swirling around my clit and then sliding to my opening where he was buried inside me, his wet tongue rubbing against mine... I could feel the heat coiling low in my belly with every movement and I was desperate for it.

He rolled us to our sides, positioning me just so... My leg draped over his thigh was pulled up, spreading me further, his fingers digging into my thigh and then he pushed into me hard, setting a furious rhythm.

He hit all the right places as he moved against me, every movement exploded into pure sensation.

"Touch yourself, baby."

His demand almost was my breaking point, as I whimpered and slid my hand back to my pussy. I pressed and rubbed against my clit with each heavy thrust made, then slid my hand lower feeling his cock slide into me. There was no denying the hot, wet that coated him every time he pulled back.

I heard his groan as I pressed against him at my entrance, my palm pushing against my mound. Suddenly a charge of pleasure filled me and exploded. Wave after wave hit and ran through me as I felt my fingers and toes tingle in aftershocks.

He nuzzled into my neck as his hips pistoned against me, teeth nipped at my shoulder and I felt his cock harden and expand against my hand as his thrusts became short and erratic, then he pressed deep and jerked spilling inside me. The spasms of his cock, making my body clench around him more.

Slowly catching our breath, his lips and tongue slid in a slow path over my neck. I was surrounded by his heat, his breath, his scent... Our scent, and I inhaled it all.

His hand ran up and down my side, then over my still sensitive breasts before wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling my body tight to his. He placed a small kiss just below my ear in that one spot that he knew gave me shivers and as the shudder worked its way through my body his whisper brought the heat back to my body.

"I woke up wanting to kiss you. I must have been dreaming of you all night."


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