Adam hummed under his breath as he gathered up the grocery bags from the trunk of the car, trying to make sure he got everything this first time so he wouldn't have to make two trips in and out. Wednesday was grocery day, making it his least favorite day of the week. It usually wasn't as bad if Jeff went with him to help take the load but unfortunately for him, Jeff hadn't come along today. He had stayed home from work with a nasty head cold that may or may not have turned into a sinus infection. Adam wanted Jeff to go to the doctor to make sure but of course, Jeff being the stubborn man that he was, had so far refused to go. It was maddening how stubborn he was but Adam was about as stubborn as he was and he was determined to get him to the doctor somehow. He was thinking about bribing him in sexual favors to get him to go. When all else failed, that usually did the trick.

He managed to get all the groceries in his hands at once, making it so he had to awkwardly close the trunk with his elbow before carefully heading toward the house. He kept imagining himself tripping and falling, sending the groceries everywhere and making his entire trip a waste of time. Thankfully though, he managed to stay on his feet. He even felt a sense of triumph as he stepped up to the front door. That triumph died though when he realized he didn't have a free hand to reach into his pocket and take out his keys so he could get into the house. "Shit." He sighed and reluctantly set the groceries down on the ground before opening the screen door and reaching into his pocket to get the keys back out. He unlocked the door and pushed it open, leaving the keys in the lock for the moment in favor of bending back down and carefully gathering the groceries back up. It seemed harder this second time around but he managed to get them, quickly stepping into the house and letting the screen door slam behind him. Jack, their Jack Russell terrier, barked loudly and came running, his tail wagging a million miles a minute when he saw that it was Adam.

"Easy boy," Adam said, trying to step around him so he wouldn't trip and fall on his face. "I'll be with you in a minute."

"You know, I'll never understand you loading yourself up like this," Jeff said as he came out of the kitchen. His voice sounded more nasal from all the congestion in his head and he looked completely exhausted. "A second trip wouldn't kill you."

"No but-no no no I got it I got it." Adam tried to step away from Jeff but got the milk, a twelve pack of Mountain Dew and a two bags taken from him anyway. "You're SICK you don't have to do that."

"If I don't you'll be going back to the store and I would have been here cleaning up the mess," Jeff replied. He set the bags and the twelve pack on the table and put the milk in the fridge.

"I would have cleaned it up," Adam said, following him and putting the bags he had left on the table. "And why are you up? You're supposed to be sleeping."

"Needed some medicine," Jeff told him, nodding towards the bottle of Dayquil that was sitting on the counter. "And I was hoping you were back with the soup." He began looking through the bags, pulling out the can of chicken noodle soup and nodding happily. "Sweet."

"I can make it for you," Adam offered. "You don't have to-"

"I got it," Jeff assured him, already getting the saucepan out.


"Adam! I got it." Jeff put the pan on the stove and grabbed the can so he could pull on the tab to open it. "It's fine. I'm not like you and need to be waited on hand and foot when I'm sick. I got it, alright?"

"Fine." Reluctantly Adam let Jeff be and started putting away the rest of the groceries. He knew Jeff didn't like to be babied but he couldn't help himself sometimes. He couldn't actually make Jeff better so he was totally trying to overcompensate. Bad habit really, one he possibly picked up from Jeff's brother Matt…though according to his best friend Jay, he had done it when they were kids too so maybe not. Maybe it was just a character flaw.

"Addy?" Jeff's pet name for him broke through his thoughts.


"Can you feed Jack?"

Adam glanced down that the dog, smiling as he stood up on his back paws and danced around in anticipation for the food. "Sure." He patted Jack on the head before heading to the pantry to grab the bag. The house they were in had been designed and built by Jeff and Matt and Adam moved in five and a half years ago, six months after he and Jeff started dating. They had met through Matt and Jay, who had been dating at the time. That relationship died about four years ago and now Matt was dating Evan Bourne and Jay had just gotten out of a relationship with Heath Slater and was seemingly getting back with his ex-boyfriend AJ Styles. Though who knew with him. He rotated boyfriends like crazy. He was getting to be worse than Matt before he settled down with Evan.

"Randy called," Jeff said, not even glancing over at Adam as he said this. "He was wanting to talk to you so I told him you would call him back."

"Oh. Okay." While he was able to keep his voice completely casual his spine was involuntarily snapping. Randy was a mutal friend of theirs. They had both worked at Rob Van Dam's old comic book store (which was now run by Adam himself because Rob moved to Jamaica with his wife Sonya) together for a short while, though Randy quickly moved on to other things. A friendship was struck between them though in that short while and Randy quickly made himself at home in his circle of friends. There was admittedly some tension at first, given the fact that Randy had a volatile temper and barely any self control though these days he had mellowed out quite a bit. Everyone attributed that to his boyfriend John Cena and on the surface, they had about as perfect of a relationship two people could have. The key words though, were just that: on the surface.

Adam made sure Jack started eating before placing a kiss on the back of Jeff's neck as he headed out of the room. "I'll be back." He snatched up the phone and headed upstairs with it so he could make the call in private. He had a feeling about what Adam wanted and didn't want Jeff overhearing any of it.

"Come on come on…" Adam shut himself in one of the guest bedrooms and started pacing around, dialing the number and then waiting for what seemed like forever for an answer.


"It's me."

"Hey babe." Randy's tone perked right up at the sound of the blonde's voice.

"Don't call me that," Adam hissed, giving a quick paranoid glance towards the door.

"Why not? Jeff in the room with you?"

"No. I wouldn't have called you back if he was." Adam bit at his thumbnail, unable to stop his pacing all around the room. "Why did you call here? I thought that we agreed that you wouldn't ever do that."

"Your cell phone went straight to voicemail. How else was I supposed to get a hold of you?"

"Try not even bothering."

Randy chuckled even though Adam wasn't joking in the slightest bit. "Come on babe, don't be like that."

"Just tell me what you want Randy." Adam was starting to lose his patience and regret calling him back. He should have just ignored him. It was never a good idea to engage with Randy. He should have known better at this point.

"I want to see you."

Adam bit his lip, not surprised yet not happy to actually hear that. "No."


"Jeff's sick. I gotta be here for him."

"Why? Do you have to hold his hand and tell him everything will be okay?"

"Oh shut up. Don't you even mock me. Just because I give a shit when my boyfriend isn't feeling well-"

"Alright alright don't even START with your hissy fit." Randy was surely rolling his eyes, even though Adam couldn't see him. "I just want to see you alright? It's been three days. I miss you."

"Randy no. Look, I told you we couldn't do this anymore." Adam was trying to be assertive but he felt himself weakening already. He was damning himself and Randy for having this power over him. This whole situation was a mess. Eight fucking months this had been going on. And nobody knew but the two of them. Not Jeff, not John, not Jay, nobody. Nobody had caught on to the fact that they had been sleeping each other.

"I know you did," Randy said in exasperation "But you don't mean it."

"Fuck you, you don't know what I mean."

"Oh I do." Randy sounded so damn smug that Adam wanted to just reach in through the phone and rip him out so he could slap the shit out of him. "I really do. I know how you work Adam."

"I'm hanging up," Adam informed him. "I'm not talking to you about-"

"You're going to crave me." The sureness in Randy's voice made Adam not follow through on his hanging up declaration. "You don't want to admit it but you will. You always do. And when you do…you'll know where I'll be." Chuckling lightly, Randy hung up the phone, leaving Adam to just stand there with an open mouth, his protest dead in his throat. Forcing his mouth to close, he swallowed hard and hung up the phone, nearly dropping it as he ran his hand through his hair. He really shouldn't have called Randy back. Why did he keep doing this? He was risking his relationship with Jeff just to fuck Orton. Jeff, who was the best thing to ever happen to him, was unaware of every dirty little thing that was being done behind his back.

Adam wanted to stop. He did. He felt horrible for what he was doing. He loved Jeff deeply he hadn't started this to hurt him. When it began, they were fighting, going through one of the most rocky patches they had ever gone through. Adam felt unappreciated, unloved…and Randy had wanted him. Randy had made him feel wanted and one thing had led to another…now he just couldn't quit. He and Jeff had patched things up and were strong once again yet still, he couldn't quit Randy. He knew he had to but some irrational, animalistic part of him wouldn't let him go. Maybe Randy was right. Maybe he did crave him.

No….no no no. Adam shook his head as he told himself that. Fuck him he can't be right. I won't give in. I won't. He nodded to affirm that to himself but even as he did, it felt like a hollow promise. He knew in his heart that he would indeed give in. It was only a matter of time.