General disclaimer and benediction: May Tom Wheeler have mercy on my soul for this transgression against writing and his beloved child, The Cape. Amen.

Warning: May cause alcohol poisoning, upset stomachs, and insanity.


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Chapter One: Never Say Never

At the time, Miranda's offer had seemed like such a good idea, Peter thought morosely. Really, there had been nothing wrong with the idea: What could possibly have gone wrong with something like pheromones? He glanced over at his bed, and sighed. His daughter was going to murder both of them, and he had a feeling the courts would let her get away with it.

What on earth had possessed him to entertain the idea of researching pheromones? Oh. Right. He had wanted to encourage his daughter and son-in-law to expand the family a bit quicker. (Alright, he hadn't put it that way to anyone but Dominic, but his bodyguard wasn't the type to carry tales to anyone. Strangest case of hero worship he'd ever seen in his life…)

Things had been going so well during the tour of Miranda's facilities. He'd even managed to convince Dominic to stay with his daughter (not that that had taken much work, the billionaire thought darkly). Vince had accompanied him; despite the fact that Thompson was about to strangle him anytime she saw him for reasons best left unexplained, the trip had been enjoyable.

And then some idiot running around in a horribly familiar cape had attacked them. Miranda had been knocked unconscious within seconds. (She really was useless, all things considered. Why had he contracted her services again?) The assailant had knocked his son-in-law into the cabinet containing the formula that had so intrigued Peter in the first place. The billionaire had been thrown into the cabinet mere seconds later.

Whatever the man had been after, Peter couldn't even begin to guess. After getting soaked in the solution for Revenge, there was a rather horrific gap in his memory.

He had woken up this morning, in bed with his son-in-law. A quick glance showed him that Vince had wrapped a blanket around his waist and was on his cell phone. Peter winced as his daughter's voice reverberated around the penthouse. It was quite obvious she was unhappy with an article that had made its way into a local tabloid.

Jamie knew the story behind Revenge all too well, and she was not happy.

Considering that he had slept with her husband—his son-in-law—it wasn't too much of a surprise. Pity he couldn't remember a thing about the last two days. Considering what he'd seen of Vince, the sex must have been fantastic. With a grin, he walked over to the sideboard where his bodyguard had so thoughtfully placed a carafe of coffee.

If his daughter didn't kill him, he was going to have a lot of fun watching those security tapes later…

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