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What the Hell?

Gregor Molotov had wanted to be Kozmo ever since he'd stumbled across the legend Max had inherited. He'd gone to prison for trying to prove that he was worthy of the title. That betrayal had stung the most. When he'd escaped from the Russian prison and returned to Palm City to try to prove his worth again, he'd discovered that Max had replaced him.

With a foolish brat playing at being a superhero.

That betrayal stung almost as badly as losing the chance to prove he was worthy of holding the title of Kozmo the Unkillable. His only consolation was that fighting the Cape proved a decent balm for his emotional wounds. Flustering the innocent boy wearing his cape was almost as good.

Gregor danced backwards, out of reach of the cloak. He laughed, causing the vigilante he was taunting to growl in annoyance. The magician had escaped Owl Island several days ago, only to discover that the Cape had vowed to drag him back to prison. Gregor wanted to make him work for it.

He laughed again as the vigilante tripped over one of the carefully placed nearly-invisible wires that had been in place for hours before the fight had even begun. Gregor darted forward, wrapping the Cape in a bear hug before the younger man could react.

"You should be more careful," he purred in the vigilante's ear. The man thrashed wildly, trying to break Gregor's hold on him. Fighting against someone who'd turned the study of the human body into an art form was futile, though.

"I'll see you back in Owl Island, Gregor," Vince rasped. Gregor laughed at the cop's vow.

And, unable to resist, spun the vigilante around and planted a kiss on the man's lips. He was able to gain access to the Cape's mouth for a few seconds before darting backwards.

"You can try, Vince!" he laughed, vanishing in a cloud of smoke.

He hid in the rafters of the warehouse for several hours afterwards, laughing madly over the memory of the vigilante's face after he'd been kissed.

Truly, there were some things worth giving up the cloak for.

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