Toadies - I Am a Man of Stone

This song belongs to Toadies, off the album No Deliverance.

This is my first song-fic, hope you like it. I heard this song and thought of Ghastly, I've changed quite a few bits, but anyway, here you go:

I saw you hanging
On the arm of some other guy
Like a drummer who's been banging
Steady beating 4/4 time

Ghastly saw Tanith leaping away over the rooftop, then she hopped to the ground and Sanguine appeared and brought her underground, the both of them laughing.

Now you're flicking at your cigarette
Batting eyes and pouting lips
Giving him the love that I need

But I know that those eyes
Have that remnant behind them
But you don't look that evil to me

Everyone tells him to be careful, that it's not Tanith, but he ignores them all.

I'm so lost, and I'm alone
And I'm standing here
I was a man of stone, oh

You said, baby, you'll change
And I did not change
You said Kenspeckle will fix you
And I waited every day for two years

He turned into a statue and she waited for him, they'll get through this to.

Now you're tattooed on my skin
And my chest is caving in
From the weight of the pain you bring

Now you got me branded
Broken but still standing
Watching you wreck everything, oh

He watches whilst she wrecks everything, running around hurting people with Sanguine.

I'm so lost, I'm so cold
And I'm standing here
I was a man of stone

My feet are back stuck to the ground
Now your sword has bound me here
I am just a statue now,
I gave you my last tear

As she swings her sword towards him and he returns to a state of stone, showing her his last tear, now rock it stays forever.

Someday you'll wake up
And you'll think of me and you'll know
You love a man of stone

I'm so lost, I'm so alone
And I'm standing here
I am again man of stone.

I feel so sorry for Ghastly; I wish they could get rid of the remnant!

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