December, 2011

Dr. Andy Yablonski stared at the picture that he held in front of him. It was the picture that Dr. Jordan had given to him, almost a year ago now. The picture was frayed around the edges, but Andy paid no attention to that. His father smiled at him in the photo. At first glance, Andy thought he was looking at himself. Then he noticed subtle differences. Daniel Yablonski had brown eyes while Andy had blue. His father's hands were slightly smaller than his own, and had a slight crooked smile that was different from his son's. His wife, Andy's mother, was beside him. Erin Zelasko did look uncannily like Dr. Lisa Reed. Dr. Jordan had told him earlier at work that morning that his mother had the same temperament as she. Andy's mother's long blonde hair was tied in a ponytail, and her white coat was loose around her body. She held her arms around her eldest son tenderly, never letting him go. Logan looked very much like his father, even more than Andy himself. It saddened his younger brother that he could not remember his mother, father, or older brother. Perhaps it was meant to be, Andy reminded himself. He looked carefully at the youngest of the four people in the photo. The toddler was in his father's arms, smiling. The boy, Andrew Jason Yablonski, truly seemed to be happy.

Andy turned to find his wife standing beside him. He faintly smiled, and beckoned her to come over. Her kissed her tenderly on the cheek, and let his touch linger there, as if to remind himself that she was still there. Almost a year had passed since Andy had arrived in the ER near death. Nothing had changed much in the hospital he worked at, however, the patients noticed that their beloved doctor had an ease about him that he didn't have before. Andy didn't live in the hotel across from Three Rivers anymore. He lived with his wife, in their house, when a year before people didn't believe him. Now they did. Rena softly took his hand and whispered, "I want to show you something," she whispered. Andy nodded, slightly confused but complying. She motioned him to move his left ear to her abdomen. He didn't hear anything at first. Then, softly, he heard it. Two faint heartbeats rhythmically echoed in his own ear. Andy slowly pulled away, and felt a smile growing on his face.

"You're pregnant?" He whispered to her. She slightly nodded with a smile on her lips. Her felt her sweet breath in his ear. He heard her whisper, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Seven months later on June 24, 2012, Alan Daniel Yablonski and Simone Erin Yablonski were welcomed into the world.