Dante was in the corner. The Corner. He kept his goddamn blueberry on the table. On the far away corner of the room.

It rang. It kept on ringing.

Where the shit is Patty?

Dante sighed, finger-combed his hair, checked his breathe and the time and finally went to the phone which was still singing along the lines of the stupid Hamster Dance song.

Who the hell changed his ringtone?

He sighed again, loud and long, prepared his guns for anything and finally picked up the phone.

"Hello? Tell me it's not the milkman, please." Dante whined as he heard distant buzz on the other side of the phone.

The person in it sighed as well and Dante felt it similar to his.

"Well, Patty's been mind-fucking you with diverts all this time. All I wanted to say was that. Also, I love you. Bye Dante." And with Dante shut the phone.

He took out Ebony in one hand and Ivory in the other.

Silently and noiselessly, he kept the BB on the floor.

After saying his prayers and counting till ten, he send a silent thanks to whoever was watching after him.

And then BANG, BANG went the two guns, littering series of holes after holes into the floor and of course, the BB.

"R.I.P. The Pink Blueberry. Forever remembered for being mutilated by the Devil Hunter and last called on by Vergil."

And Dante summoned his sword for finishing effects.

Rest was history, when Patty had come to visit Dante.

And this is the end.

Dante, my pal, I feel very sorry for you. Actually, we feel sorry for you.
I don't.

Anywho, finally, the end to a boring and really bland fic. Hooooray. :D

Enjoy, lol.