A moment

Description: Kouga hears a pained cry in the night and races towards Kaede's village where his friends rest ... A moment is all it takes to change a life forever...

Pairing: InuxKou

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Chapter 1: The first moment

An explosion and cry of pain could be heard ringing through the forest. A onyx haired mans head whipped up at the sound. By the sounds of it the explosion had originated from the village he had been heading towards and a sudden shiver ran down his spine as he hurried as fast as he could push his legs to move. Something was not right and that voice had sounded too familiar.

He skidded to a halt as soon as he reached the village and was shocked at the sight that awaited him. There were dead bodies strewn haphazardly all over the place. Most he didn't recognize but then he spotted a familiar figure and ran over to it. He quickly checked the body over but it was obvious even at a glance the man was dead. He had been a monk, pervert, and one of his few friends. Quickly he stood up as he realized that he didn't see the rest of his friends. After a moment of looking he heard another cry similar to the first one that had made him hurry to the village. He ran to the sound and stopped dead. Before him lay the rest of his friends likely dead as well but his attention was drawn to the two still standing figures in the middle of the carnage. First he glared at the woman who stood there looking pristine almost as if she had just walked in on the carnage instead of causing it. She had a malicious smirk on her face as she absentmindedly flicked her fan open and closed. She had red eyes that showed how much she enjoyed the bloodbath in front of her while she played with her toy. She flicked open her fan with an expert motion.

"It's time for our game to end Inuyasha." She purred as she flicked her wrist sending an attack heading straight for the injured man. Suddenly the man looked over at Inuyasha as if just noticing something key. He looked up at the sky and cursed all the kami. There was no moon. Tonight Inuyasha was human and would die if he received anymore damage. Gritting his teeth he bolted for where Inuyasha stood using his sword as a crutch to support his weight. Thankfully he reached Inuyasha just in time to pull him out of the line of attack and quickly pulling Inuyasha behind him as he faced the vile woman. "Oh what a nice surprise. If it isn't wolf boy or should I say prince Kouga?" She purred as she slanted him a seductive smirk. "How's your pack doing?" she asked offhand only to flick her fan open to cover her face as she let out a soft gasp. "Oh thats right I killed most of them." she added closing her fan and giving him a deadly smile. Kouga let out a growl as he shifted to block the injured man from her view as he pulled out his sword. "Oh my not one for talking are you? Unfortunately I must take my leave. My master didn't order me to kill you so I shall take my leave." She said with a small bow as she removed the feather from her hair in one swift moment and in moments it had grown and she was flying off on it. Kouga watched her disappear before he turned around took at Inuyasha who at that moment had let out a grunt and fallen to the ground unconscious.

Kouga quickly assessed his friend. He was in bad shape and if it wasn't almost sunrise would have surely died. He helped adjust the unconscious man so he'd be more comfortable and started searching for survivors. First he started with his other friends. The first body he spotted was a gentle looking brown haired woman. She was a demon slayer but had made multiple demons, like himself, her friend. The gut wound made it obvious that there had been no chance to save her even if he had arrived before her death. Next he ran over to where a demon child and demon cat lay. The cat had obviously given her life to protect the small child. Quickly looking the child over he found that although in rough shape he would live if he got attention relatively soon. So gingerly he picked up the child and lay him next to Inuyasha's unconscious form. The next person he saw made his blood run cold. There lay the woman he had once claimed to love and his closest friend. Without even walking over he could tell that she had died instantly from the way her neck had been twisted in such an impossible angle. Kouga let a howl escape his lips as he looked around at his injured and dead friends. After a moment he stopped as more howls in the distance could be heard and started checking on the villagers. Even to a less experienced eye it was obvious that his friends had defended the village as well as they could. Most of the villagers were just injured and only an unlucky few that hadn't been able to get out of the way had died. By the time he had found all the survivors and helped them get more comfortable a few other men and a pack of wolves had arrived on the scene. Kouga was drawn to their presence when he heard the twin gasps and the whines from the wolves around them. "Kouga what happened?" One of the men asked as he stepped forward on uneasy feet.

"Kagura." Kouga said as he looked up at the slowly lightening sky.

Both the men let out sobs as they noticed their friends dead bodies lined up with a few of the villagers that had also perished. "Sister Kagome!" They exclaimed as they noticed the body of the woman Kouga had once loved.

"Ginta. Hakkaku." Kouga said gently pulling his friends and pack mates attention back to himself. "Shippo needs medical attention immediately or he will die." he said as he motioned to the demon child he had placed next to Inuyasha earlier. "Most of the villagers will survive but they need help as well. There are too many wounded. Take Shippo back to the pack as fast as you can and send all able bodied men, women, and wolves back." The one named Ginta walked over to Shippo and picked up the whimpering child as he tried to adjust him in his arms so he'd rest comfortably along the journey. Hakkaku nodded feeling a numbness fall over him as the two took off. As the wolves turned to follow the two Kouga motioned for them to stay. The wolves obeyed and walked towards their leader cautious to avoid stepping on any of the dead bodies Kouga hadn't managed to get to yet. They looked up at Kouga expectantly waiting for his orders. "These people will need food and protection. You three I want a constant perimeter around the village. Nobody gets in without my knowledge." The three wolves barked in understanding and took off to complete their task. "You three go hunt down some food. By the looks of it most of the food stores were destroyed in the attack and these people are gonna need to eat." The indicated wolves took off towards the surrounding woods and disappeared. "You both are the fastest." Kouga said indicated two of the wolves who stepped forward. "Go to the stream nearby and get water we're gonna need it." He said handing both wolves a bucket that they gently took into their mouthes and nodded their understanding as they took off. The remaining four wolves waited patently for their leader to gather his thoughts for a moment. "The rest of you do what you can to help the villagers and check to see if I missed some of the survivors or if they fled into the surrounding woods during the commotion. All four wolves gave small barks as they headed in different directions.

Kouga continued to do what he could. When the wolves he had sent for water returned with their heads soaked with water he couldn't help but almost smile. "You know you didn't have to fully submerge your head to get the water right?" he asked with a joking tone to his voice as he took a bucket from one of the wolves and emptied it into a large pot that he had found. The wolf he had taken the bucket from gave him a toothy grin that spelled mischief while the other let out a very human sounding groan while she shook her head. Kouga gave both wolves back their empty buckets and sent them on their way again.

A soft howl was heard a few hundred feet away and Kouga ran over to see what was up. By the sound of the voice it had been one of the wolves he had sent to help the survivors. When he arrived at the position he saw a frightened looking girl. She held a cooking knife in front of her as a weapon as his wolf tried to look as nonthreatening as possible. A small scratch marked its nose where it had apparently gotten too close to the small knife. The wolf looked up at Kouga apology clearly evident on its face for scaring the child. Kouga patted the wolf on the head and sent it on its way while he squatted down in front of the child. She looked almost wild eyed as she pushed herself more firmly against the tree she had at her back for protection. "It's alright. We're here to help." He said trying to calm the child. He sniffed the air and then looked at the girl again more fully this time. "Rin?" he asked looking her over. After a moment he realized it was indeed the ward of Sesshomaru's. Why she was here without her protector and adoptive father was beyond his understanding. "Are you alright? Where's Sesshomaru?" With the mention of her father Rin visibly calmed as she looked at Kouga a little closer. Caution still evident in her round eyes.

"He needed to meet with the leaders of the north so he left me here with Kagome and Inuyasha for protection. He said it was too dangerous for a child." Rin said softly as she finally recognized Kouga as one of Kagome's friends. She dropped the small knife as her hands went to cover her now teary eyes. Now that there was someone here to protect her she let her tiny body feel all the fear and grief she had managed to guard herself from while she had been in danger. While her small body shook with sobs Kouga picked up and held her close to his chest. She continued to sob into his chest as she realized just how lucky she had been. Kouga walked back to the village with the sobbing girl. When he arrived he noticed that Inuyasha had physically changed. Looking up at the slowly rising sun Kouga realized that the sun had risen while he was with Rin. Once Rin had seemed to settle down he tried to place the girl on a comfortable looking bed he had found but the girl cried out and begged not to be left alone. Kouga let out a sigh indulged the girl. She was obviously at her breaking point and needed something solid she could depend on. He let out a whistle and the wolf that had found Rin initially came lopping over. The wolf sat down giving Rin a cautious look hoping to not scare her. Kouga smiled she was one of the most gentle wolves he had ever met and the best with children of all sorts. He couldn't have picked a better wolf to have found the distraught child if he had wanted to.

"Rin." Kouga said kneeling down next to the girl who looked at the wolf cautiously as she tried to give Kouga her attention. "This is Shadow." He said motioning to the dark gray almost black wolf. "She's the one that found you remember?" He asked patently as Rin looked at the wolf and noticed the small slash on its nose and nodded. "She's sorry for having startled you Rin, but tell me did she do anything threatening to you or hurt you in anyway?" The said wolf looked at Kouga sharply obviously insulted at the comment but held back the growl that worked its way up her throat. She would never do anything to harm a cub human or otherwise and the mere idea of how anyone could made her fur stand on end. She knew her alpha though and he was getting at something … she hoped. Rin looked back at the wolf and thought for a second having to think over the encounter with the wolf a few times now that her mind had started to calm. Finally as if coming upon a life changing realization Rin shook her head slowly. The wolf had done everything it could to try to calm the child and when everything she did only seemed to make the situation worse she had called out to Kouga. "She is the sweetest wolf to have ever existent and would give her life to protect any child in need." Kouga said looking at Shadow fondly. The wolf wagged her tail at the compliment from her alpha as she worked out what he was planning in her head. "Now I have a lot of people here I need to help. Would you be alright if I left you with Shadow?" he asked motioning to Shadow who currently had her head cocked to the side with a happy look on her face as her tongue lolled out of her mouth. It was the image of a happy gentle puppy and Rin couldn't help but giggle a little. She had never seen a wolf look so friendly. Slowly Shadow stepped towards Rin and gave her an affectionate lick that made the girl giggle. It tickled. She reached out and gave Shadow a tentative scratch to the head that the wolf leaned into happily. Kouga smiled. If anyone could win over a scared child it was Shadow.

"I think I'll be alright." Rin said finally looking up at Kouga. "You'll be close by right?" She asked worriedly. Kouga nodded and Rin visibly relaxed.

By the time the rest of Kouga's pack had arrived he had all the dead bodies lined up and had the survivors tended to. Looking over he noticed that Rin had fallen asleep curled up using Shadow as a pillow while the wolf protectively wrapped herself around the child. It was a shame Shadow was incapable of bearing pups she would have been a perfect mother.

"Kouga what needs to be done?" Asked one of the she-demons that arrived on the scene. "Hakkaku already explained what happened." She said looking around.

"The wounds need to be retreated. I did what I could to stop the bleeding and clean the wounds but its all a temporary fix at best. There is fresh clean water and a half dozen rabbits the wolves found. They're out getting more to feed the village as we speak." Kouga stopped for a moment as he looked around. The pack healer stepped forward and placed a hand on the young mans shoulder.

"You have done well pup for such a short period of time." She said giving his shoulder a squeeze. Then she looked around taking in the sight in front of her and started barking orders. Sending some of the men, women, and wolves to gather medical herbs, check the wounded, rip destroyed clothing and fabric into strips for bandages, start a fire, boil water, cook food, and help the wolves search for more food. The demons scattered as fast as the commands fell from her lips. Everyone knew what needed to be done and would get it done. With that knowledge Kouga let himself slump down and lean against a nearby building and relax for the first time since he had happened upon the scene hours ago. The healer walked over to him and gave him an approving look. "You did well pup. Just from what I've seen over the last few minutes your quick action saved many of these humans lives. Most of even the best leaders wouldn't have taken control of the situation as well as you did..." She paused glancing at the group of dead bodies the pack had considered friends. "Especially considering the circumstances. If you need a few moments Kouga we've got this under control." She said looking at him with obvious concern lacing her features. After a moment she held out her arms and Kouga collapsed into her loving embrace. "Oh pup you try to look so strong for the rest of us." She said as she held him as he let the events of the last few hours wash over him much as Rin had done earlier. She rubbed southing circles into his back as he openly cried into her chest. "Oh pup." She said holding him tightly.

"If I had arrived earlier I might have been able to save them..." Kouga said as he completely fell apart. "If only I hadn't thought it was a nice night and I'd leisurely make my way here... I could have made a difference I know I could. They didn't have to die." He whispered into her chest.

"Pup there is no way you could have known." She said trying to sooth him. After a few moments his tears stopped but she could tell that he was far from the calm collected leader he had shown everyone else he was. "Oh pup..." she said running a hand over his hair.

A feral growl could be heard a small distance away and Kouga stiffened. The both looked over and saw a red eyed Inuyasha crouching where he had been laying unconscious a moment ago. Kouga swore as he tore himself out of the womans arms and quickly replaced his leader like calm as he approached the irate volatile demon. "Inuyasha..." Kouga said slowly as the red eyes settled on him. Kouga held back the urge to run. When Inuyasha was in this form he was merciless and craved blood. Inuyasha released a feral growl as he took a step towards Kouga. Everyone human and demon took slow cautious steps away from Inuyasha and Kouga. They had either seen or heard about what Inuyasha could do in this form even the great Sesshomaru was wary of him like this. Out of the corner of his eye Kouga saw Shadow wake Rin up and quickly move her away from them as she eyed Inuyasha warily and Kouga seriously. She knew what her task was and Kouga gave a minuscule nod to indicate to her to continue along her way. He looked back at Inuyasha who had taken a few more steps towards Kouga. "Mother..." Kouga whispered to the healer. "Keep everyone safe you're in charge till I return." She gave him an almost unheard growl of confirmation and Kouga launched himself at Inuyasha knocking the demon a good ten feet back and away from where the rest of the people stood. As quickly as he could Kouga kicked Inuyasha in the stomach sending the demon into the surrounding forest and away from everyone. Instantly he followed after trying to pull the irate irrational demon farther away from innocent people also trying to give the demon time to calm down enough that he returned to his normal half-demon form. Hours passed and Kouga was becoming tired as he dodged one attack after another. He had never seen Inuyasha so worked up. Not that he blamed him any if what had happened had shocked Kouga to the core he couldn't even imagine how Inuyasha felt. He HAD been there and HADN'T been able to protect his oddly formed pack and family. To add insult to injury he had survived while all those who trusted him with their lives, and he had trusted and loved had died.

Kagome. The word came floating to Inuyasha's mind and a tear escaped his red eyes. He hadn't been able to protect the girl he loved. Again. Or the people who had been the first in his life to show him acceptance and compassion. He hadn't even had the chance to finally tell her just how much she really meant to him. He let out a howl of pain and rage. At that exact moment he felt exactly as useless and worthless as almost everyone in his life had ever claimed him to be. He slashed his claws at Kouga's neck for what must have been the hundredth time in the last few hours. Due to Kouga's waining strength the claws managed to scratch across Kouga's neck but not enough to seriously injure him to Inuyasha's hazy minds irritation. The grunt Kouga let out at the injury did please Inuyasha though.

'I can't keep this up much longer.' Kouga's tired mind thought as he tried to quickly come up with something. Anything. 'Shit! What was that story Kagome told me once about how she had managed to knock Inuyasha out of his?' He thought furiously. He had assumed the inu would run out of energy long ago so he hadn't come up with a second plan. 'Shock!' His mind shouted in triumph. 'She did something so shocking to his mind that he had instantaneously snapped out of it.' He mentally groan at what he remembered she had done. 'That would most definitely shock the hell out of him but would probably send him into a worse bloodthirsty rage coming from me.' He groaned again. 'There's got to be something I can do...' Suddenly his back hit a wall. Kouga cursed himself. He had been so busy trying to think and avoid Inuyasha's continuous attacks that he hadn't noticed that Inuyasha had been herding him into a corner. The smirk on Inuyasha's face showed that he knew he had won. "Inuyasha snap out of it already! I know you're hurting but you did everything you could to help them." Kouga said quickly as he tried to find an opening that he could escape from. His words stilled Inuyasha momentarily but a roar ripped itself from his lips as he lunged towards Kouga claws ready to shred him.

Out of time and options Kouga grabbed Inuyasha by the hair and crushed his lips to the snarling demons. Instantaneously Inuyasha stilled. Kouga let out a mental sigh. It had worked. Then he felt one of those clawed hands wrap around his waist and pull him closer as Inuyasha kissed Kouga back with so much force Kouga almost whimpered. 'Ok that didn't work! What the hell!' Kouga's mind screamed as bells went off in his head that he was in more danger now then before. Inuyasha's mouth continued to assault Kouga's mercilessly. To Kouga's dismay soon Inuyasha was dragging moans out of Kouga. He had never been kissed like that before and if it had been anyone besides a crazed Inuyasha Kouga might not have minded.

Slowly the kisses became less frenzied and more gentle and passionate. Kouga moaned deeply in response. Soon to Kouga's disgust he was responding to the soft lips as they continued to assault his mouth. At the sound of Kouga's moan Inuyasha let out a growl of approval and moved down from his lips to nibble gently on Kouga's jaw and then down to his neck where he played with the flesh there. He alternated between sensual licks and nips as he found a rather sensitive spot that made Kouga let out a throaty moan.

Inuyasha smirked and continued to assault the spot making Kouga writhe against him in pleasure. One of Inuyasha's hands shot down to grasp Kouga's quickly hardening cock. Kouga let out a surprised gasp and Inuyasha took that chance to assault Kouga's mouth again and slide his tongue in to taste the wolf. To his pleasure the wolf tasted great and wasn't a half bad kisser. Inuyasha gave his hand an experimental stroke on Kouga's dick and was pleased with the instant reaction he got out of the wolf and continued. He alternated between long, short, fast, and slow strokes driving the wolf closer and closer but not allowing him his sweet release.

Soon Kouga was whimpering in Inuyasha's hold and he smirked pleased that he had been able to turn such a proud unyielding demon into a writhing unintelligible mass that had to lean heavily on the rock behind him for support. Not even thinking about his actions Kouga reached up and started massaging Inuyasha's puppy ears tenderly and Inuyasha let out a purr of approval that rumbled in his chest. Inuyasha firmly pressed his own rock hard erection against Kouga causing Kouga to gasp into the kiss in surprise. Inuyasha let out a growl as he rubbed his cloth covered dick against Kouga again. Taking the hint Kouga gave a mental sigh. His hands slowly worked their way down to Inuyasha's waist and loosened the tie on his pants. He slipped his hand inside to come in contact with Inuyashas throbbing member. Inuyasha gave a moan of approval as he moved to assault Kouga's neck again. Kouga gave the member an experimental stroke causing a pleased sound to emanate from Inuyasha. In response Inuyasha non to gently started sucking and biting the sensitive spot on Kouga's neck spurring Kouga to continue. Soon both the demons were mewling in pleasure. Kouga was so close he could almost see his release causing him to speed up his ministrations on Inuyasha's member. After a few more strokes Kouga felt Inuyasha twitch and Inuyasha sped up the motion of his hand on Kouga.A moment later both demons simultaneously released their pent up seed and at that exact moment Inuyasha sunk his extended fangs into Kouga's neck marking him as his. Kouga cried out from the pain and pleasure. After a moment of sucking on the wound Inuyasha released the abused flesh and pulled his hand away from Kouga's spent member. Absentmindedly he licked his hand clean thinking happily that Kouga didn't taste half bad. He then proceeded to clean them both while fixing their clothes and pulled the half conscious demon into his lap as he leaned against the rock and proceeded to fall asleep with his new mate. His demon was sated and pleased at what a strong alluring mate it had found. As Inuyasha slowly drifted into sleep he felt himself change back into his half-demon form. Releasing a content sigh he let a dreamless sleep engulf him.

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