Kouga let out a sigh as he collapsed into his favorite hot spring. It had only been three weeks since his mother had told them the news and Inuyasha's mood swings were driving him to the brink of insanity. Kouga chuckled as he remembered that day in the healer's chambers.

Kouga took the damp cloth he had earlier soaked and dabbed Inuyasha's forehead. At the touch of the cool cloth Inuyasha started to stir. "Inu?" Kouga called softly. Inuyasha's ear twitched at the sound of Kougaq's voice. "Come on wake up."

Slowly amber eyes opened and came into focus on the azure ones above him. "Kouga?" Came Inuyasha's disoriented voice.

"Hey mate." Kouga said stroking Inuyasha's cheak lovingly. "How you feeling?"

"Light headed." Inuyasha said softly. "What happened?"

"You received a bit of a shock and feinted." Kouga said carefully.

"Feint? Me?" Inuyasha said disbelief evident in his voice. "What the hell would cause me to feint?" Inuyasha scoffed. Hey dipshit you forgetting something? The demon scoffed in obvious irritation. 'What crawled up your furry ass and died?' Inuyasha asked. This isn't how this was supposed to happen! 'Um...' Inuyasha tried to interrupt his rambling/muttering/swearing demon side.

"Inuyasha?" Kouga called trying for the third time to get his mate's attention. Let him tell you. The dog grumbled mid-rant.

"Yeah? What happened?" Inuyasha asked worried about what would send the demon into such an uncharacteristic frenzied tirade.

"How much do you remember?" Kouga asked gently.

"Well I remember waking up, puking my guts out, you freaking out, dragging me here, and thats where it gets fuzzy." Inuyasha finished suddenly getting concerned. "Kouga what did Akiko find?"

"Well.." Kouga paused trying to think up a gentle way to put this that wouldn't send his mate back into dreamland.

"Spit it out!" Inuyasha snarled quickly growing angry by the secretiveness. He hated being out of the loop especially when it concerned him.

"Alright." Kouga said with a sigh and took Inuyasha's hands in his own. "We're having pups." Kouga said as he intently watched the information sink in for the second time.

"What?" Inuyasha asked shocked. Don't say that's impossible. Not again. Cause it is. The dog growled stopping Inuyasha's next words. Long story. Short version Sesshomaru left out a few very important facts.

"So... how are you?" Kouga asked nervously.

"Alright I guess." Inuyasha said one hand resting on his stomach. "Puppies..."




"We're having puppies!" Inuyasha said with a smile.

"Yeah!" Kouga said returning his mate's grin as he wrapped his arms around him. 'Puppies' he thought happily.

Yes, yes, yes. Puppies. The dog grumbled. 'What the fuck is wrong with you?!' Inuyasha growled. The dog had been growling and bitching this whole time. This is not how this is supposed to work! The dog growled more annoyed than angry. We were supposed to get some female pregnant, but then we found Kouga. So children were out. I WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO END UP THE PREGNANT BITCH! The dog roared indignantly. 'Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? I'm trying to be happy. When you chose Kouga I thought I'd never be a father but now I'll get the chance. Why aren't you happy too?' Inuyasha asked hurt and confused. The dog just growled in response and fell silent. Inuyasha let out a sigh as his head grew silent and he felt his demon half withdraw to the far corner of his mind.

"Inuyasha?" Kouga asked noticing the play of emotions that danced across his mate's face.

"Just arguing with myself." Inuyasha shrugged. He ignored the curious look on his mate's face. Kouga didn't know about Inuyasha's conversations with his demon half. Honestly he should probably tell Kouga but he had no clue if it was normal or not and didn't want to worry Kouga if it wasn't.

"Bed?" Kouga offered picking Inuyasha up as a yawn escaped his mouth. He nodded too tired to argue to the treatment even as they walked threw the now lively halls. Inuyasha fell asleep in his mates arms thinking of puppies...

Kouga shook his head at the memory. Since then Inuyasha had quickly turned into a moody hormonal nightmare. 'I can't wait for this to be over.' he sighed to himself. Akiko had assured Kouga repeatedly after Inuyasha's first examination that it was progressing at the speed of a normal demon pregnancy which was thankfully extremely short. It wouldn't be like humans nine month craziness.

'I could not handle nine months of that.' He groaned remembering his mates latest mood swing.

"Kouga! Kouga!" Kouga's head shot up at the sound of his name. A young wolf had just burst into his war room where Kouga had been pouring over some charts.

"What's wrong?" He instantly demanded. Kouga cringed at the frantic face of Kyo once he noticed who had burst in while he was working. He had personally selected Kyo to attend to Inuyasha's every need when he couldn't be there. The young wolf had a rather bad looking scratch across his right cheek. "Did Inuyasha do that?" Kouga sighed recognizing the claw mark by now.

"It was my fault..." Kyo trailed off. Kyo was a young timid wolf barely old enough to be considered a man by pack standards. Though had proven his loyalty to Kouga in the past and had an amazing ability to subdue the pregnant females of the clan. Kouga had hopes that Kyo would start training with his mother soon to learn the arts of healing.

"What happened?" Kouga sighed.

"Inuyasha asked for some deer meat so I ran to retreave some from the store room but since deer was rare this season we didn't have any left. I tried bringing him some rabbit as a substitute. How stupid of me to think rabbit could sooth the desire for deer." Kyo said looking like he was on the verge of tears.

"You did nothing wrong. Go get yourself cleaned up I'll deal with my mate." Kouga sighed placing a hand on Kyo's shoulder in apology.

Once he reached his doorway Kouga steeled himself for what might await him. What greeted him when he entered was the sight of a destroyed room, for the twenty-second time this week, and a sobbing mate.

"Inuyasha." He called soothingly. He had learned not to surprise a hormonal Inuyasha. Kouga had had the claw marks to prove it. "Honey calm down."

"Kouga!" The boy cried as he flung himself into his mate's arms. "I hurt Kyo!" He sobbed as he clung to Kouga. "All I wanted was some deer is that so bad? I didn't mean to hurt him."

Kouga let out a sigh. "I know you didn't my love and so does Kyo." He said soothingly as he rubbed his sobbing mate's back. "Now listen to me. There is no deer meat. Remember how few we found?" He asked patiently as he waited for the nod that eventually came. "Winters almost over so our supply is running low and we haven't had deer for well over a month."

"Can't you just go hunt one down?" Inuyasha asked tears still in his eyes.


"Well why not?!" He demanded ripping himself away from Kouga. "You did this to me is it so much to ask for a little meat to help nourish the growing pups?!" Inuyasha growled obviously on the verge of drawing blood for the second time that day.

"Inuyasha all the deer have left. You know that. They can't handle winter near the mountains. Not our winters." Kouga said trying to talk reason into his irrational mate. After a moment Inuyasha collapsed into the chair behind him.

"I need to apologize to Kyo." He sighed picking up a piece of the rabbit that had somehow survived his rampage. "This is yummy!" Inuyasha beamed as he popped another piece into his mouth. Kouga sighed.

'I should get back Inuyasha has probably gone on another rampage by now.' Kouga sighed pulling himself from the relaxing water. He dressed and soon enough was back on his way to the caves.

'Okay we need to talk.' Inuyasha thought as he lay on his bed and waited for Kouga's return. What do you want? The dog grumbled back sounding more subdued than Inuyasha had ever heard. 'You've been silent ever since we heard the news. I'm going crazy without your constant nagging. Mix in these mood swings and ugh I have no clue how Kouga hasn't killed me yet.' Inuyasha whined. The dog demon chuckled. Never thought I'd hear that from you. 'Are you still angry about this whole thing?' Inuyasha sighed. Yes...No...Not really... The demon said with a sigh. It was just a shock. It is a good thing but well you know how I react to shock... A few scenes of destroyed villages came to mind causing Inuyasha to give a nervous chuckle. 'So why have you been so quiet? I've been lonely without your never ending two sense.' Inuyasha admitted. To be completely honest shame and embarrassment. The dog gave a giant sigh and Inuyasha could imagine the dog sitting nervously with its head bowed in shame. This is something that we should be happy about but all I did was freak out and berate you. I'm sorry. Inuyasha let a small smile reach his lips. 'Just don't go all silent on me again like that and I'll let this go. You have no idea how bad these mood swings have been effecting me.' He groaned. Yeah … sorry about that … my fault. The dog chuckled nervously. 'What do you mean?' Inuyasha demanded. Well … you know how emotional you normally get on your human nights? The dog paused a moment for Inuyasha to respond. 'Yeeeeeees...' Well I kinda dove so far back into you that a lot of my energy came with me. To put it bluntly you've been a human in a half-demon's body for the last little bit. Inuyasha started swearing up a storm at the dog. 'You mean that all this time I could have been fucking normal!' Not entirely. The demon coughed. You'd still have some of the effects but … yeah a bit … actually a lot better. 'You realize if I could beat you to a pulp I would right?' Inuyasha growled. Yeah... I know. The dog responded with a nervous chuckle.

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