I was feeling playful. Please enjoy. :)

The daggers, straight and sharp, shimmer in the firelight. The cold metal reflects the warmth of the flames. Limber hands move the weapons about in elegant circles. Sujini spins her body to the music while her hands hold onto the two knifes. She hears nothing but the sound of the melody and is thoroughly unaware of anything but her dance. Round and round she goes, never slowing, never stopping. Her body is filled to the brim with pent up emotions and she needs to let them out before they overflow. So the daggers follow the pattern her hands make as she cuts through her frustration.

Dam Duk watches her twirl. Her hair flows wildly around her; the knifes, cold and piercing, cut through air with a swish. The thin material of her dress folds and unfolds in time with her twists, its pale pink colour flies before Dam Duk's eyes and he can't help but be mesmerised. His eyes land on the naked skin of her ankles when her skirts soar inaudibly. He feels energy cracking around him and he's almost sure he hears the sound of fire melting wood, but that's just an afterthought in the sea of feelings Sujini awakes in him.

And soon Sujini is left breathless and the blades fall to the ground; she lets them slide from her hands in exhaustion. Her lips part as she drags air in greedily. Her breath comes out as a puff because of the cold. She didn't even realise it was cold until now. Her hands come up to rub her arms and she turns around to face Dam Duk. He smiles and motions for her to come over. Happily, Sujini skips to the vacant place next to him and descents to her knees once she reaches the spot. The wood feels warm underneath her and she leans slightly into Dam Duk.

He whispers something in her ear and wraps his arm around her waist. Together they watch the stars sparkle, that cold untouchable light of theirs. One of her hands slowly creeps to his hair and her fingers start combing through it. Again he tells her something and this time she graces him with a smile and a short press of her lips against his cheek. His eyed suddenly get that spark; the light that tells Sujini that he's up to no good. Before she can say anything, though, she finds herself with the back against the sliding door frame. It's on the tip of her tongue to say something but his lips ghost against her face and every thought is lost; scattered in the distance.

The kiss is just a soft mash of lips, but at the same time limbs tangle, fingers search and eyes gaze. Dam Duk pulls back agonizingly slow. It's deliberate and Sujini knows it even if she can't stop her sigh when the contact is severed. She pouts and he laughs. Her hands push him away as revenge but Dam Duk pulls her with him and they both fall over into the room behind the sliding door. This time she's the one that laughs when he tries to hold her there but she expertly escapes. Dam Duk is not discouraged in the least; he walks over to her and traps her in his arms.

So, how was it? Fun?