Chapter One - Palm to palm

It was her. She's here. Really, actually here.

He'd been messing about with Arthur so much that he didn't even notice her walk into the room. Alex Kingston was back.

"Alex Kingston" he murmured under his breath.

"What? Matt! Hello? Are you with us?" Arthur waved a hand in front of Matt as he turned around to see what had captured his attention so quickly. All he saw in that direction was Alex walking through the doors. Still, they hadn't seen Alex in quite a few months now, since she had gone back to America to sort out Salome's school records and such. With them moving back to England now, Salome needed a new school to attend.

"Sorry Arthur, we haven't seen Alex for a while, and I just… My thoughts just started to wander about what she's been up to." Matt was still not really aware of what was happening, his eyes still concentrated on how Alex was floating around the room, greeting everyone.

"Yeah mate, I know, she looks good, you can admit it!" Arthur said, grinning and beginning to laugh.

Matt joined in with the giggling for a few seconds before he silently agreed with him.

Damn, she did look good. In fact, she looked a hell of a lot more than just good. She looked sexy, and Matt's mind began to race at the very thought of him tearing her clothes off.


As she walked through the door, the first person she saw was him. Matt Smith. He stood out straight away in the crowded room and he looked brilliant, fantastic even.

Steven began to walk towards her, asking about how both she and Salome had been keeping 'over the pond' in America. She wasn't really paying much attention to what he was saying though because out of the corner of her eye she could see Matt; tall, slender and well, just stunning. She tried not to look at him but couldn't help the sly glances in Matt's direction while trying to keep up with her conversation with Steven.

"Alex! Are you even listening to me?" Steven chuckled, attempting to pull her attention back to their banter.

"Oh, sorry Steven, I'll speak to you later. I'm going to go and say hi Karen, Arthur and Matt."

As she said his name, she was sure her voice changed. Her tone had definitely softened. As she said it, a shiver passed through her body.

"Matt Smith" she whispered while she walked across the room to see them... him.


Matt saw that she was heading towards them and wondered if she was coming over just to talk to her on-screen parents Arthur and Karen, who had just joined them.

Damn, she looks even better closer up than from across the room, Matt thought just before Alex stopped in front of them.

She hugged Karen first, of course telling her she'd missed her and couldn't wait to catch up. Then it was Arthur's turn, who she hugged while shouting "Daddy!" excitedly while the pair of them simply laughed. Matt was about to offer out his hand, thinking why would Alex Kingston want to hug me, she's flipping Alex Kingston.

But, just then, she pulled him into a big embrace, and, although shocked, Matt found himself wrapping his arms around her.

His face was enclosed in her beautiful, extravagant hair, their strawberry scent gracing his senses. Strawberries were now his favourite smell, he decided, as her curls tickled his cheeks, sending shivers throughout his body.

And then it was over. In just a few seconds of holding her, so much emotion had passed through him. He kept up the smile on the outside, although he knew that an innocent hug was all he would ever get.


Alex didn't know what made her do it. She had already hugged both Karen and Arthur but Matt was different. A hug from Matt wouldn't be just a hug. She saw his arm move from his side and knew he was going to shake her hand but suddenly her arms began to move around his slender body. She fit perfectly in his arms and could feel his face lying so sweetly in her hair. He smelt lovely as well, just a little musty, like an old childhood toy you could never get over.

As they both pulled away from the embrace, she felt a little flushed and looked at Karen and Arthur to see if they noticed, but, luckily, they hadn't. It was alright, she hadn't been sussed out. She thought Matt's cheeks were a bit red but it was probably because he was embarrassed. A woman of her age embracing him. What was she thinking?

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